7 Great Songs With City In The Title

Songs with city in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Top songs with city in the title

Even though you are unable to physically visit your favorite destinations at this time, that does not mean that you cannot do so in your mind or through the medium of music. In point of fact, a great number of well-known singers have composed songs as tributes to their cherished hometowns and other places they hold dear.

These songs with cities in the titles will take you all over the world, from cheerful singles about the world’s most popular cities to stirring anthems celebrating the history of the United States. r.

The following is a song-by-song lyrical breakdown of songs with city in the title.

7 Songs With City In The Title:

1. “Yr City’s a Sucker” by LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem - Yr City's A Sucker (Full Version)

Ranking first on our songs with city in the title is “Yr City’s a Sucker” by LCD Soundsystem. The line “your city’s a sucker” is heard numerous times throughout the song “Yr City’s a Sucker,” which gives the impression that the song’s lyrics are mostly comprised of this phrase. Brooklyn is considered to be one of the founding cities of rap music, and LCD Soundsystem is a group that hails from that borough.

Rap music is a subgenre of music that has a long-standing practice of pitting different regions against one another. And by this, we do not mean in the traditional meaning of the word “hardcore,” but rather in the sense of “my hood is better than your hood,” if you will, in terms of the musical ability of its residents.

Keeping this in mind, the proclamation made by a group of dance-rock artists that “your city’s a sucker,” meaning that it is weak, is not something that should be taken literally, especially in the context of trying to provoke another community.

But beyond that, other lyrics do seem to actually be praising New York City (within which Brooklyn is located) as being on the A+ list as far as metropolitan areas are concerned. This may be because New York City is home to Brooklyn. That is to say that very few places are as exciting as New York City is right now.

Theoretically speaking, this metropolis offers a plethora of chances, some of which include the possibility of having “sex with Hollywood stars.” And in this aspect, the vocalist does seem to be making fun of less well-known urban regions toward the end of the song, of which there are a great deal in comparison to New York City.

Therefore, all of this can be summed up by saying that LCD Soundsystem is trying to make New York look good. But this can also be taken in a way that they are concurrently speaking about the effectiveness of their own music, taking into consideration the primary way in which they go about doing it.

2. “City of Gods” by Fivio Foreign.

Fivio Foreign, Kanye West, Alicia Keys - City of Gods (Official Video)

Next on our list of songs with city in the title is “City of Gods,” which was coined by Fivio and Yeezus to describe New York City, which serves as a clear indication that this song is intended to be an ode to the City.

There are a total of five boroughs within this area, and one of them is called Brooklyn. And it is possible to say that this places a particular emphasis on the aforementioned location, which is the hometown of Fivio, who contributes two verses, and which is also specifically mentioned by Kanye West in the song.

According to the information provided by the former, the “City of Gods” is a place where criminal gangs operate freely. To put it another way, only those who are courageous and shrewd can make it through life in the hood.

In addition, he singles out a group known as the Woo as deserving of special recognition among criminal organizations.

3. “City of Blinding Lights” Song by U2

U2 - City of Blinding Lights

U2’s song “City of Blinding Lights” explores the concept that in order to grow up, a person must give up some of the innocence and purity they had as children in order to obtain maturity, wisdom, and experience.

The vocalist makes extensive use of metaphors to explain how the metropolis of New York is illuminated by a multitude of lights, neon signs for commercials, and fireflies. This also serves as a representation of the level of exposure that the performer has gotten as a direct result of touring in these places.

After that, he offers his younger audience the guidance that he has garnered from these experiences. In his counsel to them, he encourages them not to worry so much about what other people think of them that they are unable to achieve their ambitions. He emphasizes that people should not be afraid to freely express their feelings, regardless of the highs or lows that they may be experiencing at the time.

Aside from these things, it seems as though the singer is reflecting on his younger days, when he was naive and eager to learn about new experiences. He asserts that despite the fact that the times have changed, he has managed to keep hold of his soul.

4. “Nutbush City Limits” by Tina Turner.

Ike and Tina Turner - Nutbush City Limits (1973)

Tina Turner was born and raised in Nutbush, Tennessee, and the song “Nutbush City Limits” is an ode to the place where she spent her childhood. In point of fact, based on the way that she phrased words, it is fairly clear that the location in question is not in fact a “city,” but rather “a one-horse town.” In point of fact, Nutbush seems to fit the profile of the stereotypical tiny town quite well.

For instance, everyone adheres to the same routines, such as “going(ing) to the field on week days” and “go(ing) to church on Sunday” as the most important of these. In addition, the songstress describes the location as “a calm little old village,” despite the fact that there is the possibility of seeing the odd rift-raft.

Tina does not come out and say it, but we can infer from her silence that this is her hometown. Despite this, it is clear that she has a personal history with the location, and it is clear that she holds it very close to her heart.

5. “Midnight City” by M83’s

M83 'Midnight City' Official video

The concept that the vocalist of “Midnight City” is mesmerized by the dazzling lights of the huge city is the inspiration for the metaphors that are employed throughout the song. Anyone who has ever been in a major city around “midnight” would most likely be able to relate to this feeling.

And specifically, Downtown Los Angeles was the location that sparked Anthony Gonzalez’s creativity to write this tune, despite the fact that Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the United States.

And what the artist is communicating is that he receives something like to spiritual fulfillment while driving around the city late at night. Simply put, Gonzalez has taken an experience that is more or less common and turned it into a hit song. The experience in question is the enjoyment of taking a nighttime drive through a city that is illuminated by neon.

6. “The City” by Grace VanderWaal


Grace VanderWaal seems to be addressing someone who might be a romantic interest throughout the majority of “The City,” specifically in the opening verse and the choruses. And what she is doing is basically complaining about the fact that this individual would rather be “out in the city” than spend time with her.

The second verse, on the other hand, is a little bit different from the first because it does not appear that she is singing about the same person or even about interpersonal connections in general. Rather, the content of that particular passage gives the impression that it is designed to demonstrate her incapacity to experience joy.

Indeed, she does count genuine companions within her circle of friends. However, being around them does not prevent an increasing feeling of despair from developing.

It’s also possible that the fact that her lover isn’t there is to blame for all of this displeasure on her part. Because, in the end, what this song is all about is the singer expressing her disapproval of a certain person’s preference to hang out “in the city” while she is somewhere else.

7. “New York City” by Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue - New York City

Although the song’s title might suggest otherwise, this song is not really an ode to New York City. However, Kylie Minogue does highlight what she likes about the Big Apple, in particular the fact that “everyone looks so pretty.”

This is more of a love song than anything else, as it is focused on a person who lives in New York City and toward whom the singer has a tremendous amount of love and admiration despite the distance between them.

Therefore, the key idea conveyed throughout is that yes, she really does want to go to New York City. But being with this particular individual is the primary motivation behind her desire to travel to that location.

In point of fact, Kylie does name other places to visit, such as Tokyo and Bangkok, which are near and dear to her heart. However, as was noted earlier, the passionate love that she has for her partner is the primary factor that is bringing her to New York City in particular. As a result, she is looking forward to getting to this destination so that she can be by his side very much.