7 Great Songs with Annie or Anna in the title

Songs with Anna or Annie in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs With Anna or Annie in The Title

Some songs with Annie are not as rampant as every other song. Anna is a female name and so most of these songs relate to relationships and the need to have someone to pour out your feelings to.  These songs are great and I would recommend you include them in your playlists of the best songs with Anna or Annie in the title.

1. Anna Begins by Counting Crows

First on list of the best songs with Anna or Annie in the title is this song by Crows.”To reject that anything is happening because it is too tough, too frightening, or too intricate is the theme of this story.

There are several things you go through to suppress your emotions. To put a stop to it, and how damaging it can be to both yourself and others.

The characters in the song keep trying to persuade themselves that they do not feel what they are feeling until it is too late, at which point they realize that the thing they were not ready for was, never seeing each other again.

2. Anna Sun by Walk the Moon

WALK THE MOON - Anna Sun (Official Video)

There are moments when some songs completely take you by surprise, and you feel compelled to share your thoughts about them. Most of the songs with Anna Annie in the title are capable of doing this.

I watched a clip of them performing this song acoustically, and before the performance began, one of the band members explained that they titled the song “Anna Sun” since it was the moniker of one of their professors at Kenyon, and they simply loved the name.

Nick continued by stating that the name of the song is suitable because it is primarily about youth and college and other similar topics in his follow-up statement.

The verses have the feel of a rowdy party, complete with people dropping out on random couches and getting their body parts tangled up with those of other people. It looks like everyone had a good time. (maybe)

Because of the mood of the song, the chorus does not appear to care that “this house is coming apart” is repeated so many times throughout the verses. Also, the inclusion of “we have got no money, but we have got heart” is a nice touch because it emphasizes what should be prioritized when making decisions regarding one’s life.

The first time I heard the bridge, however, I came very close to letting out a tear. It seems as though the term “station wagon journeys” refers to family life, having a wife and kids, and going on a vacation together as a unit. Having to go through life without something that was always on your mind when you were a kid would be extremely depressing.

3. Anna Molly by Incubus

Incubus - Anna Molly

In this song, the existence of a harmonizing, personal match hovering over his other thoughts was revealed by the phrase “A cloud hangs over,” which was immediately followed by the reference to a “city by the sea.” The phrase “city by the sea” may be a metaphor for the challenging new frontier he has entered in his search for the one who is the right match for him.

The rest of this line demonstrates that he is searching for her as well and has a strong desire to know whether or not she exists. “[Picturing her] face in the back of [his] eyes,” “a fire in the attic, an evidence of the prize,” he images her when suddenly the awareness that this is a realistic concept sparks a spark in his head that acts as a mental proof of the likelihood of such a thing happening.

Ranking one of the best songs with Anna or Annie in the title, the astute usage of Ann Molly, who closely resembles an anomaly in this song, is defined as something that deviates from the normal, suggests that although it is unlikely that someone so ideal for himself might exist, it is, strangely enough, still feasible for them to do so.

4. Anna Lee by Dream Theater

Dream Theater - Anna Lee - with lyrics

Anna Lee is a song with a truly stunning musical composition. Exceptionally stirring. Lyrics that are depressing while also being quite beautiful.

Anna Lee has been through an extremely trying experience both emotionally and possibly even physically, and it has left her scarred. Having most likely been subjected to abuse, as was previously stated.

This is such a great tune. It is impossible not to be captivated by its splendor. Even the most heartbreaking lyrics can have a beautiful quality.

The topic is the abuse of children. James was profoundly affected by the accounts of incest and child abuse that he read, and he channeled those emotions into the creation of the fictional character Anna Lee.

5. Buffalo and Anna By Sunset Rubdown

Sunset Rubdown - Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!

This song addresses feelings of melancholy, nostalgia, and an inability to accept the inevitable defeat of aging and the pain that comes with witnessing it in others.

With all of these historical allusions and metaphors, Spencer can create such an incredible tale. His usage of Greek mythology fits beautifully into the picture he is trying to paint with the message that he is trying to deliver.

Additionally, I suspect that he is referring to Bertha Pappenheim, also known as Anna O, who was treated by Dr. Breuer. She was his patient who was achieving wonderful success with him until she pretended to be pregnant with his kid, which was false but halted their therapy together and she was lost to him from that point on.

The idea that our younger selves are lost as we are forced into maturity is a common one that he talks about, and the buffalo going extinct is another method of expressing this idea. One of my absolute favorites from Sunset Rubdown is this one.

6. Annie, Use Your Telescope and Jack’s Mannequin

Jack's Mannequin - Annie Use Your Telescope

My interpretation is that this song is about how Andrew longs for the days of his youth when he spent his time going to parties. He is overheard daydreaming about how much more enjoyable his life used to be in the past when he was more carefree.

Annie’s days were filled with days of youthful love, excellent friends, and nights spent getting stoned on the beach with people you cared about. He longs desperately to regain possession of what he lost. So he lights one up just like old times, and just in case Annie fails him more than he misses her, he tells her that he is high, where they used to spend so much time together in the past.

He does this just to make sure that she misses him as much as he misses her. He is trying to extend out the feeling of watery eyes for as long as he possibly can because he knows he will always yearn for it. But after that, it starts to smell and feel like October.

7. Annie Wants a Baby by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Annie Wants a Baby

Last on our list of the best songs with Annie in the title is this great song. This song paints a very distinct picture of a girl who never lacks for what she desires, specifically the type of female that always succeeds in obtaining what she seeks.

However, it is never sufficient. She is always bored with what she has and always wants something distinct, and by the chorus “Annie wants a baby now, Annie wants a baby any way she can,” we can see that it is just yet another stuff that she desires to do to pass the time.

She is always tired of what she has and would always want something unique. I mean, she never fails to get what she wants, but in the end, she is left with nothing, and the idea of being in a position in which she has nothing worries her.