7 Top Songs About Black And White You Should Know

Songs About Black And White
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs abot black and white

Have you been on the search for songs that contain paradoxical terms? Here’s the good news, I’ve got some in stock for you. Black and White are two completely opposite colours so why use them as titles for songs?

Black and white could mean several things; among them is Nature. How nature has its good and dark side. Same with we humans, these could be related to our temperaments, our attitudes, our good sides and bad sides.

However, In another form, this can be a reference to the black and the white races. To describe the injustice and marginalisation against blacks. Regardless of what the case may be, read it to see what awaits you!

Top 7 songs about black and white

1. Black and white by Micheal Jackson

Michael Jackson - Black Or White (Official Video - Shortened Version)

This is definetly one of the best songs about black and white by the king of pop himself Michael. The song is a call to action against the concept of treating people as if they were carbon copies of one another and questions white culture’s conceptions of people and relationships. Our diversity should not cause us to be frightened; rather, we ought to rejoice in it and celebrate it.

2. Black and white by Niall Horan

Niall Horan - Black And White (Official Video)

In this fast-paced pop song about a young couple’s love, Niall Horan reassures his lover that they will spend the rest of their lives together.

Horan has a mental image of a wedding in which he and his girlfriend, who is dressed in white, are both wearing black suits. In an interview with The Sun, Horan revealed that he had the title “black and white” for some time and had been pondering what he could do with it.

When two people are so in love with one another that they can not picture being with anybody else, he started thinking about his first love. It was then that he announced, “That is it, me and you are getting married.” “It has an appearance that is identical to this one in the movies that I have watched.

Therefore, I simply assumed that black and white would be similar to the black suit and white attire and that the song would become something of a wedding song.”

3. Black and white by Juice World

Juice WRLD - Black & White

The lyrics of the song illustrate how deeply he is involved in drug use and how much of a habit it has become for him. The ease with which he speaks makes the situation sound as unremarkable as it possibly can.

On the other hand, the song’s background melody is composed of gentle notes that evoke a feeling of desolation and isolation. It is almost as though he is aware of how damaging his routines are to his mental health and the impact they are having on him, yet he is powerless to stop himself from continuing to engage in them.

Throughout the entirety of the first verse, he is virtually pleading for assistance. He goes so far as to add, “I know these perks are going to hurt me,” but then, a few seconds later, he asks, “Tell me are they working in.” Later he suggests, “I party too damn much,” and “I am getting too messed up.”

This song is a conflict between the half of him that says he has to – slow down, as well as the other side of him that thinks he will be okay even if he continues to party as much as he does.

Even more disturbing is the fact that he admits, “pills with the Hennessy I might throw up.” Afterward, he immediately follows it up by saying, “I will be okay.” In a nutshell, the song is a plea for assistance. He is engaged in a conflict with himself and requires assistance from anything better than drugs in this fight.

4. Black and White by Three Dog Night

Three Dog Night - Black and White

Earl Robinson, a significant figure in the American folk music scene, co-wrote this song in 1954 with writer David Arkin, who is also the father of Alan Arkin, an actor.

The judgment of the United States to abolish racial discrimination in public schools served as the catalyst for the production of the lyrics on racism in the song.

The original version of the folk song, which is not the same as the one recorded by Three Dog Night, contains the phrase “Their robes were black, and their heads were white,” which is a reference to the judges.

This song was recorded by Three Dog Night during a period in American history when civil rights were a significant topic of discussion.

The usage of a children’s choir in the repetitive chorus that occurred during the last moments of the song served to accentuate the notion of racial justice that was being conveyed.

5. Black and White People by Matchbox Twenty

Matchbox 20 - Black And White People

This song by Matchbox twenty is indeed a soul-soothing song. The song talks about the period in your life when you feel as though there is no color in it other than black and white, and you are simply trying to make it over the day.

The sentence “the technicolor dreams of black and white people” is the one that tipped me off to the fact that perhaps we are living a life devoid of color, and that we long for the day when we can live our lives in full color. This is the statement that tipped me off that we are living this life devoid of color for the most part.

6. Black and White Town by Doves

Doves - Black And White Town (Director's Cut)

I believe it could be about anyone living in any town, regardless of how big or little it is, which makes it easy for anyone to relate to. Cities have a way of changing individuals, and he is attempting to break free of that transformation and go his own way.

Also about how young teens grow up in a town and how well they are constantly striving to get their lives intriguing by looking for discussions and trouble because they are so bored. You have spent so much time in the same communities that you are growing up in that they have lost all of their vibrancy.

7. Living In Black And White By Underoath

UnderOATH - A Boy Brushed Red... Living In Black And White

Underoath, in this song, talks about committing sexual sins despite being aware that doing so is forbidden. He explains how here is when they both make a mistake, and how “at this moment, we both overlook the truth.” The reality is that what they are doing or are about to do is disobeying God, and he argues that this is where they both make their mistake.

And there are further lines that point in this direction as well. And in the sort of chorus portion when it seems like they are dying and everything, It indicates that their hearts have died as a result of all of the sexual sins that they have committed, or something to that effect.