Top 5 Songs With The Word Country in The Title

Songs with the word "country" in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with the word “country” in the title

Songs with a country in the title are over 33 thousand lyrics, the country represents many things to many people, to some it represents home, to others, it represents a fantasy, to others it represents individuals.

What a country means to us depends on our emotions at the moment and how many feelings we attach to the word country. Songs are powerful, they can heal, they can break, they can bring back memories, songs are a great way to remember the past, hope for the future, and live in the present.

The song that we like and songs that appeal so much to us is because of the emotions we associate with that song. Songs too are for fun depending on the emotions we are feeling at the moment.

Below are top songs with the word country in the title, read on and discover how one word can mean so many things to different people. Sit tight and enjoy.

1. Take Me Home, Country Roads Song by John Denver

John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads (Official Audio)

First on our list of songs with the word country in the title is country roads. Many songs have been written, many songs have been sung, but there’s yet to be any song that has over 400million views in a few years than this song.

This song is a spirit lifter, it’s a song written by a man who missed his home, West Virginia, the home calls him day and night, the country calls him, he longed for his home, it’s a song filled with emotions and love, it’s a song that reflects the human nature.

Sometimes in life, we long for our home, our mama calls and we just can’t wait to get home, so many songs have been written, but none yet catch the attention of the world like this one, especially those that are far away from home.

This song has been used to cast movies so many times, it has been used in an event, truly songs are part and parcel of each one of us. The writer did an awesome job and it paid off and stood the test of time for years.

2. Got a Little Country, Song by Blake Shelton

Got a Little Country

This is an emotionally driven song, sung by Blake Shelton, it’s a song where he expressed how broken he was over a girl he loves so much, he so much loved the girl but they’re not of the same class, the girl is beautiful but she rolls with the big dogs, the singer expressed his sadness that when it comes to loving him, the girl is a small country and doesn’t express her love to him.

These songs relate very well to each of us, there were times we gave out the love that wasn’t returned, we cared so much for someone but the person didn’t care much about us, it threw us into deep thinking, most times some fall into depression.

Songs are powerful, it’s surprising how few lyrics of songs can represent deep emotions embedded in us. This song was one of the best hits of its time.

3. Cross The Country Song by Migos

Migos - Cross The Country (Official Music Video)

This song was written by Migos, a song of indignation, about a woman that loves him but he doesn’t love her, in his song he tongue-lashed the lady calling her all sorts of names, he called her a hoe and a slot.

In that song he was welcoming his long-time friend home, it was a homecoming song when his emotions overpower him and he spoke words so cruel to a lady. There are times in our lives when our emotions seem to have taken the nest of us, we say things we didn’t mean, and we reveal secrets that we don’t intend to reveal.

This song is not a song worth listening to for long, it reminds us how bad we must have treated someone at some point in our lives and that thought hurts and we feel sorry for ourselves. Songs are great ways to communicate emotions, but one should be careful not to say too much.

4. Rainbow Country Song, by Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers - Rainbow Country

This song was written by Bob Marley and sang by Ziggy Marley, it’s a song of hope, it’s a song of faith, a song of a promised land, a song about a place where everyone will be happy, a song that reflects the human passion for freedom, he calls it his rainbow country, we all longed to be in that place, to live in that reality of freedom.

Ziggy Marley sang this song amidst tears of the suffering of people. Songs are powerful, they reflect our innermost thoughts, songs are part of our nature, and our deepest emotions are hidden in a song.

Our happiest times are hidden in a song, songs are a great way to hide our emotions, and some songs are well coded that it takes time and concentration to make meaning out of them. Those are the songs that inspire when decoded.

5. Country song by Cliff Richard and The Shadows

Cliff Richard - In The Country

This song was written by Cliff Richard, a song that drives deep meaning. In this song, he sang about when the world becomes too difficult for you to bear, when the pain becomes too much to bear, at that moment when you look out of the country, you will find him.

He sang of a country without pain, a country without difficulty, a country without suffering, it’s a dreamland he longs to be, where he’d be with the love of his life and they hold hands together, where everything he hoped for is possible and there are limitless opportunities.

Pain sometimes causes us to create our dreamlands in our minds, pains sometimes make us seek a world that doesn’t exist and live in it as though it exists. There are times in our lives when we feel we can just run away to a world where everything we wanted is a reality.

Sadly such a world doesn’t exist but only has its existence in our minds, each time we imagine it we feel the sensation of peace amidst our sufferings. Cliff Richard did an awesome job with this song and it stood the test of time.