4 Top Bands With Animal Names In Them

Bands With Animal Names In Them
Written by Corey Morgan

Bands With Animal Names In Them

Forming a band goes beyond reaching an agreement between its members. It also includes coming up with names and these names stem from inspirations from so many spheres of life and of course could be from animals too. To develop a distinct stage persona, musicians can give their ensemble a fanciful animal moniker.

Although the goal of a band name is to convey a sense of familiarity with the music, there are no set guidelines for naming a band. Some of these animals are formidable and known for their excellent qualities and survival instincts. Hence, It’s no surprise why most bands use animal names. In this post, we’ll consider a number of bands with animal names in them.

4 Top Bands With Animal Names In Them:

1. The Beatles

The Beatles” are widely regarded as one of the most iconic musical bands in history. The Beatles were rooted in rock and roll, skiffle, beat, and rock from the 1950s.

The term “Beatlemania” was first used to describe their massive popularity around the year 1963. John Lennon and Paul McCartney are the primary songwriters for the group, and as the group progressed in sophistication, The Beatles became an integral part of the transformation of pop music into an art form as well as the development of the counterculture of the 1960s.

Beginning in 1960 and continuing for a period of three years, The Beatles built their reputation by performing in clubs in Hamburg and Liverpool. Stuart Sutcliffe was initially a member of the band and served as the bass player.

Even though they had gone through many drummers in 1958, Starr eventually joined the band and became a member of the drumming section together with Lennon, Pete Best, George Harrison, and McCartney.

They were moulded into a professional act with the assistance of manager Brian Epstein and producer George Martin, who were responsible for the development of their recordings and the production of their first hit, “Love Me Do,” which was released in late 1962. This helped them increase their group’s popularity in the United Kingdom. At the beginning of the year 1964, they decided to give their band the moniker “the Fab Four.”

After disbanding in 1970, each member found success in the music industry as a solo artist. While Lennon passed away in December 1980 as a result of being shot, Harrison passed away in November 2001 as a result of lung cancer. McCartney and Starr have not ceased their involvement in the music industry despite the deaths of the other two band members.

2. The Animals

The Animals were the most formidable and intimidating of the first surge of British bands to achieve widespread popularity in the United States as a direct result of the success the Beatles enjoyed in the industry.

In addition to this, they were one of the first English acts to achieve widespread success while linking themselves with the blues genre. Although the Rolling Stones were well-versed in that style of music, it would be many years before they could muster the same level of professionalism that the Animals displayed on their second song, “House of the Rising Sun,” which was released in 1964.

Over the course of the following two years, the band progressed in the direction of mainstream music while maintaining the integrity of songs such as “Do not Let Me Be Misunderstood.”

3. The Stray Cats

The band was established in 1980 by Brian Setzer, “Slim” Jim Phantom, and Lee Rocker, and they adopted a rockabilly sound based on the work of musicians from the 1950s like as Bill Haley, Gene Vincent, and Eddie Cochran.

The Cats moved to the UK, where they had a huge following, attracting The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Led Zeppelin to their shows. The Cats did not acquire much of a following in the United States, but they did move to the UK. Built For Speed was their first album to be released in the United States.

Rockabilly was the genre played by the American band known as the Stray Cats. In the 1980s, they released a number of songs that became hits. Rockabilly is a subgenre of pop music that was popularised by the band Stray Cats. Rockabilly incorporates elements of rock and roll, blues music, and country music into its sound.

In the UK, they released two albums: Stray Cats and Going to Ball. Tracks from both albums were combined and included on Built For Speed. Their subsequent album, Rant ‘n’ Rave With The Stray Cats, charted in the Top 30, and one of its singles, “(She’s) Sexy and 17,” peaked in the Top 10 on the Billboard singles chart.

However, that was the group’s last single and album to chart in the Top 30, and the band went through several lineup changes and reunions throughout its career.

Phantom married actress Britt Ekland (The Man with the Golden Gun) and joined numerous other bands while Setzer established the big-band outfit known as The Brian Setzer Orchestra. In 2018, the Cats played gigs together again, this time in both Las Vegas and California. The Cats are planning to celebrate their band’s four-decade anniversary by releasing their first new album since 1994 and going on tour in 2019.

4. Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is a band that plays alternative rock and is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. They are a relatively new band, and you may be familiar with some of their songs, such as “It is Time,” “Radioactive,” and “Demons,” among others. They are new and are quickly climbing the fame ladder. If you have not heard of them before, you will very likely do so soon.

Even with all of their accomplishments, the members of the band, who have only been playing together for the past five years, did not expect they were going to win a Grammy on Sunday (they were nominated for two).

With their best-selling song “Believer”, Imagine Dragons gained significant popularity and fan base across the globe. The lyrics of this song are based on the real-life experiences that the lead singer of the band, Dan Reynolds, has gone through personally.

According to Reynolds, the challenges you face in life are what teach you to “become a believer in yourself” and ultimately help you succeed in life. Because of this, the name of the song is Believer. This song’s uplifting message is strikingly similar to that of the band’s top-charting single “Natural,” which was released in 2018.