10 Top Songs About Burgers You Should Know

Songs about burgers
Written by Corey Morgan

When it comes to promoting your guests’ nutritional choices, music can be an important psychological component to consider. Burgers can be found on the menus of forty percent of the most popular restaurant chains in the United States, including both quick-service and sit-down establishments. In light of this, we have chosen a few of our favorite songs about burgers to whet the appetites of people all over the world.

1. Jimmy Buffett – Cheeseburger  Paradise

Jimmy Buffett - Cheeseburger In Paradise

Is there, in all honesty, music that could be added to our list of songs about burgers that is more widespread than Jimmy Buffet’s classic? Here, the god of beach bums sings about one of his greatest loves—the cheeseburger—over easy, breezy guitar lines. Presumably, the cheeseburger comes in second place, after margaritas.

Buffett spends three minutes waxing poetic about the many ways in which he loves burgers, opposing his delight in the food with his love for vegetables and healthier meals. Buffett’s burger ode lasts exactly three minutes.

Buffett turns the act of eating burgers into a patriotic gesture, one that instills a sense of national pride in the diner, with the phrase “but that American creation on which I feed.”

The allure of Buffett lies in the straightforwardness of his wants, such that his most difficult challenge—possibly in his entire life—is deciding which supplementary foods and beverages are the most suitable. As a result, it is easy to see why he is appealing: he is just a person who wants a tasty burger and some fries.

2. Beck – Deep Fried Love

Deep Fried Love - Beck

In retrospect, it is easy to overlook how strange Beck was as a new artist. Beck’s combination of lo-fi recording techniques and a random vocal delivery on “Deep Fried Love” results in a song that is both bizarre and surreal.

Like Jimmy Buffett, Beck sees burgers as an essential part of American life and a common dietary staple. Instead of using burgers as an indictment of the system, Beck treats them as an unavoidable and unavoidable menu item, much like Buffett did with his infamous Mold Peaches. But that is hardly the point because Beck goes on to discuss burgers as something you consume on the side, like art.

3. People Under the Stairs – Eat Street

As PG-rated music goes, People Under the Stairs is perfect for any restaurant playlist. It is no surprise that “Eat Street,” hip-hop hit by the group, is making its way into our collection of songs about hamburgers.

Consequently, the hosts utilize food as a metaphor for life’s simple pleasures. Burgers feature prominently on each rapper’s list of the finest things to eat at their favorite restaurants. If you are in the mood for a bit of retro fun, this is the song for you!

4. The Moldy Peaches – These Burgers

Indie-pop band The Moldy Peaches’ “These Burgers” is a weird choice of songs about burgers for our list, but listen to us out.

The Moldy Peaches are here to study the dangers of compliance through the prism of mass-manufactured meals. As a result, menu engineering and data analytics can be used by restaurateurs to rethink the items on their menus.

Homogenized and oversaturated food markets can be avoided by thinking out of the bun with the help of this restaurant technology.

5. Skee-Lo – Burger Song

Skee- Lo - The Burger Song

See-success Lo’s was built on his nerdy demeanor, in which he fantasized about becoming taller, more athletic, and dating a local girl (he would call her).

Even in “The Burger Song,” when the rapper uses self-deprecating comedy and charm to reflect on his own life, the general tone remains similar. With “If you ever want to be fat like me, you gotta be phat like me,” the rapper rhymes, “If you ever want to be phat like me, you gotta be fat like me.”

However, the rapper uses food to further enhance his image, listing common fast-food menu items to demonstrate his fame and leaning into his fat/phat parallel. The result is an analysis of the cultural meaning of burgers and other food products.

Burgers are Skee-favorite Lo’s food item. Any of the songs about burgers would benefit greatly from this track’s inclusion, especially when set to a classic hip-hop beat.

6. Todd Rundgren – Boogies (Hamburger Hell)

Todd Rundgren - Boogies (Hamburger Hell) (Lyrics Below) (HQ)

Todd Rundgren’s “Boogies (Hamburger Hell),” another rock hymn, flips the meaning of Jimmy Buffett’s tune. The key character in Rundgren’s story eats burgers at a buffet.

Using the context of a restaurant, Rundgren gives a meditation on consumption. Cynicism is accentuated by phrases like “You might as well stuff yourself, they will only throw it away” in the song’s chorus. Fortunately, restaurant advancements that reduce food waste have answered Rundgren’s worries.

Even Nevertheless, Rundgren’s statement is valid, as is his mouthwatering description of a burger, a delectable pleasure that should never be overlooked.

Having this song set to such a good groove just strengthens the case for it being included in any restaurant’s burger-themed playlist. blues-rock.

7. Burger Man by ZZ Top.

ZZ Top - Burger Man (Official Music Video)

ZZ Top, a Texas blues-rock band, has made a career out of making rock songs that are as explicit as they can be.

With “Burger Man,” a ridiculous but no less enjoyable song about a grill cook flirting with someone or, as the video implies, a man who has been changed into a hamburger, the trend is carried on.

To add to any list of songs about burgers, this song makes use of burgers as an analogy for something that is sought for and desired. Dusty Hill, the bassist who passed away at the end of July, will always be in our hearts and minds.

8. Hamburger Song by Big Willy Status

Another reason why this song makes our list of the most popular songs about burgers is because of its subject matter. To put it another way, this song is about the descent into the lunacy of a man who becomes consumed by his need for hamburger patties topped with swiss cheese.

9. Double Burger with Cheese by Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco - Double Burger With Cheese (UnOfficial Video)

Lupe thinks back on the films that were influential in the development of a certain generation. There is also the possibility that the song’s title is fun and enjoyable these films were enjoyable to watch while they were being made, but in the long term, a significant number of them perpetuated a stereotype that was harmful to the general public.

In a similar vein, double burgers from fast food restaurants are delectable while you are eating them, but consuming an excessive amount of them might be harmful to your health in the long run. These films are more accurately described as “double burgers with cheese.”

10. Masta Killa – Old Man

Our final song about burgers in our collection of songs about burgers has some profanity that may not be appropriate for all listeners; however, there are modified versions of this tune that are suitable for any playlist, so bear that in sight as you proceed. It is no secret that Masta Killa, one of the numerous Wu-Tang Clan emcees, is a master of hooks.

Using a sentence from the Sanford and Sons series as a hook, the legendary Ol Dirty Bastard uses it to reflect on his preferred burger style: double beef with cheese, onions, special sauce, and more. Using logistical solutions like kitchen display systems, you can see to it that every order that goes out to your customers is tailored to each customer’s specific needs with the correct restaurant technology platform.