5 Greatest Bands That Have The Word “Brothers” In The Title

Bands That Have The Word "Brothers" In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Bands That Have The Word “Brothers” In The Title

The 1970s were a particularly fruitful time period for musical families. On the music charts and in front of the television screens, the Osmonds, the Partridge Family, and the Jackson 5 were considered to be royalty.

The Doobie Brothers, the Allman Brothers Band, and the Bee Gees are just a few examples of the many “Brothers” bands that emerged during this time. Teen magazines’ wildest hopes were placed in the hands of sibling pop stars.

They were responsible for a wide range of musical styles, from bubblegum to rock and funk. A small number of them also hosted their very own variety shows. Because in the 1970s, who did not have a pet?

The following is a selection of some of our most beloved brother bands from that era. Do you recall their songs or the shows they put on? Let’s move on.

5 Bands That Have The Word “Brothers” In The Title:

1. The Hudson Brothers

THE HUDSON BROS STORY Told By Brett Hudson - The Beginning

Ranking first on our list of bands that have the word “brothers” in the title is the hudson brothers. They were recording music at a local studio when they were noticed by a record producer, who then offered them a recording contract on the spot.

After putting out a number of garage rock songs in the late 1960s under the moniker The New Yorkers, the band started putting out music under the identities Everyday Hudson and Hudson.

After their primetime series began in 1974 as a Summer substitute for The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, they rose to prominence as adolescent idols in the 1970s. The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show was their Saturday-morning half-hour sketch comedy series for CBS, and it ran from 1974 to 1975. The popularity that resulted from their work led to the show’s success.

Following their success in a number of local contests of the “battle of the bands” variety, the band decided to record a number of songs at a local recording studio. While there, they caught the attention of a local promoter, who eventually offered the band a contract to promote Chrysler automobiles. After that, they were given the nickname The New Yorkers, which was taken from a model of Chrysler with the same name.

2. The Paley Brothers

Andy and Jonathan Paley, two brothers from the same family, came together in 1976 to become the American power pop duo known as The Paley Brothers. Their more simple approach to pop music for AM radio, which stands in contrast to the sardonic or hostile attitudes presented by other power pop groups of the era, is one of the defining characteristics of the band.

The Paley Brothers built a subsurface devoted fan base through their live shows at CBGB, in addition to their extensive touring, during which they served as the opening act for a variety of acts including Shaun Cassidy and the Patti Smith Group. This was accomplished despite the band’s lack of mainstream success.

From the middle to the end of the 1970s, the Paley brothers, Andy and Jonathan Paley, enjoyed a surge of popularity in their home community as youthful heartthrobs and power pop musicians.

Andy was the band’s frontman during its brief but successful run in the early 1970s before disbanding after releasing their self-titled album in 1972.

After that, he lived in obscurity for a number of years until 1976, when he made his debut on Elliott Murphy’s critically praised long-playing record titled “Night Lights.” After that, he collaborated with his brother to create a collection of pop songs that were influenced by The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

3. The Brothers Johnson

The Brothers Johnson - I'll Be Good To You 1976

George “Lightnin’ Licks” Johnson, the band’s composer, guitarist, and vocalist, was born on May 17, 1953, and Louis E. “Thunder Thumbs” Johnson, the band’s composer, bassist, and vocalist, was born on April 13, 1955. The Brothers Johnson were a classic funk and R&B band that consisted of two biological brothers and bandmates.

They were both born in Los Angeles, which is located in the state of California. Both of the brothers were first shown how to play the guitar when they were five and three years old, respectively. Joseph “Tommy” is their other brother. He was born on May 12th, 1951. He is a percussionist.

Their father, Joseph Johnson, worked at North American Aviation as a builder of engines. He worked there for many years. There is no information known about their mother at this time.

In 1967, while the members were still students at Jordan High School, they formed an ensemble known as the Johnson Three Plus One. At that time, the group also featured their cousin Alex Weir, a guitarist who was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. After performing at high school proms, George and Louis went on tour with Billy Preston’s band around Europe in 1971.

The two brothers had written the songs “Music in My Life” and “The Kids and Me” for Preston by the time the year 1973 rolled around. In the end, they ended up writing more than 250 songs while they were on the road.

4. The Allman Brothers

Allman Brothers Greatest Hits (Full Album) Best Songs of Allman Brothers

To call yourselves The Allman Brothers without having two brothers called Allman would be an unusual choice, to say the least. At least their being brothers is the least remarkable thing about these Tennessee-born and Florida-bred virtuosos.

As a jam band guitar god, Duane is renowned while Gregg sings and penned all their classics. They may be no longer with us, but the Southern charm and memorable songs they left behind live on.

5. Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers - Cool (Official Video)

The Jonas Brothers! You remember them: the twerps from Disney Channel’s “Camp Rock” with their purity rings and that one song, “Burnin’ Up.” They are correct! In any case, Kevin, Joe, and Nick’s sound as a whole developed into something more mature as they grew older, despite the fact that they were never able to totally escape the “Disney box” they were placed in — at least not until they all went solo.

Nick became a sexy Justin Timberlake-type, soon clocking solo hits all his own while also starring in everything from low-budget hazing dramas to high-budget action blockbusters, while Joe tried a few things before joining up with a group of weirdos to form the surprisingly successful DNCE.

Joe also tried a few things before joining up with the weirdos to form the surprisingly successful DNCE. So there is that: Kevin appeared on “The Celebrity Apprentice” at one point in his career.