Top 5 Songs About 1969 You Should Know

songs about 1969
Written by Corey Morgan

My Tip-top Songs About 1969

History, they say, assesses the dynamics of human societies in all ramifications also involving developments. Just as the memory is to the mind, songs serve as a respiratory of knowledge to the society. The relevance of songs with the turn of events in the past is incontestable.

This isn’t about just 1969, this is about a year everything changed, the year when man first landed on the moon and this achievement was truly a great leap of impossibilities man can attain.

The year when the Atlanta international pop festival,a music festival held in Georgia, US attracted their first massive hit of 100,000.

This was also the year the public broadcasting services – an American TV broadcasting service, was established. The year where Woodstock- a music festival captivated a massive hit of 350,000 die hard rock-‘n’-roll.

The year Miriah carey, Jennifer Lopez,Gwen Stefani, Triple H,Dave Batista,Gina Torres,Neil Armstrong, Richard Nixon,Mario Puzo,Edson Arantes,Dave Grohl,Mo Rocca,Jimi Hendrix, Crosby, Yevgeny Khrunov,Dr. Denton Cooley,their birth and achievements in 1969.

Incidents, achievements and births that occurred during 1969 have left the world in awe till date, a reason for us to review and celebrate songs about 1969.

There are many interesting and breathtaking songs about 1969 worth exploring.

In this article, I have taken time to list them out, cautiously handpicked to give you the best experience you have ever felt in a lifetime. Fasten your belt, as we soar through time to unravel what you don’t know concerning songs about 1969.

Sit tight, let me take you to paradise.

1. Sweet ’69 Song By Babes in Toyland

Babes In Toyland - Sweet '69 (Video)

As the singers name may have it, Babes in Toyland comprises female American Rock singers who blessed souls of Rock music fans and more.who started their music career in 1987 and stopped 2001, but later got reunited in 2014.

Babes in Toyland have attained different heights in Rock world and has been featured in so many shows, including their show on Rock against domestic violence held in Miami at the prestigious Cameo theatre. The renowned Babes in Toyland have attained great feats over the years as stars of Rock songs in Minneapolis and even beyond.

To be called a Star in Minneapolis is an honour and prestigious in the city, and this said performers have indeed attained the called title in Minneapolis.

Now let’s delve in to know what’s unique about this masterpiece song called sweet ’69 as it reflects on songs about 1969.

This particular song released in 1995, is the first single performed by the popular artist also ranking No 37 on the Billboard Rock music chart.The song is phenomenal expressed by the application of rhythmic cowbells by the drummer.

Sweet ’69 reflects on what’s going on in that epoch. As it speaks freely sexually as the lyric expresses sexual puns which one can easily decipher. It also talked about the high standard of living and no matter how hard things turn out, they will outlive it and survive.

2. Death Valley ’69 Song By Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth - Death Valley 69

This perfect Rock single by Sonic Youth featuring Lydia launch was released June 1985, a year after the demo version of the song was released.

The aura of her voice from this awesome piece by Sonic Youth can literally make someone shiver.

The song name incorporated with the word “death” may give the wrong impression that this song is about death, but NO, it’s not as the name implies. It is a song referring to someone named Sadie, talking about the event that happened in the place called “the death valley” in California in ’69.

This masterpiece is actually a happy one as the ending did tell, stating she loved all that happened in the death valley in ’69.

3. Summer of ’69 Song By Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69 (Official Music Video)

The opening chords from this Pop-rock masterpiece can literally make one heart pulsate faster when you play it the first time unaware.

Summer of ’69 is also a song not just about 1969 but analogy of making love.The song was released in June the mid- year of 1985, ranking the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 of Rock tracks.

The song ” summer of ’69” is a single by Bryan Adams that won the BMI(Broadcast music inc) award the same year 1985. This particular masterpiece has won a lot of appraisals that it was voted to be the No 4 best song of all time in 2000.

Adams later did a duet of this song with Taylor Swift at her concert during the Reputation concert in the city of Toronto, Canada.

This song reminisces on the events that happened during summertime and also romantic moments of that time. Remembering his early experience when he bought his strings, how he bled as he played the strings.

This song is really a romantic one, remembering the old promises made, that involved not leaving one another but all of that didn’t turn out as wanted,but despite all the misgivings and the way things turned out as the song narrator remembered, that memory was regarded as the best days of his life.

4. Nineteen Sixty Nine Song By Iggy Pop

Nineteen Sixty Nine

This is single performed song of Iggy Pop (James Newell Osterberg Jr) released in 1969. Lyrically this song about 1969 reflects on the turnout of that year as he turned 22, that things was going to be better for him.

This particular masterpiece was later performed in Detroit in 2003 by Iggy Pop and The Stooges. This song tells more about his excitement as he turned 22; from lyrics one can deduce it. It is really a nice piece to listen to as the Rock songs will send shivers down your spine.

5. 1969 Song By The Vine

This particular song about 1969 by the Australian Rock band artists named The Vine was released in the year 2002.

The Vine as the gradually evolved attained huge success and their live performances are praised to be thrilling and electrifying.

This masterpiece of Rock ‘n’ Roll reflects on someone lyrically who is on a downward spiral and sooner or later trying to destroy himself.

As the beginning of the song has it, someone can deduce that; what the song narrator was inferring were imaginations to the extent he wants to end his life. Indeed this masterpiece of Rock single was worth the appraisal.