Top 5 Songs With The Name “Gloria” In Their Title

Songs With The Name Gloria In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs With The Name “Gloria” In The Title

Gloria is a popular name in the world today. It’s a lovely name and in days of old, ladies who were named Gloria were remarkably beautiful so it’s not surprising to see songwriters incorporate songs with the name “Gloria” in the title.

These songwriters go to the extent of ghosting the real characters or addressees of the song with name Gloria to show the extent of their beauty or their unquenchable love for the lady. This list contains euphonious songs from many award winning musicians. Yeah! The likes of Laura Branigan, U2, The Lumimeers and other iconic singers. Enjoy!

1. “Gloria” By Laura Branigan

Laura Branigan - Gloria (Official Music Video)

This is one of the best songs with the name “Gloria” in the title by Laura Branigan. It tells the story of a woman named Gloria who is in a rush to get a man regardless of the consequences.

She tirelessly maintains a certain attractiveness in the hopes of attracting the attention of the men she desires, but she is oblivious that the men can see how desperate she is.

It would appear that this woman has the mistaken belief that she is incredibly attractive, and that as a result, every man she encounters must be curious about her. Her demeanour unintentionally turns off a lot of potential suitors. It is interesting to note that she does not appear to grasp that her strategy is part of the problem.

In the opening verse, the singer portrays Gloria as a woman who is interested in men and pursues them. There are two possible explanations for why she continues to pursue sexual relationships with men.

The first reason could be because she is becoming older and has not been able to calm down despite the fact that she is getting older. The second factor could be as simple as being motivated by financial concerns. The second possibility explains why she engages in such sexually risky activity.

She makes every effort to convey to her possible future partner that she is interested in him, despite the fact that the narrator strongly warns her not to do so. She is cautioned to slow down and advised not to reveal her intentions to the man in such a blatant manner while moving at such a breakneck speed.

Historically speaking, the vast majority of men will lose interest in such women due to the fact that men are more dedicated to a woman they pursue as opposed to the other way around.

2. “Gloria” By U2

Gloria, like many of U2’s other songs, addresses a variety of topics all at once. It is about religion and the kind of spontaneous ecstatic understanding that can come with it.

However, it is also about the comparable conveyances of that feeling, through music, through love, and through life in general. On the surface, it is about religion.

I believe that this song is primarily about religion, but it is also about a general sense of amazement at the universe, the beauty of the earth’s order and chaos, and the beauty of human interaction as well as the human potential for feeling and belief within oneself.

It appears that this song is frequently disregarded, which may be the case because it is not performed all that frequently these days. It had a significant impression on me, and the song itself is extremely expressive, as are many of U2’s other songs.

3. “Gloria” By Magic!

The Primary Colours is the second album of Magic! which features the song “Gloria”. The song Magic!’s frontman Nasri Atweh enjoys listening to the most is Gloria– the song that tells the humorous story of a hapless guy and his cheating girlfriend.

“It is about a girl named Gloria who is cheating on her boyfriend with another man, and the gentleman who can not resist Gloria’s curves”. It is a little bit like “Sex all day!” If you listen to it for a longer period of time, you will notice that it immediately makes you feel more relaxed, and it also has some strange lyrics.”

4. Gloria By Lumineers

The Lumineers - Gloria (Lyric Video)

To begin with, Wesley Schultz, the lead vocalist of The Lumineers, has stated unequivocally that the song “Gloria” “is about the love between a drug abuser and her family.”

To put it another way, the abuser is the one referred to as “Gloria.” It would appear that alcohol is the substance to which she is addicted to.

As was mentioned before, the narrator portrays the part of someone who counsels the character, probably a member of the character’s family, to alter her behaviour before she ultimately takes her own life.

The first few lines of the song reveal that Gloria does, in fact, have a soft spot in her heart for “booze.” The impact that such a routine is having on the narrator is causing her great concern, and she expresses this concern frequently.

On the other hand, it does not appear that there is anyone else who is telling her that “enough is enough,” meaning that she needs to quit doing this before anything bad takes place.

The chorus of the song is a little more complicated to figure out than the rest of it. However, the overarching impression that is being conveyed is that the singer is concerned, and is even praying for Gloria’s recovery at this point.

5. “Viva la Gloria!” By Green Day

Gloria is one of the two characters who appear on multiple occasions on the 21st Century Breakdown. Gloria, who is struggling to hold on to her youthful idealism, is a combination of the singer and his wife Adrienne. Christian, the kamikaze nihilist, is the aspect of Armstrong that he tries to keep under wraps.

This song highlights the various ways in which Gloria protests, as well as the ways in which Christian is encouraging her. Christian is also emphasising that regardless of the circumstances, you should never give up the fight for what you believe in, and that the protests have made you into the person that you are today.

A second interpretation of the song is that she is a saint who is acting in the traditional manner of a saint by giving up everything for the cause that she believes in and that she is the symbol of hope for the protesters.

The song focuses on Christian, the main character of the narrative, as he speaks highly about Gloria, the lady he has feelings for. The majority of the songs in Act 1 highlight Christian and Gloria’s fight against society as well as their development as a couple over the course of the act.

If anything, it is more of a love song made for Billie’s wife, Adrienne, just as the majority of romantic songs that Billie has written are for her.