6 Top Songs With “Sausage” In The Title

Songs with sausage in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with “sausage” in the title

If you are seeking for songs with the word “Sausage” somewhere in the title, you have come to the right place. The word “sausage” can be taken to indicate almost anything, from an insult to a suggestive comment. It should come as no surprise that composers frequently resort to using these phrases as titles for their songs.

This exhaustive list features a large number of songs, including some that are nearly extinct but still feature euphonious melodies. Artists such as The Locust, LadBaby, and a large number of others are represented on this list. You are about to be amused, so get ready!

Top 6 songs with sausage in the title

1. The Half-Eaten Sausage Would Like To See You In His Office by The Locust

The Locust - The Half Eaten Sausage Would Like To See You In His Office

This song by The Locust is a brief one; it is about an employee who is not happy with the way his employer treats him, so he makes fun of his boss by calling him a “half-eaten sausage.”

The lyrics paint a picture of his boss, both in terms of how he seems and how he behaves. He went on to talk about how terrible his employer’s life seems when he said, “That jerk lives like a missile with his pecker [in] one hand and his pooper [in] the other.” He went on to talk about how his boss lives with his pooper in one hand and his pecker in the other.

2. The Biggest Sausage Party Ever by Latterman

The Biggest Sausage Party Ever

This song remains one of my favorites and one of the best songs with sausage in the title. The lyrics of this song come from the heart of its author, who addresses issues of gender and politics.

When I listen to this incredible song, I get the impression that he is speaking to me directly. Latterman discusses the patriarchy in which we currently live, in which everyone is quick to cast the finger at another while waiting for the other person to bring about change.

He continued his discussion on the issue of gender disparity by stating that the ratio of male to female members in bands was particularly disheartening.

He expresses his admiration for the female gender for their perseverance and freely confesses that it inspires him to tackle his own personal challenges on his own.

In subsequent verses of the song, he opens up about humanity and how the world is losing its value for human life. The topic of his discussion is how the world is losing its value for human life.

According to him, the only thing that should concern us is assisting those in need in whatever manner we are able, regardless of our political, social, or financial standing. “Please do not refer to me as white… I can not even begin to imagine what it is like… However, I will back you up in every way that I can”..

This song exhorts us to take ownership of our actions, be mindful of the words we use, and be conscious of how we treat the people in our immediate environment in order to address the challenges that exist in our society.

In the end, he invites each and every one of us to participate in the solution to the problems because, as he points out, we are all a part of the problems, and as a result, we all need an honest beginning.

3. I Love Sausage Roll by LadBaby

I Love Sausage Rolls (Official Music Video) - LadBaby

Following his testimony in Christmas 2018 about how he founded this city on sausage rolls, Ladbaby once again extols the pleasures of pork-stuffed pastries on this tune. “I Love Rock and Roll” by Joan Jett is parodied this time by Mark Hoyle, a real-life comic who goes under the pseudonym Mark Hoyle.

In this song, Ladbaby sings about his love for sausage and how he enjoys the taste of it when combined with ketchup and gravy, which was very unusual of anyone to say.

4. We Built This City… On Sausage Rolls by LadBaby

We Built This City ...on Sausage Rolls (Official Music Video) - LadBaby

Mark Hoyle, a father of two kids who was born in Nottingham and who established his YouTube channel in 2016 to capture his transition from “lad to dad” parenthood, goes by the moniker “LadBaby.” Hoyle’s films have racked up as many as 70 million views throughout the globe, propelling him to stardom on social media.

The internet celebrity who became famous on YouTube won the title of Celebrity Dad of the Year in 2018, besting other contenders such as Prince William.

This title track is LadBaby’s own rendition of “We Built This City,” which was a hit for Starship in 1985. However, the lyrics have been altered to pay homage to sausage rolls instead of rock and roll.

On December 14, 2018, the parody was made available, and the earnings from the single were donated to the organisation The Trussell Trust, which supports foodbanks..

5. Eggs Bacon Sausage Grits (Sausage Song) by Once Upon a Vine

Eggs Bacon Sausage Grits (Sausage Song) - Once Upon a Vine

Typically, pork, beef, or veal are the types of ground meat that are used to make sausage. However, occasionally chicken, turkey, duck, or even ground vegetables are used instead.

Breakfast is the most common time of day when individuals choose to eat it, but some people also enjoy having it at evening. It is particularly well-liked in the cooking of France and Germany. This song was released by Once Upon a Vine in 2014 and can be found on their album.

The artist starts off by describing his lifelong passion for sausage rolls and how much he enjoys having them served alongside pancakes. He checks in to the hotel and continues to place an order for pancakes. At some point in the conversation, he makes a comparison between his sexuality and pancake by saying, “Tell that bitch to come lick on my SAUSAGE!”

In the end, he tells a young man that he has a fiancée, and that she is interested in getting her hands on his sausage (dick).

6. The Great Beyond by Sausage Party Cast

At the beginning of this song, the performer expresses gratitude to the gods for providing him with sustenance and looking after him throughout his life.

As he desired to experience life beyond the vast beyond, he made a sworn commitment to love the gods more than he ever had before. He went on to explain what life is like in the great beyond, where the gods control their destiny, and he was certain that his life would be in good hands in the great beyond.

He went on to explain what life is like in the great beyond. In a nutshell, this hymn is an expression of gratitude for the wonderful things that have happened to us, the love and care that God has shown us, and the hope that we will spend eternity living a pleasant life somewhere in the world beyond.