Top 12 Songs About Second Chances

Songs about Second Chances
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs about Second Chances

Let us face it. Love is a tricky business. We have all experienced the pain of having our hearts broken at least once. We have all been guilty of clinging to a failing romantic partnership for a little bit too long in the vain hope that we might turn things around this time.

Songs about second chances might help you address some of the ideas and feelings that are going on inside of you, which is especially helpful if you have been in a scenario that is comparable to the past.

This list will inundate you with feelings and transform unhappy experiences into richer, more satisfying, and more spiritually meaningful musical ones.

12 Songs About Second Chances

1. “Starting Over” by John Lennon

[Just Like] Starting Over (Ultimate Mix)

This is one of the best songs about second chances. When thinking about songs about second chances, this is probably the first one that comes to mind for most people. The song “Starting Over” by John Lennon is about a couple that decides to end their relationship, only for one of them to later come to regret their choice.

The moment when one of the lovers encounters the other one after a long time and seeks a second chance at being together is the focal point of the song.

The singer thinks back on all of the fun times they have shared and how they could start over, maybe on a higher note, if they did it all over again. Should they ever find one other again, the singer assures them that they will have a happy and fulfilling life together.

2. “Austin” by Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton - Austin (Official Music Video)

This heartbreaking country song about second chance from 2001 tells the story of a woman who broke up with her lover without saying goodbye and then waited an entire year before phoning him.

The man assumed that his honey went back to Austin even though she did not leave any forwarding information. This was because she had constantly talked about the city.

When she decided to give him a call after putting it off for so long, she was surprised to hear a message on his answering machine that concluded with the words “And P.S. If this is Austin, I still love you.”

This song is so lovely that it will make your heart melt, and it demonstrates how love and compassion can bring you back to the place in your life where you were always meant to be.

3. “Baby Come Back” by Player

Player - Baby Come Back

This heartfelt song from 1977 is a timeless example of a song about second chances. The narrator commits all of his time and resources to the endeavor of erasing all memories of the woman he is no longer dating from his mind.

While he so much loves her, he tries in despair to put on a happy face and smile while he is hurting inside. The man who has been dumped begs his former partner for another opportunity to rekindle their relationship.

4. “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” by Chicago

Chicago - Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Official Music Video)

Even romantic partners occasionally find that they need some time apart from one another, and this is especially true in situations in which one partner has done something to betray the confidence of the other.

According to the lyrics of this song from 1982, one partner is frantically trying to make up for past faults in the relationship.

He assures her that he will make it up to her and make things right. Would you take him under your wing again?

5. “Love Won’t Run” Steve Holy

Steve Holy- "Love Don't Run"

The narrator of this heartfelt country ballad from 2011 has a premonition that his girlfriend is about to break his heart by telling him some troubling information that would cause most couples to break up.

He is aware that she is nervous about admitting what she has done, and he sympathizes with her. However, he reassures her that the strength of their love is greater than any error that she might have committed.

He wants her to put everything on the table, and he says that he would be there to support her and help them mend their relationship.

6. “Come a Little Closer” by Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley - Come A Little Closer (Official Music Video)

This scorching country ballad from 2005 focuses on a couple who has grown apart from one another. The man wants his ex-lover to get a little bit closer to him so that they can finally make physical contact with one another.

He is trying to close the gap that separates them from one another. He believes that there is still a possibility that they will be able to get back together, and he thinks that they will be able to forgive each other if they “strip it down back to the essentials” and just give up.

7. Wait by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 - Wait (Official Music Video)

Adam Levine, the lead vocalist for Maroon 5, sings a pop single with R&B influences in which the band tries to save a relationship that is on the verge of breaking up. Some of the lyrics, such as “It is a special occasion,” can be interpreted as depicting desperate situations.

The artist says something along the lines of “I was not invited but I am delighted I made it,” to make things up to his ex and win her back.

8. One by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran - One [Official Music Video]

Ed Sheeran, a talented songwriter, is known for his heartfelt and complex love of ballads. Sheeran’s vocals and an acoustic guitar are all that you hear on the quiet, melancholy ballad titled “One.”

He sings gentle falsetto notes throughout the song to convey the story of a guy longing for a woman who has moved on and quietly begging her in his mind for her return.

9. The Scientist – Coldplay

Coldplay - The Scientist (Official 4K Video)

Chris Martin, frontman for Coldplay, penned “The Scientist” after realizing the band’s upcoming album was lacking emotional depth. Written by Chris about his troubled love life and his desire for a do-over, this song has Martin’s signature piano stylings and tells of his want for a redo.

10. “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins

Phil Collins - Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (Official Music Video)

The song “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins describes how a person might feel utterly useless when the one they love breaks up with them and walks away from their relationship.

The rejected and saddened lover is so devastated by the event that the only thing they can do is cry about the predicament they find themselves in.

The lyrics are a plea for the listener to be given a second chance with the person who is the only one who genuinely understands who they are on the inside. It conveys a sense of desperation in the face of a life without the desired lover.

It is titled “against all odds” because the singer thinks that their lover’s return would be extremely unlikely, even though they are willing to continue taking the “odds” in their favor.

11. “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele


Adele’s interpretation of a Bob Dylan song from the late ’90s, “Make You Feel My Love,” is a ballad about the sorrow and desperation that set in after a lover betrays you.

You know deep down in your chest that they are missing out on the best possible companion in you, but they just will not look at you in the same way.

The singer spends most of the song emphasizing how much love they have for their spouse and how they would be willing to do anything to receive a second chance with them. Additionally, it is a request to the partner to get to know the other person well before coming to any conclusions.

12. “Hate That I Love You” by Rihanna and Neyo

Rihanna - Hate That I Love You ft. Ne-Yo

When compared to the other songs on this list of songs about second chances, Rihanna and Neyo’s “Hate That I Love You” deals with a slightly different topic; specifically, it is about falling in love with someone you know you shouldn’t.

The song expresses the hurt and resentment felt by one lover against another who, despite their efforts, continues to exert dominance over them.

Even though they hate each other, the broken-hearted partner can not stop thinking about winning back their former flame. This tune has a sugary surface, but upon further listening, you will hear the toxicity that some people feel in a similar circumstance.