Top 6 Songs With “John Wayne” In The Title

Songs With “John Wayne” In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs With “John Wayne” In The Title

John Wayne is a remarkable actor and filmmaker and one of the iconic figures in the movie industry He’s known for his character in western and war movies.

Wayne is a prominent figure and as such, some songs has been sang in memory of him or perhaps in most others, he’s been made the addressee as a wild prominent male.

He’s an inspiration to many songs of many great artists out there and a prominent male figure to refer to wild guys in general. However, a few songs are inspired by some other John Waynes other than the movie star.

Here are some lists of songs with “John Wayne” in the title

1. “John Wayne” By Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga - John Wayne (Official Music Video)

On this foot-stomping homage to Americana, Lady Gaga sings about her desire to have a man who is more in the cowboy mould. She imagines being with “a truly wild male” like John Wayne in her fantasies.

The song was written by the New York vocalist in collaboration with Joanne producers Mark Ronson and BloodPop, as well as Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age.

At the end of the second verse, Lady Gaga appears to make a reference to the breakup of her engagement to Taylor Kinney, which occurred in July of 2016. Gaga invokes the image of John Wayne to talk about how she longs to be with an unpredictable lover.

2. “John Wayne Is Big Leggy” By Haysi Fantayzee

Haysi Fantayzee - John Wayne Is Big Leggy (1982) HD 0815007

This is one of the best songs with “John Wayne” in the title from Haysi Fantayzee. The debut single by the ill-fated Haysi Fantayzee featured “John Wayne Is Big Leggy” as the lead track and “The Sabres of Paradise” as the B-side. Both songs were released in July 1982.

Since “The Duke” passed away in 1979, it is impossible to know what he would have thought of this song if it were written in his honour because of the passage of time.

Perhaps more than any other actor, Wayne symbolically represents the American cowboy and everything that was truly honourable about the United States.

Some have argued that this song shows Wayne as a racist in some way. Even in the 1980s, it is possible to make this kind of bogus claim. But a white man who married three Latinas should not have to confront this claim. This song, at the very least, is meant to be humorous.

3. “Summer Of John Wayne” By Tom McRae

Tom McRae / The Summer of John Wayne

The Alphabet of Hurricanes is the fifth studio album released by English singer-songwriter Tom McRae, and it has this charming and uncomplicated piece as one of its tracks. The album was recorded over the course of three years in a variety of locations, one of which was McRae’s own own studio in East London called Gunpoint.

On the website for his record company, McRae provided an explanation for the titular name-dropping of the Hollywood great. He claimed to be an avid fan of the western genre.

During the sweltering summer he spent in New York, he treated himself to a box set of John Wayne movies and watched the actor mature before his eyes over the course of a few days. It served as a reminder that we do not have much time to rejoice or lament each passing day, so in a city full of personal ghosts, the best thing to do is make peace with your past and move on with your life.

4. “John Wayne” by The Little Green Cars

Little Green Cars - The John Wayne

For their first single, Little Green Cars chose this song as their debut release. The history of this song was revealed to The Sun by Stevie Appleby, a member of LGC. He claimed that he and his brother went to a bar where they met a female and immediately fell utterly in love with her.

She was this extremely conservative Christian in the United States, and we had zero chemistry together. It seemed to me that, for some reason, because she was so American, there is a resemblance between the savagery of the Wild West and the intensity of a contemporary romantic relationship.

5. “John Wayne” By Cigarettes After Sex

John Wayne - Cigarettes After Sex

This song provides an explanation of love from a third-person perspective, making it appear as though the narrator is watching their beloved or a potential companion fall in love.

The fact that they have “telling all his secrets that I could not keep,” which is what gives away the fact that they were previously engaged with this person, is what reveals their past relationship with them.

The narrator appears to have picked up on the fact that this individual has a crush on this girl but is having trouble articulating his feelings for her in a way that is clear to her.

The name John Wayne is mentioned quite a bit, which may or may not give away the fact that the narrator is alluding to the actor John Wayne and the character he played in movies who was always “facing the world” and trying to find his girlfriend.

One other possible reading of this passage is that the male character falls in love with a girl he cannot have.

6. “John Wayne Gacy Jr.” By Sufjan Stevens

John Wayne Gacy, Jr.

An American serial killer and rapist, born in Illinois, is the subject of this song by Sufjan Stevens. There were at least 33 victims of John Wayne Gacy Jr.’s crimes committed between 1972 and 1978 in the United States.

In addition to the 26 victims whose remains were found in his home’s crawlspace, authorities believe that Gacy also dumped the body of the concluding victims he killed in a nearby river.

Three other victims were also laid to rest on his property. Convicted of 33 murders, 12 of which were sentenced to death, he was put to death In May 1994

Gacy became known as “the Killer Clown” because of his charitable work at fundraising events, demonstrations, and children’s birthday parties, where he dressed as “Pogo the Clown,” a persona he invented himself. Pogo the Clown was Gacy’s alias when he committed his crimes.