15 Top Songs With Perfect In The Title

Songs with perfect in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

There have been a lot of songs released in the last several years with the title “Perfect,” and if you’re perplexed by this, you’re not alone. It’s no surprise that just one word has so many potential interpretations and musical interpretations. Some of the songs with “Perfect” in the title are bright and entertaining, while others are laden with heartache.

Here are a few examples of songs titled “Perfect” to help put things in perspective.

1. “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Official Music Video)

First on our list of songs with perfect in the title is this great song by Ed Sheeran. Memories of my ex, who I loved very much at the time, fill my thoughts whenever I listen to this song.

Tenderness in love makes it possible to overlook flaws and appreciate the inherent perfection of another person. This 2017 pop song is about a young man who is still infatuated with the girl he initially loved when he was very young.

As they dance together under the stars, she says she feels ugly and unkempt. Nonetheless, he assures her that she’s beautiful through the prism of love.

2. “She Looks So Perfect” by 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer - She Looks So Perfect

This 2014 pop song is about a young man who is thinking about how great his girlfriend is. He sees her skinny jeans all over the floor and his American Apparel underwear on her. He is young and in love, and he often fantasizes about getting married.

3. “Perfect World” by Kodaline

Kodaline - Perfect World

The lyrics of most songs with perfect in the title serves as encouragement to us and so does this one. In this rock song from 2013, a friend tries to offer another friend some encouragement by letting him know that he shouldn’t take setbacks too seriously by telling him that he shouldn’t take things so personally.

He makes the observation that in an ideal world, things wouldn’t have to be like this. He further advices that we should all take life easy and stop being so critical of your own actions.

4. “Perfect Two” by Auburn

Auburn - Perfect Two • @CallMeAuburn

This popular rock song from 2011 features a young woman who jokes with the person she has feelings for about the possibility that the two of them could be the ideal couple. She has such a wealth of endearing ways to talk about the myriad ways in which they may round each other out. In all seriousness, how can he turn it down?

5. “F*ckin Perfect” by Pink

If your internal critic is a negative Nelly, you need to silence her. We become what we repeatedly tell ourselves, thus it’s crucial to reinforce positive self-talk.

This popular song from 2010 asserts that everyone has issues with self-doubt, poor judgment, and making poor choices. Do not be so hard on yourself; everyone makes mistakes. Stop putting unnecessary stress on yourself by trying to reach an unachievable level of perfection. You don’t need to change who you are at all.

6. “Perfect” by Topic & Ally Brooke


When you locate a person or lady who is “worthy of keeping,” you should stop seeking for anyone else and mist definitely hold on to her.

The protagonist of this 2018 upbeat pop song with perfect in the title, has finally found someone who not only loves her for who she is but also appreciates and celebrates her individuality.

Fifth Harmony, an American all-girl group, went on indefinite hiatus in 2018 so that its members could pursue their own professional goals, and Ally Brooke was a member of the band during its time before it disbanded.

7. “Perfect” by Simple Plan

Simple Plan - Perfect (Official Video) [HD]

This pop song from 2003 tells the story of a kid who is heartbroken after learning that his father does not approve of the decisions he has made in his life. He is fully aware of the fact that he will never be able to live up to the lofty standards that his father has established for him.

Nobody is without flaws. His father had always been a role model for him, and he looks up to him the most. However, there are some words that simply cannot be taken back. Be mindful of what you say, especially when you’re among the people you care about.

8. “Perfect Love” by Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood - A Perfect Love

The upbeat narrator of this country song from 1997 is almost euphoric about how perfect her love is, and the tune is in the country genre. She and her honey don’t have particularly interesting lives; rather, they just love being together and talking about the things that happen in both of their lives.

9. “Perfect” by Hedley

If you hurt the person you love in a romantic relationship and realize what you did wrong, you have two options: either admit it or try to cover it up with a lie.

This upbeat pop song from 2010 features a protagonist who acknowledges his shortcomings and pledges to become a more responsible adult. Because he is terrified that his lover may leave him, he exposes his emotional fragility.

10. “Perfect Illusion” by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion (Official Music Video)

As the saying goes, hindsight is always 20/20, and for the woman in this catchy rock song released in 2016, her failed romantic relationship now makes complete sense.

In spite of the fact that it appeared to be love at the time, looking back on it now, it was actually a mistake and a perfect illusion. Their attraction could have been a crush or simple physical chemistry, but they were both caught up in the joy and intensity of the moment..

12. “Perfect” by One Direction

One Direction - Perfect (Official Video)

Although he has the appearance of Prince Charming, his mother would never give her blessing to him. In this 2015 tune, the protagonist boasts that he is great at getting hookups and starting fights. On the plus side, at least he’s truthful.

The narrator explains to the girl he has his sights set on that he might not be the ideal long-term partner she is looking for. In the same vein, he is terrible at keeping his word and would never dream of surprising a female with flowers.

He claims, however, that he is particularly adept at causing havoc in hotel rooms, at covert encounters, and as an inspiration for breakup ballads. (This song has been interpreted by some as a message from Harry Styles to his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.)

13. “Imperfect is the New Perfect” by Caitlin Crosby

Caitlin Crosby - Imperfect is the New Perfect Lyrics

This 2009 pop song explores a young woman’s decision to stop striving for an idealized version of perfection in favor of accepting and celebrating her unique qualities. Her determination to dance and shake her curves despite the social consequences is admirable. To her, imperfection is attractive.

14. “Perfect for You” by Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten - Perfect For You (Audience Music Series)

The narrator’s lover in this 2017 pop song only tolerates her in limited doses since he doesn’t accept her completely. (What is she doing with him?) She recognizes her flaws, which include her tendency to be jealous, overdramatic, and publicly display her emotions. However, she no longer cares to please him by pretending to be someone other than who she is. She says, “Love me or leave me alone,” as a final plea.”

15. “Perfect” by Alanis Morissette

Perfect (2015 Remaster)

Oh, the pursuit of perfection. Make greater progress. You’re never quite good enough. This rock song from 1995 contains a lot of phrases that will sound familiar to you if you experienced growing up with high parental expectations and affection that was conditional. It is a humorous remark on the unreasonable expectations that parents put on their children, yet at the same time it is quite tragic.