Top 5 Songs With The Word Paradise in The Title

Songs With The Word paradise in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs With The Word “Paradise” In The Title

In paradise, there is never any cause for sadness because there is only everlasting joy and tranquillity. There are some songs that attempt to describe paradise; in some cases, they could have a religious connotation, although, in the majority of cases, they could be another metaphor for describing an ideal state of mind.

You have come to the right place (as such kind of music can be found here) if you are looking for ethereal music that focuses on paradise and what it entails.

If you are searching for a song that is reassuring, refreshing, and unwinding, I have created this wonderful selection of songs with the word paradise in the title to serve as a reference. It features well-known pieces performed by well-known musicians. Enjoy!

5 Songs With The Word Paradise in The Title

1. “Paradise” By Coldplay

Coldplay - Paradise (Official Video)

This song is about a young girl’s struggle to keep her life simple and childlike so that she can dream like she did when she was younger.

This song conveys the message that there was once a young woman who naively believed that everything in the world was wonderful and simple.

However, as time went on, she realised that the world was not as she had imagined it to be and that it was difficult. She also realised that she was unable to achieve her dream and that the world was cruel and unforgiving.

Because of this, she was able to enter a fantastical world in which everything was good, she maintained her integrity, and she was able to carry out the actions that she had previously been unable to take.

The lyrics of the song highlight the fact that as we get older, life becomes more challenging, making it more difficult for us to face obstacles that we previously believed we could easily face.

“Under the stormy skies,” as the saying goes, “the sun’s set to rise,” which means that there is a dawn following every dusk. This is true even though times are difficult. In the end, hope and faith are the only things that sustain us.

2. “For The Widows In Paradise”…. By Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens - For The Widows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti

This song is definetly one of the best songs with the word paradise in the title. There is no question that the song has a religious undercurrent, which also appears to be the inspiration for the lyrics.

Even for those of us who do not follow the Christian faith, Sufjan’s inclusion of Christian themes into his music is very moving and does not come off as insulting in the least.

It is clear that his belief in God is the inspiration behind many of his songs, but rather than using his music as a platform from which to preach, he uses it to describe the way religion has impacted his life on a more personal level.

The beauty of good art is that it can be understood and appreciated within the framework of one’s own existence.

The spiritual aspect of this song can refer to Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, or anything else because religion is a universal concept that all of humanity shares and because spirituality is a universal theme.

Every artist, in some sense, puts themselves through emotional anguish in order to convey their devotion to something larger than themselves.

3. “Paradise” By Sade

Sade - Paradise - Official - 1988

The term “paradise” is frequently used in the context of several religions to refer to an idealised location that is brimming with joy and contentment.

In this song, Sade imagines that her life with the one person who truly matters to her will be much like the paradise described in the lyrics.

She makes it clear that she is willing to do whatever it takes to have this kind of life with this particular individual.

The lyrics of the song use the sand at the beach as a metaphor, and one of the lines says that the singer will wash the sand off the shores. This line is meant to imply that the singer will remove any obstacles that stand in the way of them being together.

She continues by saying that she will offer this person the globe, which is a metaphor for the fact that she will sacrifice everything she possesses, be it material, emotional, or spiritual, to this person in an effort to gain their favour.

The singer expresses her desire to have a much stronger connection with her partner and acknowledges that she and her beloved are happiest when they are together.

4. “Paradise” By George Ezra

George Ezra - Paradise (Official Video)

The feelings that possessed Ezra at the beginning of his romantic union with his girlfriend served as inspiration for the lyrics of the song, which were written about the woman who was Ezra’s girlfriend.

In response to a question from the Press Association about the significance of the song, Ezra stated that he penned the song’s lyrics with the sole intention of portraying the incredible feeling that comes over a person when they have fallen completely in love with another person.

He went on to add that the lyrics were not centred on any particular love story, but rather on the influence that falling in love has on the “psyche” of an individual. The lyrics are dedicated to Ezra’s girlfriend, who inspired the song.

5. “Another Day in Paradise” by Phil Collins

Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise (Official Music Video)

Phil Collins, an English singer and composer, is credited for the composition and performance of the song “Another Day in Paradise,” which won a Grammy Award. The profound lyrics of this track focus primarily on addressing the issue of homelessness as a social concern.

The song’s narrator, played by Collins, tells the story of a random man on the street who, despite the fact that a homeless woman cries out to him for assistance, chooses to ignore her plight and suffering. This occurs despite the fact that she calls out to him for assistance.

The man makes a conscious effort to appear as though he is unable to hear her and then walks in the opposite direction to avoid the homeless woman and her predicament.

The next part of the lyrics is a plea to anyone who is listening to take the suffering of the homeless into consideration and not dismiss it.

It reveals to us that while this is merely another day in paradise for us, for them it is a whole different experience altogether. Collins then appeals to the all-powerful God using the lyrics of the song.