Top 5 Songs With Peach in The Title

Songs With Peach In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs With Peach In The Title

Many songs have been released, but it’s surprising to find that there are over 1600 lyrics of songs with “peach” in the title.

Peach is just a word, but it’s surprising how so many emotions have been created out of that word, it’s an explanation that words mean different things to different people, and how much it means to us depends on how much we cherish it.

Below are songs with “peach” in the title. Sit tight and read through to know how the word peach has meant many things to many singers.

1. Peaches Song by Destrends

The song by Destrends was released in 2020, this is a song sung amidst fear and uncertainty, that deep dear that tends to cloud us all deep down our lives, the songwriter sang of his fear is about growing old, that he’s got no money.

There are many types of fear but the one that tends to drive us crazy is the fear of the future, the future lies in uncertainty, no one can say for sure what it looks like, when you’re financially incapacitated now, it will make you more scared of the future especially the dear of growing old.

This is a song that touches the deep fears of every human being, reminding us to live through life with optimism, and love and be hopeful for what life has to offer. This song was the best hit of 2020, definetly one of the best songs with peach in the title.

2. Peaches song by A Skillz

Peaches (feat. Droop Capone)

This song was written by Skillz; a song of a man walking along a lonely road and calling on a girl for fun. He thought it was only her there, only for him to turn to the other side and see another girl in the summer sun. He felt he should go swim in the water there to get her attention.

This song reflects the polygamy of men, it reflects the deep nature of man and man’s weakness. In the end, he wished he never called on you, the worth of a man is known to what degree he can discipline himself, self-discipline is very important in the life of any man, it gives you the edge over others and to stand out amongst men, try to cultivate this habit, if not you’d end up regretting like the songwriter.

This song was written to remind us of our vulnerability and fragility, it’s left for us to learn from the song and live life with discipline. This song was one of the best of its time.

3. Peaches Song by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber - Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon

Justin Bieber is no doubt one of the best singers of this age. In this groundbreaking song, Justin Bieber sang about love, that deep emotion that connects us all, he sang of the lady he loves, he has left everything to pursue her, and then he reminds us in the song he left the girl he was with.

It was one of the toughest decisions he has ever made, yet he took that decision, could it be why the new girl isn’t paying attention to him? Could it be karma taking revenge?

We can’t say for sure but we all know that whatever comes around goes around. Songs are powerful ways to hide secrets; they’re ways to reveal secrets in a way men would not understand.

Most of us have found ourselves in the shoes of Justin Bieber, where we left what we have especially when they’ve done us no wrong, maybe we feel we don’t need them anymore or there’s someone better out there, only for us to go and find out it’s not as we have imagined.

Before you end another to go for another without any justifiable reasons, put yourself in those shoes and those circumstances and feel their pains, you’d get what you’ve given into the universe.

In this song, Justine Biber taught us what happens when a man rejects who loves him and goes for whom he loves, who loves you is better than who you love, read it again. This song added to the accolades of Justin Bieber

4. Peaches Song by The Presidents of the United States of America

Peaches - The Presidents of the United States of America

This song was written to show his love for peaches as a fruit, he sang at length remembering how he loved peaches and how he loves to be eating them every day.

This song reminds me of our love for something or one particular fruit, I love apples a lot, some prefer peaches. This song reminds us of those cravings, our undying love for that particular fruit, it shows us that there could be thousands of fruits out there but there’s one only one that appeals so much to us, that’s how unique human beings can be.

It’s the same reason why there are 7.5 billion people on earth but your heart longs and beats for only one person. This song was a boomer in its time

5. Peaches & Cream Song by Larry Williams

Larry Williams - peaches and cream

Many emotional and love songs have been written but this one, in particular, was written with strong emotions of attachment and love for his lady. He longed always to see her feel her and have sex with her.

Love is beautiful but when it becomes an obsession, it becomes difficult to control. From the lyrics, we see that the songwriter Larry Williams was obsessed with a lady, whatever he’s doing he’s thinking of her, wherever he’s going he’s thinking of her.

He longed to feel her body and have sex with her. Love is beautiful but controlled love is healthier. Be careful and beware because when that love turns into an obsession, it can become a very big problem. Whatever that’s an obsession is difficult to control.

At some point in our lives, we feel this great obsession towards someone, at that point we feel we cannot live without them, we feel so emotionally attached to them that a day without them can be very boring.

But later when they’re gone, we realize that truly we can live with or without anyone in our lives, but most times before then we may have made a mistake. This song teaches us what obsession can do to a man’s life.

It’s a song of love, of deep longing for intimacy, yet one must be careful not to fall into the depths of depression if things don’t work out. This song stood the test of time and sold out in millions.