5 Great Christian Songs About Giving

Christian Songs About Giving
Written by Corey Morgan

Christian Songs About Giving

One of the most essential tasks we all have is to help others and to give back to the community. Sometimes we may help those in need by contributing money to charity. Other times, we may simply offer a listening ear to a distressed buddy.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, music can help us to remember the importance of giving back to those in need. Additionally, it might help you learn more about how you can offer to those in need when the opportunity presents itself to you.

Even if we can’t out-give God, we should still be giving of ourselves by loving others, being faithful followers, and giving and helping in whatever way we can since Christ gave His all so that we could inherit all, and no one has given more than God.

5 Christian songs about giving:

1. I Don’t Have Much By Taylor Leonhardt

Mission House (featuring Jess Ray & Taylor Leonhardt) - I Don't Have Much (Studio) | Lyric Video

Others who have more money and possessions to offer have an advantage over those who lack them. That even individuals who may not have much to give can still give their love and devotion to not only their deity but to those whose lives they touch

Taylor Leonhardt penned “I Don’t Have Much” during a difficult time. A lot of humiliation accompanied the sensation that nothing was working for her, and she was working multiple jobs to pay the rent and had totaled her car.

It just doesn’t make sense to her that God was so gracious to her at the time or even today. Instead of trying to impress Him by demonstrating her worthiness, she was instead urged to put her trust in Him and find meaning in His life.

Lyric videos for each song on the “I Don’t Have Much” album are released in tandem with the single.

To bring Christ into people’s lives, the track is designed to do so. As she performs, she wishes to show others the love, serenity and belonging that only comes from knowing and trusting God.

2. Angels Among Us By Alabama

Alabama - Angels Among Us (Official Video)

One method to aid a grief-stricken friend is to give them the gift of the appropriate song at the right time.

Angels Among Us,” by Alabama, is a Christian hymn that reminds mourners of their loved one’s presence in their lives, which can encourage them to help those in distress.

Nashville musician Hobbs, according to, was moved to write the song after surviving a vehicle accident and learning the lessons it taught him about life. “Angels Among Us” became a song title she sat on for years before finally writing the lyrics with Goodman. She felt her guardian angel had been looking out for her that day.

The song’s words are heartfelt, but the music video is one of the most stunning things I’ve ever seen. It features actual people and their ordinary acts of kindness.

It highlights the importance of people assisting their neighbors. One man devotes his spare time to teaching English to newcomers, while the other fights to keep drugs out of the hands of his fellow adolescents.

3. Take My Life By Chris Tomlin

Take My Life - Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin’s “Take My Life” demonstrates the concept that Jesus may act through his disciples to help others if they allow it.

Whoever you love, I’ll love. That’s the chorus of this song. I’ll serve you in any way you serve. I’ll follow you wherever you go. If I die, I will follow you. Even if those remarks come from the heart, seeing them come out of our tongues should make us pause. Why aren’t we thinking about the consequences of what we’re saying?

What if we’re simply being cocky like Peter was at the beginning of his relationship with Christ when we say things like that? There wasn’t much doubt about it: He was the brash and impetuous one in the group. “Even if I have to die with you, I’ll never disown you.” When Jesus was taken into custody, such allegations disintegrated.

Peter fled and even abandoned Jesus when he realized what was happening. Fortunately, Peter’s story didn’t end there. A man whose confidence rested in God’s strength, rather than his own, would emerge through time as a result of His grace and might. But he had to pay a price to come to that point of realizing what it meant to follow Jesus.

According to the lyrics, we need to lay aside our desires and ambitions to faithfully follow the will of God. Our selfish and self-centered ambitions must be crucified every day so that we might more clearly reflect Christ to those around us.

When all is said and done, it’s not about being a showboat or making a big statement. It’s a matter of straightforward, continual obedience to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. I will follow it a lot like praying, “Jesus, help my desires be crucified so that I can be more fully alive in your presence through my life. This is one of the best christian songs about giving.

4. Do Something By Matthew West

Matthew West - Do Something

Matthew West’s song “Do Something” is clearly about a world in peril, poised to crumble at any moment like a house of cards. God, why don’t You do something?

West bemoans what he believes is a God who could do something about the evil in the world. “People living in poverty,” I simply could not stand. Slavery of children is a common practice in many countries. I felt sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Hence, I shook my fist at Heaven,” but God’s clear response to the West was “If not us, then who?” If it weren’t for us.

To put it another way, the West realized that God doesn’t want us to just wave our fists at Him because we think He doesn’t care; rather, He wants us to serve and give.

5. Charity and Grace By Steve Roberts

One of the best christian songs about giving is “Charity and Grace” by Steve Roberts, which nearly no one has heard of. It’s in their life that they can see a mother’s loving face or a father’s gentle touch that tells them they are so cherished, but if we listen to what he sings (writes), Innocence is dying, everywhere it is found.

The angels must be crying, can you hear the awful sound? We teach them to be angry, we teach them to hate. Life is but a moment, so we teach them not to wait.

In other words, it’s a visual representation of what we, as parents, the model fare for our children. They will hate if we teach them how to hate, but they will love if we teach them how to love. Parental love is one of the greatest gifts a person can provide to their child.