8 Great Christian Songs About Courage

Christian Songs about Courage
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Christian Songs About Courage

It was never implied or guaranteed to us that life would be simple. In point of fact, Jesus made it abundantly clear to those of us who believe that we will face adversity. (John 16:33) We yearn for a source of inspiration that will give us the fortitude and courage we need to get through these difficult times.

So much of the time, music ushers us into the presence of God, who is the source of all of our assistance. When we are in His presence, we are overcome by His supply, which is what lifts us, carries us, and supports us as we fight.

I pray that these songs serve as your “Aaron and Hur” defenders in musical form, that they may raise your hands and bring strength and courage to you today as you engage in this war.

8 Christian Songs about Courage:

1. Soar by Meredith Andrews

Meredith Andrews - Soar [Official Lyric Video]

Ranking first on our list of christian songs about courage is Soar by Meredith Andrews. Deeper is the title of a new album that will be released in February by Meredith Andrews, who is a Christian music artist who has won multiple awards. The previous album by this artist, Worth It All, was released in 2013.

Deeper will be available in two different editions: a standard version with 11 songs and a deluxe edition with 14 songs. Both editions will be released by Word Worship.

Deeper is the single word in the album’s title, but it manages to evoke a sense of awe and curiosity about what our lives may be like if we were to take The Father’s hand and proceed deeper. To the place where He is. To the place where He intends for us to be. to the point where Christ is our only possession since He is everything that we require. What if we moved away from the environment in which we are most at ease? What if, rather than just testing the waters with our toes, we went further? What if we delve even further?

This uplifting track, which will be on Meredith Andrews’ upcoming album titled “Soar,” has already been released and is now at the top of the charts.

The straightforward lyrics are based on the facts and promises found in the Bible. They are a reminder of the power that is already within our grasp, waiting to endow us with the fortitude and courage to spread our wings and fly.

2. Shoulders by for KING & COUNTRY

for KING + COUNTRY - Shoulders (Official Music Video)

Where does my help come from… This is the beginning of the song. For KING & COUNTRY does an outstanding job of bringing to our attention the fact that the Lord is the source of our assistance.

This enthralling message uplifts us and gives us the strength to trust that in our moment of need, when we are weak, His shoulders are strong enough to carry the burden. This provides an incredible amount of solace and courage.

“I turn my attention to the peaks in the distance. Do the mountains provide me with some of my strength? No. My power originates from the God who created the sky, the earth, and the mountains.

3. Thrive by Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns - Thrive (Official Lyric Video)

We spend a significant portion of our lives pursuing various goals. The struggle for survival consumes a significant portion of each of our lives. This song provides the inspiration to go beyond only surviving the trials, setbacks, and unfulfilled ambitions that are inevitably a part of living a life.

The mix of uplifting melodies and profound lyrical content creates the ideal setting for boosting our spirits and encouraging us to keep going forward.

4. Impossible by Building 429

Building 429 - Impossible (Official Lyric Video)

Nothing is impossible when God is involved. This demonstrates that with God, it is possible to achieve everything. What a basic yet really important reality. This music packs a powerful punch and will get you moving in no time.

It encourages us to believe that with God at our side, we are capable of achieving the impossible and dreaming the impossible. Have faith in things that can’t be done. Oh, and make sure you’re not sitting down when you play or listen to this tune.

Anything that begins with “Woo ooh ooh ooh ooh (hey!) Ohhhhh” should not be listened to when sitting down or with the volume turned down.

5. Life is Beautiful by The Afters

The Afters - Life Is Beautiful

A reminder that life is wonderful is the single most uplifting thing that can come to mind for me right now. On occasion, we will require those reminders.

This track by The Afters features prominently among my favorites. It helps us realize that even when life seems to be going in the wrong way, our world is still full with beauty and meaning despite the fact that things may not be going as planned. The dawn will arrive tomorrow morning.

6. Greater by MercyMe

MercyMe - Greater (Official Lyric Video)

Is it time to look at things from a different angle? Have you spent enough time wallowing in your anxiety, guilt, and suffering? He is prepared to engage with you.

He is waiting for you to bring everything to him so that he can deal with it. This song will breathe new life into us, and fill us with the power and courage we need to live in a world to which we do not belong. We are a part of something or Someone Greater.

7. Warrior, Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman - Warrior (Lyric Video)

This song, which was inspired by the movie The War Room, serves as a reminder that prayer is the most effective method of conflict resolution there is.

Prayer is our most direct line of communication with God, who is the Source of Every Victory. When we pray like warriors, we can manage anything, face anything, and endure anything that comes our way. When we are on our knees, we find the greatest amount of strength and courage for the fight.

8. Battle Belongs by Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham - Battle Belongs (Official Music Video)

Concluding our list of christian songs about courage is Battle Belongs by Phil Wickham. The pious words that singer-songwriter Phil Wickham sings and writes are invariably permeated by the author’s profound reverence for God. His worship songwriting and singing style, which is reverent yet enthusiastic, has always been appealing to me. He also sings worship songs.

This song is a representation of the victory that we have over our conflicts, even before we know the results of those conflicts on earth. Have faith that God is already ahead of us and will prevail. Keep in mind that if God is on our side, there is no one who can stop us.

The end goal that God has in mind for us is not for us to suffer, but rather for us to be restored so that we might feel the unwavering love that he has for us. This is one of my favorite songs to sing to Jesus, and in it, I make it clear that I can find everything I need in Him alone.

My heart’s desire is to bring joy to the Lord, and “Battle Belongs” is a song that brings me a lot of that delight. Songs that allow me to thank God while also having a good time are some of my favorites. And, without a doubt, this song accomplishes that goal.

This song does a wonderful job of serving as a powerful reminder that our happiness is not contingent on our external conditions. We owe all of our appreciation and adoration to Christ because of our position in Christ and because of His unfailing fidelity.

This immediate classic resounds with a heartfelt need to be in the presence of God, which is audible throughout.