7 Great Songs With Connect In Title You Should Know

Songs With Connect In Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs With Connect In The Title

The literal meaning of the word “connect” is the bond that exists between individuals, and this bond can take the form of love and friendship or it might take the form of hatred. This wonderful list discusses relationships and how they impact both the narrator and the addressee in a variety of ways.

One of the things that is unique to humans is their capacity to form connections. These linkages give rise to unexplainable feelings, which in turn lead to certain behaviours on our behalf.

This list is not limited to a particular musical style and it features songs having the word “connect” somewhere in the song’s title. It features works created by renowned artists such as Drake as well as a variety of other artists.

I hope that by reading this article and its lyrical interpretations, you find whatever connection you seek. Enjoy!

1. “Connect” By Drake

In this heartfelt track, Drake sings about a female with whom he had a troubled and sometimes abusive relationship. In spite of the fact that she is often dashing around the city partying and that communication is a challenge, he keeps finding reasons to justify continuing his relationship with her.

2. “Blue Cadet-3, Do You Connect?” By Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse - Blue Cadet-3, Do You Connect? (1994) Full EP

Do you connect is one of the very few songs with connect in the title that is directed against people who have an inflated sense of their own superiority, whether it is in terms of their morals or anything else.

It asserts that these individuals are “disconnected” from the world around them. The Blue Cadet is nothing more than a symbol to demonstrate that they believe they are really hip and trendy; as though they are impersonating someone else, as a lot of other individuals do all the time.

According to my interpretation of the song, it advises the listener to “keep in touch with reality and be yourself.”

3. “Connect The Dots” By Ayreon

Ayreon - Connect The Dots (01011001) 2008

This is yet another song that incorporates the word “connect” in its title. It is the first song by Forevers that deviates from the general narrative of the band, since it tells the story of a person who is considered to be an average citizen and inhabitant of Earth

The main character, whose name is Ty Tabor, is a typical middle-class worker who recounts one of the days in his life. He describes the route he took to work, the activities he engaged in– the food he ate, and how he went to buy his son a “brand new game” after work.

In addition to this, he describes how he was unable to go to sleep and how he struggled with himself, “Should I take another pill?” After that, he gives a grin while lighting up a cigarette.

4. “Human Connect To Human” By Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel - Humanoid City Live DVD - Human connect to human

In an interview with iTunes, the musician Bill Kaulitz said that everyone has the same goal, which is to locate their true love and be with the person they were meant to spend the rest of their life with.

Further noting that love and being together are the driving forces behind why people get out of bed each day. That is the subject matter of the song. If there is no one in your life to love, you essentially have nothing, and you will never find happiness. It is something that occupies our thoughts on a daily basis.

From its lyrics, the song is about a guy who goes out somewhere, maybe a party, and then he meets someone, and they just have meaningless sex. The basic premise of the song is that the guy is bored with his life.

5. “Connected” By Stereo MCs

Stereo MC's "Connected"

In an interview with Billboard magazine in 1993, Nick Hallam explained the song’s meaning. He said that the topic is about human beings and the disconnection that exists between virtually everything in the modern world.

It has to do with the way in which everyone makes an effort to label everything. The way in which each racial group is attempting to differentiate itself from the others.

Despite the fact that the song is all about unity and was from a completely impromptu notion, it is very much in accordance with the mission statement of the organisation.

In an interview with the billboard, Hallam stated that they wanted to disseminate positive energy in the same manner as Bob Marley did. Further stating that he was fair and unassuming in his approach to reaching millions of people which is not always effective to hit them over the head.

If you’ve got a compilation of songs with connect in the title either on your smartphone on your car cd, then this song should not be missing in it.

6. “Rainbow Connection” By The Muppets

The Muppets (2011) | Rainbow Connection

Rainbows are used as a metaphor for dreams, ambitions, and wishes throughout the song. These things are not fantasies or visions; rather, they are real, physical things that conceal a profound sense of delight and contentment within their own confines.

What is it about the night sky that never ceases to amaze us? That still, small voice within us that is aware of our most heartfelt aspirations and works to ever-so-gently coax us into releasing those dreams. The guarantee of successful completion.

Those who heed the calling of that voice (the dreamers and lovers) discover a delight that is both profound and everlasting.

The rainbow connection is the point when your spiritual purpose (that little voice inside) has been realised in the physical realm. This is the moment when you feel connected to the rainbow. When one is in a moment of bliss, the metaphysical and the bodily interact.

7. “Connected By Love” By Jack White

Jack White - Connected By Love (Official Video)

The exact quote “we are connected by love” might be an allusion to being connected by music, emotion, and humanism, as well as the hope that this connection still remains in spite of the fact that he has not released anything new in quite some time.

It is possible that by making this track the first one on the new album and also the first single, they are trying to send a message.

Along with “Respect Commander,” this soulful song was the first song to be announced by Boarding House Reach.

The song is a plea for atonement from a lover who fears that he has broken a relationship. Nashville, New York City, and Los Angeles were the three cities in which Jack White was responsible for producing and recording the song.