Top 7 Songs About DragonFlies You Should Know

Songs about dragonflies
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs about dragonflies

In addition to the conventional interpretation of what a dragonfly is, the word “dragonfly” can mean a lot of other things.

This post is a compilation of the best songs about dragonflies. It is essential to take note that the majority of these songs do not discuss dragonflies in a manner that is relevant to the fact that dragonflies are insects. On the other hand, the vast majority of them use the term “dragonfly” to refer to a variety of aspects of their own lives.

1. Dragonfly by Paul Weller

Paul Weller - Dragonfly (Official Video)

First, on our list of the songs about dragonflies this poem inspired a song by Paul Weller. This raga-rock cut has a song that was influenced by a poem that Weller’s daughter Jessie wrote while she was in elementary school.

During a listening session for the CD, he provided the following explanation: “This poem was written by my youngest daughter, Jessie, for her school assignment. Simply taking the initial line of each verse and expanding on it was all I did. She is given credit, that much is true!”

2. Dragonfly by Clutch

Clutch The Dragonfly

The relocation of Clutch from Maryland to West Virginia, where they live in an ancient mansion that was built in 1760, served as the impetus for the writing of this song.

During our conversation with Neil Fallon in 2013, the vocalist and guitarist shared the following with us: “I believe a significant factor in that was the fact that I had relocated from a fairly homogenized suburban setting to a very rural location.

This was a big change for me. I found some parts of it to be extremely mystical, and I was fascinated by the sort of occult magic that occurs when you are out in nature. That is where those lyrics got their start if you will.”

3. Little Lamb Dragonfly by Paul McCartney & Wings

Paul McCartney - Little lamb dragonfly

During the Ram sessions, when Wings were still in the planning stages, this song was initially fleshed out and given its first recording. However, before its inclusion on Red Rose Speedway, it had never been made available to the public.

This song was written by Paul McCartney in a Scottish farmhouse where he was staying after a neighboring farmer offered him and his family a sick lamb to care for.

4. Dragonfly  by Shaman’s Harvest

Shaman's Harvest "Dragonfly" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

The narrator of this song is discussing the end of the world, or else the entire song is a hypothesis for one’s life-ending, and the dragonfly represents that person’s soul departing into the afterlife.

This is one of the songs about dragonflies that I will not forget in a hurry, and it is surely one of my favorites. Dragonflies are considered to be emblems of bravery, sturdiness, and happiness in Japan.

I believe the message of the song is that in times of adversity when life is challenging and things do not appear to be going well, one must find the courage and strength (the “dragonfly”) to persevere and make it through. You should not let difficult times discourage you from living your life because “it is all going to end anyway,” as the saying goes.”

​5. Dragonfly by Blades

This is one of the best songs about dragonflies. A few words in the lyrics reveal the song’s meaning. “Serial Experiments Lain” is the craziest Japanese web punk/SciFi anime ever made.

“The beginning of a series”: original quote It is possible that the protagonist is acting as Bladee’s major support system when he expresses such enthusiasm. Surfing is impossible without a body of water. He feels as if he is losing ground if he does not have this individual.

Suicide could be implied by the mention of the word in this phrase, since Blade may be hiding a blade he intends to use to harm himself in the shadows of his thoughts.

There is a lot of weed imagery in this song, and jade is a highly precious green crystal, so he could be using it as an analogy for weed.

As a metaphor, “surf” could represent moments in which he is happy, carefree, and free of any unpleasant thoughts. Surfing metaphorically refers to the ability to ride the waves of life, no matter how turbulent or difficult it has been for him (the same way you would ride a wave in the ocean). Moments in which he is more in command of himself.

It is possible, though, that Bladee is saying that this individual is the one who keeps him going when he is feeling this upbeat. Surfing is impossible without a body of water. He feels as if he is losing ground if he does not have this individual. A

s a possible reference to escapism, Bladee may be referencing the fact that he knows that he and the person in question will never be able to have a long-term, healthy, and happy relationship.

Returning to the first verse’s conclusion, Bladee is high and understanding that he can evolve from this toxic relationship; he is leaving them or removing them from his senses because of how much he is hurting.

To understand why Blade’s life was filled with hate, he develops from it instead of questioning it and “shining” like a dragonfly, which relates to the preceding phrase where the blade is either stepping into the light or fleeing from his abuse by flying away.

6. Dragonfly by Nahko

Nahko - Dragonfly [Official Music Video]

‘Dragonfly’ was originally a coming-of-age song about Nahko’s experiences as he continues to discover who he is today. He elaborated on the idea that maturation is something that happens throughout one’s lifetime.

These are the chapters that we reread and revisit over time to uncover deeper meaning and significance. In certain cultures, the dragonfly is a sign of courage and strength. In this scenario, it is considered a rite of passage. To reach our fullest potential, let us all take some time to contemplate our growth.

With a music video that features Paris Jackson—the daughter of musical legend Michael Jackson—the song is the lead single from his debut solo album, My Name is Bear.

7. Dragonfly by Caligula’s Horse

The final song about dragonflies in our list of songs about dragonflies is this great song. Tori Amos and Jeff Buckley are two of Jim Grey’s favorite artists, and the song “Dragonfly” incorporates both of their influences into its ethereal imagery.

From its calm beginning, “Dragonfly” swiftly moves into triumphal bass and jazzy guitar solos, with lyrics that reference Tori Amos’ “Little Earthquakes” and “Winter,” among other songs from her discography.

For their third studio album, Bloom, the band third studio album, the members of the band were inspired to explore the ideas of development and renewal by chasing a narrator who pursues a fresh, yet coy love: the dragonfly.

This song is most definitely one of the best songs about dragonflies although it does not relate to dragonflies per se, it does relate to dragonflies as a different personality altogether rather than the usual notion of what a dragonfly is to us.