5 Great Songs With “Give” In The Title

Songs With Give In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs With “Give” In The Title

Giving is an act of kindness. It entails sharing or rendering out completely; not because you necessarily have so much to give, but because you see the need to help those in need without even asking for them.

Giving, no matter how little, is one of the things that makes us humans. To give to someone else, we establish or reestablish an already existing bond. Giving is synonymous with receiving; in the sense that the more you give, the more you receive and it’s a culture that should be rooted deep within everyone regardless of their religion.

Giving should be genuine without no strings attached and with all your heart. I’ve prepared just the perfect playlist for you; songs with “give” in the title and I hope you enjoy them.

5 Songs With “Give” In The Title:

1. “You Give Good Love” by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston - You Give Good Love (Official HD Video)

Ranking first on our list of songs with give in the title is “You Give Good Love”, This phrase’s title implies that Whitney Houston has, at long last, found a partner that lives up to all of her expectations and satisfies all of her needs. The songwriter starts off the song by expressing her happiness at having finally found what she had been yearning for all along.

She makes the point in the chorus that although this person is relatively new in her life, they seem to have an innate understanding of what she requires, and it feels as though they have been friends for a very long time.

She may not have been aware of it at first, but now she understands that her current partner loves and cares for her in a way that no one else has in the past or will in the future. As a token of her gratitude, she bestows upon him the responsibility of guarding her beating heart.

Contrary to her experiences with previous romantic relationships, the narrator in this piece has a strong conviction that the other person will never stop loving her and that their connection will endure for a very long time.

2. “Forgive Myself” by Sam Smith

Sam Smith - Forgive Myself (Audio)

This song’s title alludes to the fact that the narrator has come to the realisation that he may have caused himself more suffering than is necessary; as a result, he is making an effort to forgive himself first before resuming his romantic relationships.

The first line gives us insight into the singer’s thoughts regarding a previous relationship and how he feels he could have done more for his ex-girlfriend. He then goes on to discuss how thoughts of his ex and memories of the two of them continue to flood his head, keeping him from letting go of the past and moving on with his life.

The vocalist expresses how devastated he is in the chorus as well as throughout the rest of the music, and he expresses his hope that the person who has broken his heart will come back to him.

The author is aware that he may, at some point in the future, be required to move on in order to find someone else; however, before he can do so, he must first forgive himself in order to recover from the anguish he is currently experiencing.

3. “Lord Give Me a Sign” by DMX

DMX - Lord Give Me A Sign (Official Video)

Having a strong belief that you are called to a life of service to God is not a trivial affair. There will always be a want to accomplish what they believe the Most High wants them to do, regardless of the career path they choose.

His internal conflicts have also been a recurring topic throughout his career. In other words, X usually seeks some sort of resolution to his inner difficulties when he prays to a Higher Power. “Lord Give Me a Sign” falls into this category.

4. “Give Me The Reason” by James Bay

James Bay - Give Me The Reason (Official Music Video)

In the song “Give Me the Reason,” the narrator is opening up about his emotions. As a matter of fact, the reason for this is that his relationship with his significant other, who is being addressed in this letter, is deteriorating.

As a result, we find him reflecting on happier times between the two of them, back when everything was full of love and niceness between them at the beginning of the story. The present, on the other hand, is characterised by emotional anguish.

But despite everything, James would rather fight through the difficulties than give up and walk away. Because of this, he is pleading with the addressee to “give (him) the reason to give it one more try,” claiming that he “does not want to say goodbye.” Or, as is expanded upon in the following verse, he has come to the realisation that the absence of her will has a significant and negative impact on his life.

Therefore, despite the fact that they have disagreements, the vocalist is open to the possibility of engaging in some sincere reconciliation rather than romantically ending the relationship. It would appear that all that is required of him in this regard is for the addressee to give him the chance to do so.

5. “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video)

The narrator of “Never Gonna Give You Up” makes the promise that the song’s title refers to his significant other, who is also the addressee of the song’s lyrics.

In addition to the fact that he will never leave her, he also guarantees that he will treat her properly in all aspects. Further stating that he is doing this under the specific cover story of the two of them having extensive expertise in the field of romantic relationships.

Even though she may have dated other people in the past, the suggestion is that none of them ever actually committed to her before. And like everyone else, he has picked up “the rules” of love over the course of his life.

As a direct result of this, the addressee is getting the message that he empathises with her situation. In addition to this, he makes it clear to her that he is the one who will always be the one to restrain her. Overall, the narrator of the song is trying to reassure his girlfriend of his undying love and support by singing this song to her.