5 Great Songs With “Train” In The Title

Songs With “Train” In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs With “Train” In The Title

Does the word “Train” remind you of an experience you encountered in the past? Do you seek songs with the same vibe and energy? I’ve got you covered, so search no more.

This wonderful list contains songs with “Train” in the title. It covers famous work from some top soul musicians like James Arthur and the prestigious Melanie Martinez.

“Train” could evoke a number of meanings, but what meaning does it convey to you? I hope this list provides you all the information and comfort you seek. Enjoy!

1. “Train Wreck” By James Arthur

James Arthur - Train Wreck (Lyrics)

This is one of my favourites and one of the best songs with train in the title. Arthur is a talented musician with a voice that is able to transmit even the most genuine feelings.

James Arthur had a difficult time adjusting to life in the public eye after he became the winner of the UK version of X Factor in 2012.

The musician found himself in a difficult situation, where he struggled with feelings of melancholy and anxiety, which eventually led to panic attacks. In addition to this, Arthur made a number of inflammatory remarks on social media, which he subsequently came to regret, and he severed his ties with his Syco record company.

He got the impression that his aspirations were ended, and he had no idea what his purpose was in life.

In this song, which Arthur wrote during that difficult time, he describes how the emotional torment he was experiencing made him feel like he was in the middle of a train wreck.

This songs is one of the best songs with train in the title and it shows that when you are going through sadness or problems, we need to seek God since he is the only one who can help us to get through anything. Keep fighting, and do not stop listening to the song!

2. “Training Wheels” By Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez - Training Wheels (Official Audio)

Melanie Martinez’s first studio album, titled Cry Baby, includes the song “Training Wheels” as the seventh track on the album’s track listing.

On July 30, 2015, Melanie shared a clip of the song with the world via her Instagram account. The music video was included in a double feature video alongside “Soap,” which was made available for viewing online on November 18, 2015.

“Training Wheels” is a love song that depicts Cry Baby in a relationship with her love interest, Johnny, to the point where she is ready to go on to the next stage of their relationship.

The phrase “training wheels” is a metaphor for her desire to take things seriously and her insistence that she can assist in overcoming his anxiety around commitment. Even though he is able to call her out on her weaknesses, this demonstrates that he is invested in a way that suggests they are ready to take things to the next level.

3. Trains By Al Stewart

Al Stewart -- Trains

Al Stewart was born in Glasgow, spent the majority of his childhood in England, and eventually relocated to California. He, like the majority of world famous musicians, has done a significant amount of travelling, including travel via train.

This song is in some ways autobiographical, in some ways historical, and in some ways allegorical. He contrasts his own experience of trains as a child—riding them to boarding school—with the expansion of the railways and the role they played in both World Wars, transporting troops to the front and prisoners to concentration camps in Poland run by the Nazis.

His own experience of trains occurred during his early childhood. He recalls his own experience of riding the Amtrak from New York to Philadelphia in comfort; however, while other passengers watch the world go by outside the window, all that comes to his mind is the past and the terrible human suffering that has been associated with trains at various times throughout history.

4. “Stop This Train” By John Mayer

This song by John Mayer, “Stop This Train,” perfectly depicts the apprehension that comes with being a young adult and looking ahead in life.

The opening lyrics of the song, “No I am not colorblind / I know the world is black and white,” make a reference to the naiveté of the narrator and, by extension, his youth.

He has the impression that there are no ambiguities or shades of grey in the world that he inhabits. In spite of the fact that he has a positive outlook on the world, he has the impression that time is passing too rapidly.

The narrator is struggling to keep up with the rapidity and progression of growing up, and he wishes he could discover the pause button in life so that he could halt going forward into a world with greater responsibilities. In addition, the narrator conveys his concern over witnessing his parents age.

5. “Train Food” by XXXTentacion

In this song, XXXTentacion portrays an unsettling encounter with Death as if it were a person and personifies Death as a character.

From the lyrics, He had just started walking home when he saw Death, and now he is stuck on a railroad track, unable to move in any direction.

XXXTentacion begins by providing an introduction to his biography as well as a prelude to his song. After getting off at the railway station, he was heading home like he did on any other day.

The phrase “content with misery” is such a potent expression of the human condition. It is possible to get the conclusion that he is a defeated individual who has made peace with the course of his life.

He promises himself that tomorrow will be better, which is something he tells himself all the time these days in order to get through them.

He was probably feeling cold on the inside since he had lost hope, faith, and camaraderie, so he dressed in winter attire to hide his feelings. As a result, he steers clear of the throngs of people who were basking in the joy of the summer sun.

Verse 1

In verse 1, XXXTentacion takes a different route home. In this context, “different path” can refer to his acts in real life, which might involve gangs, narcotics, or other things. This other way could have very well resulted in his passing away in June of 2018. In the song, he had an encounter with Death, a figure that nobody would wish to meet in real life.

At first glimpse, X is able to tell that the person before him is Death, and that he has come to take him away. X does not even make an attempt to flee. Since he was 13 years old, XXXTentacion had been anticipating the moment he would die.

Verse 2

XXXTentacion is introduced to Death, and the two engage in discussion with one another. X recalls his considerations of inflicting pain on himself as a method of coping with the challenging years of his life. But now that he is staring Death in the face, his issues appear much further away.

Following a couple of exchanges, Death gets ready to accompany X on his final trip. X then has the thought that he should have fled while he had the opportunity—perhaps from the alternative route he chose to take in order to make it through his problematic upbringing.

Verse 3

X comes to consciousness all of a sudden on a train track, unable to move, and aware that a train is rapidly approaching. He cries out for God, but God does not answer. He can scream all he wants, but no one is going to come to his aid because they can not hear him. He ruminates about the alternative outcomes that are possible for his life.

When XXXTentacion released his first and second albums, his popularity took off like a rocket.

However, his history eventually caught up with him and caused him to pass away in June of 2018. In the middle of the train tracks, he daydreams of being a parent, having a successful painting career, and driving around in an expensive Maybach.