10 Great Songs with the name “Rachel” in the title

Songs with the name Rachel in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with the name “Rachel” in the title

Ladies love to be impressed. So, naming a song by their names; in this case “Rachel” is one of the best things they desire. Truth being that they might relate more personally to those songs than others.

Thanks to great songwriters and performers, we have a handful of songs for you with the name “Rachel” in the title. These songs might be dedicated to their wives, girlfriends or even daughters. Or you may be thinking of a good birthday song for your little one named Rachel on her birthday, here’s your best pick!

1. James McMurtry’s “Rachel’s Song”

James McMurtry - Rachel's Song

There is no disputing that the American singer and songwriter penned this song with strong empathy in his mind. The songwriter usually writes the song, but sometimes the song writes the songwriter; amusing, right? However, it is true. And this song portrays the song, written by the songwriter.

This masterpiece was released in 1995 as part of his whole album (where would you hide the body), which includes 12 other tracks. I could beat my chest to say the song was very close to perfection.

This song is lyrically wonderful, it’s one of the best songs with the name Rachel in the title especially with the guitar confining that great tune. This song can break people apart. It’s one of his biggest hits, and I recommend you listen to it. It is endearing.

2. Eric Clapton’s “Little Rachel”

Little Rachel - Eric Clapton

This is one of Eric Clapton’s ten tracks on his album (There is one in every crowd). He released this song in 1975. He is a well-known British rock and blues singer, composer, and guitarist.

His recordings have always featured a lot of that sonorous guitar tone. With 18 Grammy Awards under his belt, he is considered one of the most influential guitarists of all time.

This music encourages and motivates you to keep going. “No need to ponder too much, just push,” he tells little Rachel in the lyrics. Eric Clapton is a phenomenal singer, especially when accompanied by his guitar.

3. Lil’ Chris’s “Rachel”

rachel - lil chris lyrics

Lil’ Chris was the stage name of Christopher James Hardman, a great British singer, songwriter, and actor.

His album contains 12 songs, including this one (Rachel). This song was published in 2006. The song’s lyrics are about love, affection, and strong attachment. The song’s glitz is enhanced by the rhyme between Rachel and Angel.

You should listen to the lyrics because there are some good pick-up lines in it. Lil Chris’ fame would last a lifetime. His major television performance on Channel 4’s (Rock School) catapulted him into the spotlight. Even though he is no longer alive, his music continues to live on. This song remains one of my favorites and one of the best songs with the name Rachel  in the title

4. “Rachel” by Al Martino

AL MARTINO - Rachel (1953) Another Subscriber Request Answered!

Between the 1950s and 1970s, this American actor and singer achieved his greatest success. Many people considered this stunning smash to be his finest. R&B (Rock and blues), Pop, and Jazz were usually his musical genres.

The lyrics of this song depict unrequited love. You can imagine falling in love with a partner only to find that the partner does not reciprocate. It would have been preferable if they had never met.

Most couples today experience such difficulties, and many of them end up having constant problems that lead to breakups. Mont Kelly recorded this song with Chorus and Orchestra for the first time in February 1953.

Even though Al Martino is no longer alive, this song is still remembered because he was considered one of the finest American Italian pop vocalists.

5. “Hey Rachel” by As it is

As It Is - Hey Rachel (Official Music Video)

The lyrics of this song portray grief, deep regrets, rage, and anguish as an apology. It was written by the Brighton-based British-American band (As it is). The band was founded in 2012 and is still active today.

The song “Hey Rachel” was released in 2017. The song was written as a tribute to lead vocalist Patty Walters’s younger sister. It was written as an apology to her for not supporting her as much as he should have through difficult times.

The pick-up lines are heartfelt, as they convey a powerful message of forgiveness and possible reconnection. You can use some of the pick-up lines here if you’re having trouble with someone about this.

It would undoubtedly be beneficial. The lines are truly moving.

6. “Rachel’s Song” by Vangeli

Vangelis - Rachel's Song [Music Video]

 Vangelis was a legendary musician, composer, and songwriter who had over fifty-years in his career. The film’s theme, from one of his soundtracks, was utilized as the background music for the medal awarding ceremony at the 2012 Olympics in London.

Vangelis also composed the official anthem for the FIFA World Cup in 2002. “Rachel’s song” was released in 1994. He wrote the song for the film “Blade Runner.”

7. “Under Rachel’s Wings” by David Allan Coe

David Allan Coe - Under Rachel's Wings

This lovely song was published in 1977 by David Allan Coe. The prominent American singer and songwriter is known for his genres of country, blues, blues rock and southern rock. Despite the fact that he is no longer living, he is still remembered as a great country music musician.

The lyrics of this song are sorrowful, evoking a breakup between two lovers. His lover, Rachel, was shared with other guys, leaving him alone. He created the words in response to his grief, asking the men if sharing her would hurt him more.

The song depicts real-life cases of couples who aren’t faithful and end up with other people outside of their relationship.

8. “Sweet Rachel Ann” by Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner

Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner 07 - Sweet Rachel Ann

The lyrics of this song portray deep emotional feelings and attachment from a spouse who has strayed and refused to return. Rachel Ann had vowed to return to her partner, but she never did.

The lyrics convey a lot of information. It’s devastating to lose one’s first love, especially if that person was the partner’s only true lover. All the spouse can do is wait, and this period may be difficult; all it needs is bravery to persevere. Love is indeed a beautiful thing.

9. Stephen Duffy’s “Rachel”

Stephen Duffy is a songwriter and vocalist. The incredible lyrics were written by the 61-year-old vocalist and bassist.

The lyrics show a yearning for love, namely for Rachel to be his companion, and he questions her if she has ever had a better alternative than him. He tells Rachel to be his liberty and fantasy and to make love while she can in the lyrics, which expresses romance.

This song has some great pick-up lines, so I recommend reading through the entire lyrics.

10. “Song for Rachel” by Sandra McCracken

Sandra Marie McCracken released this song in 2016. She is an independent songwriter who draws inspiration from gospel, folk, and hymn traditions.

Optimism, hope, and trust are depicted in the lyrics of this song (song for Rachel). She encourages Rachel to put her anguish and crying aside since there is hope, deliverance, and brighter days ahead; she only requires grace to progress.