Top 7 Songs with Highway in The Title

Songs with Highway in The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs with Highway in The Title

When we say “Highway” what immediately comes to mind is that fleeting moment of ecstasy on Friday nights when you’re hanging out with your friends speeding on the highway. Yeah! It could also mean more.

Music employs vast literary devices and as such, highway could have vast meanings. It can also be seen as a metaphor to mean death, and losing someone to something grave. I must applaud creative writers because it takes more than just “singing” to be able to communicate their emotions through lyrics.

Whatever the case maybe, this comprehensive list covers amazing songs with the word “Highway” in the title. Enjoy!

1. “ I Am the Highway” by Audioslave

This is definitely one of the best songs with highway in the title. Personally, this song is a striking depiction of how affection can be blind and the empowering of love. The narrator of this song has seen success and failure throughout their life, living a life that is full of both achievements and setbacks.

But there is one thing that draws him back and buries him deeper than the last moment, which is his heart. He tries so hard to rise far above odds even though he has been on a “long and weary road,” but there is one thing that brings him down and that is his heart.

The other person misinterprets his friendliness as a sign of weakness, and he receives little compassion or grief from this individual. He, the narrator, continues to make it possible for this person to stomp all over him even though there is a possibility that this person will simply walk out of his life, abandoning him to wither away.

2. Highway To Hell by AC/DC

AC/DC - Highway to Hell (Official Video)

One of the very few songs that will never become lost in the depths of obscurity is “Highway to Hell,” which is a tune that will always be remembered. It defies death in every possible way and will live forever.

This song, like many others, can be interpreted in more than one way. One is how they were defeated by a multitude of states. One other example is how unpredictable life may be at times.

The majority of people believe that it is connected to satanism because of the reference to “hell,” but I believe that it is merely utilized to maintain the rock and roll mentality. The road is frequently used as a metaphor for life and how the two are comparable.

We run the risk of getting into an accident before we reach our destination, being delayed by things like traffic jams, or simply going through the motions of driving on the highway without a care in the world.

This song remains one of my favorites and one of the best songs with highway in the title.

3. Ventura Highway by America

America - Ventura Highway (1975) | LIVE

The lyrics of this song express a yearning to be in another location. Having a strong desire to return to one’s own home or another location brings one comfort and solace.

Excellent piece of writing, such as the first verse, which consists of the protagonist roaming around while engaged in a conversation with themselves: “Tell me, how long are you going to stay here, Joe?”

Dismissal of complaints leveled against either the location itself or the motivation for wishing to be there.

The second verse is essentially a description of the feeling of restlessness that one experiences when they are caught up in the monotony of regular life (purple rain) and are yearning for some sort of intervention ( wishing on a falling star )

The chorus only describes all of the positive emotions that might be experienced in that unique location. The unfettered wind, the days that surround your daylight, and the absence of hope.

The presence of alligator lizards can be taken to mean a variety of things, including the fact that this location possesses something unique that can be found nowhere else.

4. The Highwayman by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson The Highwayman

This song, like a lot of other really good tunes, has more than one interpretation. At first look, the lyrics may appear to be quite straightforward and are only describing the story of three intrepid men who met their untimely deaths by doing big and powerful things, as well as the tenacity, continuity, and force of the human spirit to persevere.

This also sheds light on the enormous enigma of what is on the other side of the gray curtain which is death. The end of one’s life is not the destination, but rather the start of another adventure.

Everything in the universe is composed of energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed; rather, it can only transform into other manifestations.

5. Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited (Official Audio)

The song illustrates the progression of human history in the manner of old artwork that shows scenes from the past, the present, and the future and frequently makes use of the road as a metaphor.

For those who do not know, Dylan also connects it to his personal history in addition to the musical history of the United States. His father’s name was Abraham, and Highway 61 runs from Dylan’s home state of Minnesota down to the southern United States, which is where the majority of his music was born.

Highway 61 is the location beyond the realm of daily life where a man encounters God, as seen in Abraham’s gift of Isaac, who is known as our “father in faith” and the father of the Nation. Because of this, it is an appropriate place to start the story.

6. Highway Star by Deep Purple

Deep Purple - Highway Star 1972 Video HQ

It is all about flying like a kite while driving quickly. His girl is also high, and all he can think about is getting more, quicker, and better.

He is just driving randomly and dangerously. Try listening to the music while driving and imagining what it would sound like if you were messed up (do not drive messed up). You will see what I mean.

7. Highway Song by System of a Down

This song by System of a Down is about ending one’s life; the highway is a metaphor for life; when the highway song is over, he is at the close of his rope; all the signs say to turn “right” away from where he is going; however, he is directing now; therefore, his days will never come back; the purest form of life is death because it is the only thing that everyone will experience; and the cannons of our time; what is a canon? The capacity to have an effect… and what greater effect is there than taking someone’s life?