Top 7 Songs With Hate in The Title

Songs With Hate In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs With Hate In The Title

The concept of “hate” encompasses a variety of opposing emotions and attitudes. Several songs from a variety of genres use dramatic and emotionally charged language to communicate their resentment for a specific person or thing.

Musicians who compose songs use poetic language to depict the painful emotions that result from damaged interpersonal connections.

When attempting to illustrate a notion or idea, various metaphors including hate and its many facets are sometimes utilized. We have taken out time to compose some songs with hate in the title. I’m sure you would love them. Here’s a concise list of songs with “hate” in their titles.

7 Songs With Hate in The Title

1. Hate Me by Blue October

Blue October - Hate Me

Justin Furstenfeld, the primary vocalist and songwriter for the band, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has struggled with drug addiction.

Nonetheless, his wife filed for divorce, and he is currently engaged in a child custody struggle; however, he did not write this song until after the event (the album “Any Man in America” tells that story).

His life is a mess, so he takes too much medication, gets drunk, and comes dangerously close to taking his own life; his mother is aware of all of this, but she still loves and cares for him. On the other hand, Justin is under the impression that he does not merit such treatment and desires his mother to despise him because of everything that he has done wrong.

This song is not simple to comprehend, and I believe that it is nearly difficult to do so unless you can connect it to anything that has occurred to you or some experience that you have had personally.

2. I’d Hate to Be You… by Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade - I'd Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About

This is about how the guy is trying to let out his true feelings about something the girl has done that has upset him in the past.

They have tried to make things work, and fix things, but it isn’t working for him, he still feels pain because of what happened.

What she has done, I think cheating on him, will “never be right with him”, he can never forgive her, even though he is “trying desperately”. Yet he pretends everything is ok, hides his true feelings because he is terrified of what he’ll say”.

He doesn’t want to lose her, he still loves her, but loving her is painful after what she did, he can’t forgive it, no matter how desperately he tries.

So they will “both go down together” or both be upset and scared because of what she did, and they may carry on being together forever, and he will carry on trying to forgive her, and “get back up”.

He goes on to apologize for what is happening, how it isn’t easy to live like this and has to ask her to break up even though he still loves her. The final line is saying that she wasn’t the one who let go, it was him.

Finally, the title is referring to the pain this will cause her when she realizes how much what she did affects him, how much it tore him apart inside, and caused him to hate loving her. He is saying he would hate to be her when she realizes what she has done to him.

3. The Ballad of Love and Hate by The Avett Brothers

The Ballad of Love and Hate

For me, this song may imply a lot of different things depending on the context. This song is capable of being interpreted in a variety of ways, depending on who is listening to it.

It is not uncommon to feel strong emotions toward the same individual at the same moment. Love is a potent emotion that often accompanies and amplifies the experience of other potent emotions.

There are several situations in which a person can love someone but despise the things that person does or the things that person does to them.

In other instances, the thoughts and emotions of love or hatred can take over, as is the case at the beginning of the song, where it seems as though love has taken a break.

Both love and hatred are infectious to others. One person’s good vibes can rub off on others and make their day a little bit brighter, as was the case with whoever stepped into the cab.

When there is a lot of negative energy in an area (like there is in some poorer neighborhoods like the one mentioned in the song), it is also contagious and spreads hate.

4. Love, Hate, Love by Alice in Chains

Alice In Chains - Love, Hate, Love

Because of all the pain he is enduring, he can not give in to his deepest desires, but the person he is with is both his salvation and the only thing keeping him from succumbing to them.

Emotional and conscious disintegration ensues because of his need to love and his belief that life has no purpose.

When she says, “Innocence produces my torment,” she is referring both to her innocence and the innocence that she draws out of him. Again, forcing him to attempt to ‘feel’ human rather than succumbing to the beast’s demands.

5. Day Old Hate by City and Color

The Girl in this song, like everybody else, had her natural desires and picked a victim to play games with. In the start, he was a bit naive and did all of it with her, but now he is mature.

Even though she knew she could not achieve what she wanted, she only sought to alter him, but you can not alter people’s nature and qualities.

Her anger boiled over when she was abandoned because he had finally come to terms with the end of their relationship.

There is nothing he can do about it. He knows she is nothing but a purposely misleading bitch, and that is why he does not care. Because she had her own needs, he can relate, yet all he gets from her are cautions.

I have been listening to it nonstop for the past several hours and still can not get enough of it. It also reminds me of an ex-boyfriend who tried to mold my personality, but I would have had enough and called it quits on the relationship.

6. This Love, This Hate by Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead - This Love, This Hate [Lyrics]

From the point of view of military service, it makes perfect sense that they are singing about going overseas in this song.

It’s about being a hero and trying to create something of yourself. Being a member of something greater than yourself and striving to accomplish better than you could on your own. In any case, that is how the first and last verses make me feel, at any rate.

7. Hate That I Love You by Rihanna

Rihanna - Hate That I Love You ft. Ne-Yo

This is one of my favorites songs with “hate” in the title from the multiple awards-winning Rihanna. This song is nothing like a love song.

The story focuses on two persons who refuse to let go of their exes. And attempting to escape it by associating with another person. If you watch the video, everything will become clear to you.