8 Top Songs With The Word Don’t in The Title

Songs with don’t in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with the word dont in the title

The following is a list of some of the best songs with the word “dont” in the title. The performers, musical styles, and time eras represented in these songs each have their distinctive sound and style. The profound application of creativity in songwriting and production has brought each of these songs’ meanings to life in a way that is both brilliant and beautifully brought to life.

In addition to locating the songs, we performed a cursory analysis of each song to determine the context in which the artists had intended to use the word “don’t” in the lyrics of their songs.

8 Top Songs With The Word Dont in The Title

1. “Dont Stop Believin’” by Journey

Don't Stop Believing [Official Music Video]

The American rock band “Journey” issued “Dont Stop Believin” as the second single from their Escape album in 1981, and it was met with a great deal of critical acclaim at the time.

As a struggling musician who wanted to give up, Jonathan Cain’s father’s words, “Don’t Stop Believin’ or you are done, dude,” compelled him through the storm surge that nearly sunk him in the industry. This story was inspired by the story of Jonathan Cain, the keyboardist for the band.

The song “Don’t Stop Believin'” made its first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 at position number 56, and it eventually reached position number 9 on the chart after selling over 7 million copies in the United States alone.

It is still popular and has a lot of depth to it even in this day and age. It is one of the digital recordings from a song that was made in the 20th century that has sold the most copies.

2. “Don’t” by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran - Don't [Official Music Video]

Edward Christopher Sheeran, known popularly by his stage name Ed Sheeran, is an English songwriter, composer, actor, and producer in addition to being a musician. He is currently one of the most successful musicians in the world.

“X”, Sheeran’s second studio album, featured the hit song “Don’t” and it was released in 2014. “Don’t” was written by both he and Benny Blanco, while Rubin Rick and Benny Blanco were responsible for its production.

When “Don’t” was first released, many people considered it to be a relatable heartbreak song due to the song’s vivid expression, which is also self-explanatory, as well as the fact that the song’s lyrics explain the situation themselves.

Ed and his co-writer, Benny, endeavored to chronicle Ed’s fleeting romance with another singer, and they accomplished so in an elegant manner throughout three lines.

The first stanza of the song served as an introduction, while the second verse conveys the singer’s message or the goal for writing the song. The conclusion was expressed in the third verse.

3. “Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis

Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger (Official Video)

This song was produced by Gallagher and Owen Morris, and it was initially released in 1996.

Noel Gallagher, lead guitarist, and composer for the band Oasis penned the lyrics to “Don’t Look Back in Anger” to encourage listeners to refrain from feeling angry about their past mistakes. The words of this song advise listeners to let go of their past regrets and instead have a positive attitude toward the future and the opportunities it will bring.

4. “Papa Don’t Preach”- Song by Madonna

Madonna - Papa Don't Preach (Official Video) [HD]

This is one of my favorite songs with the word “dont” in the title. The song “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna elicits a wide range of opinions and discussions.

Some people believe that the lyrics of the song encourage teenage pregnancy, while other people who have an anti-abortion viewpoint believe that the lyrics send a positive message against abortion.

The song’s producer, Brian Eliot, has stated that “Papa Don’t Preach” was an attempt by him to compose a song about love from a different point of view. “Papa Don’t Preach” was originally released in 1975. The gossip that he overheard outside of his studio was the source of his creativity. Madonna, on the other hand, thinks the song does a good job of resonating with her strong opinion that women should challenge both misogyny and male dominance in society.

5. “They Dont Care About Us” by Michael Jackson

Popular protest song by Michael Jackson. It was track #5 from his album of the same name, which explored the past, present, and future of music.

One of Michael Jackson’s most divisive compositions, it features Pop instrumentation and vocal delivery set to a plodding tempo, with lyrics that aim at such social issues as police brutality, racism, and hate.

6. “We Don’t Talk Anymore” Song by Charlie Puth featuring Selena Gomez

Charlie Puth - We Don't Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez) [Official Video]

The two popular musicians Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez worked together in perfect harmony over the uncomplicated production of this song to present a story that was inspired by Puth’s buddy who had recently gone through a difficult breakup.

Charlie inquired as to whether or not the buddy would talk to her, and the friend responded, “No, I will not talk to her any longer.” If one were to read the words of the song, one would quickly learn that it tells the story of an ex-lover who is having a difficult time moving on after a breakup because their former partner has already moved on with their life.

7. Type O Negative – “I Dont Wanna Be Me”

Type O Negative – I Don't Wanna Be Me [Lyrics Legendado]

In 2003, the American metal band Negative O issued the song for the first time as promotional music. Although the punk rock elements of this song are still relatively prevalent, the song is seen as a deviation from the band’s popular style since it combines several various genres.

The song is given its title because it tells the story of Peter Steele’s struggle with addiction as well as with life in general. The song was written by Peter Steele.

Dan Fogler, a well-known actor, appeared in the video impersonating several famous people, including Michael Jackson, Eminem, Britney Spears, and Frontman Steele.

8. “Dont Let Me Be Misunderstood” by Nina Simone

Nina Simone - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

This song is a planned collaboration between Bennie Benjamin, Sol Marcus, and Horace Ott as well as the  American pianist, singer, and songwriter Nina Simone to write a total of five songs for Nina.

“One of Five” is one of those songs. Standing out as the best song with the word dont in the title, the song was first released in 1964. Since then, it has been covered by a wide variety of musicians and bands, including The Animals, Santa Esmeralda, and Elvis Costello.

The song “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” was performed at a somewhat slow tempo and featured a harp, in addition to various orchestral instruments and a backup choir.

The civil rights struggle was at the forefront of the public consciousness during the period when Simone was writing her songs.

Some music critics claim that this song, along with the majority of Nina Simone’s other works, contains subtexts relating to the civil rights movement. Many critics and fans, on the other hand, believe that the song was intimate to Nina Simone because they suspect it depicts Simone’s life and music career.