5 Great Songs About Prayers

Songs About Prayer
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Prayer

Healthy relationships are characterized by open lines of communication. Communication allows us to express our appreciation for others and to voice our wants and needs.

Communication can be vocal or nonverbal, and both can convey meaning. All believers should be talking to their maker (God) in the same way, praising Him, admitting our faults, giving thanks, and laying out our hearts. Prayer is how we interact with God.

5 Songs About Prayer

1. Beautiful Garden of Prayer By Abigail Miller

Abigail Miller-The Beautiful Garden of Prayer

Ranking first on our list of songs about prayers is “Garden Of Prayer” by Abigail Miller. This song is meant to inspire us to pray to the Lord, since the lyrics compare prayer to strolling through a beautiful garden.

Several of prayer’s advantages are stated in this catchy tune.

In the first stanza, prayer is defined as talking to God. When we pray, we can address God as “Our Father in heaven.” Poetically, this time spent in God’s presence through prayer is likened to being in a beautiful garden like Adam and Eve did in the Bible’s Garden of Eden. The reason prayer is compared to a garden is because it is a place where we can enter God’s presence and bask in His glory.

The second stanza defines prayer as talking to God. Like Paul, we approach God the Father on bended knee and have conversations with Him. Having this kind of conversation with Him frees us from worry and stress. Some people seem to believe that God communicates with them directly during prayer.

However, we know that God always speaks to us through His word, and it is possible that, as our minds are focused on Him when we take our burdens and care to Him, a portion of His word that we have previously studied and learned may now come to the forefront of our minds to help us with those specific problems.

In the third stanza, prayer symbolizes intimacy with God. One of the ways we might become closer to God so that He can become more accessible to us is via prayer.

While praying, we may not see God’s splendor in the same way that Moses saw on the mountain, but we might gain a sense of that glory, which is the same as what Moses saw. And this honor is earned by keeping in step with the Savior; again, this is not a literal description, but we do walk and chat with Jesus when we do what He commands.

God’s comfort is sought through prayer in the fourth stanza. By turning to God in prayer, we can find the serenity that surpasses all comprehension. Because He is our Mediator, High Priest, and Advocate, Jesus invites us to come to this place to meet with Him.

Therefore, all spiritual blessings in heavenly realms are located in Christ, and we can receive them when we sincerely kneel before Him in humble surrender to His will.

The refrain asserts that Jesus unlocked access to a tranquil place for prayer. Through His sacrifice on the cross, we now have fellowship with the Father.

The song employs figurative language throughout to assist us in better understanding the advantages of praying. So, we need to make it a priority to visit “The Beautiful Garden of Prayer” as often as we can.

2. Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli – The Prayer

Andrea Bocelli, Céline Dion - The Prayer

Next on our list of songs about prayers is this remarkable song “The Prayer” by Celine Dion. This song is a plea for help in a dangerous and uncertain world.

Though the singers don’t specifically name God as the recipient of their prayers, it’s safe to assume that God is the intended recipient given that people are powerless to grant the wish. At the outset, the narrator prays to God for protection and guidance.

They implore Him to take them to a haven, which may be a reference to the afterlife in Heaven.

Moreover, they ask for illumination, which might be interpreted as a plea for guidance in the face of overwhelming obscurity. The vocalists’ only hope is for the world to be free of violence, misery, and suffering so that people might learn to love one another and live together in harmony.

A supernatural being must step in, the singers believe, because this is impossible for humans to accomplish on their own (apparently God).

3. Make My Life a Prayer to You by Keith Green

Keith Green - Make My Life a Prayer to You

This is one of the best songs about prayers, a christian’s innermost thoughts and feelings might be gleaned from their private prayer routine. That’s why God always knows a person’s true intentions even if we don’t. We can put on an impressive show of prayer when we’re around other people, but it can never fool God.

Enhancing your prayer life is essential if you wish to mature in your religion. The key is to stop viewing prayer as something you have to do and start viewing it as a blessing you don’t want to lose. Learn to pray at regular intervals throughout the day, and you’ll discover that God is always there for you.

When everything in your life is a prayer, you don’t have to alter your prayer routine in response to adversity. You’ll feel better overall because you’re constantly giving the Lord your concerns and disappointments through prayer. Worries can be reduced by more prayer.

4. Take It to the Lord in Prayer by Nolan Williams, Jr.

Take It to the Lord in Prayer

This may be the most obvious prayer-themed worship song here. The main idea is that you should pray about it and give it to God. It’s smart to talk to Jesus about anything you or your church are going through, whether it’s a happy or sad time.

Do you trust that God has your best interests at heart and that He will use any circumstance for your ultimate good? Jesus is the source of hope, peace, and comfort.

He can anticipate your requirements. Prayers are heard and answered by him. Worrying and worrying thoughts can be avoided by taking them to God in prayer, as the old hymn instructs.

Several of you may recognize this poetry as the first line of a popular song. It’s the first line of the uplifting hymn “What a Friend we Have in Jesus.”

Many of us may identify with the feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted. We know what it is to have hardships, and we know what it is like to be with others when they go through terrible times. It’s reassuring to know that prayer can help us release our worries to God.

How about you? Do you feel like you’re carrying a load today? Do you find that your mind won’t shut down when you lay your head on the pillow? Take it to the Lord!

5. Dante’s Prayer by Loreena McKennitt

Last on our list of songs about prayers is “Dante’s Prayer” by Loreena McKennitt. The inspiration behind this song, as hinted by its title, came from a classic piece of Italian literature known as the Divine Comedy.

Christian-inspired poetry dates back to the 14th century, and it has been the subject of so many intricate interpretations that we will refrain from delving too deeply into it here.

However, it appears that Loreena was in Siberia when she conceived of this song, which is why her thoughts were drawn to reference the Divine Comedy.

Siberia is a territory of Russia, located near the arctic. Its harsh conditions have earned it a notorious reputation. What appears to have happened, more specifically and simply put, is that McKennitt’s time spent in the Arctic led him to associate Siberia with the afterlife’s hottest dungeon.

The Divine Comedy is predicated on the latter idea. The basic premise is that those who live in the upper levels are subjected to intolerable conditions.

Some words of the song are indicative of the aforementioned theme, i.e. the singer being in a natural environment that is dreadfully wild. But there is also terminology (such as a reference to “the priests of pride”, concealed inside) that lets the listener know that there’s more to this song than just visual impressions. And in fact, said observations are by and large included for symbolic purposes.

With that in mind, as “Dante’s Prayer” progresses it eventually reads more like a friendship song. It sounds like one of those pieces where the speaker sees the recipient as a kind of savior.

In truth, all factors considered, such as the fact that there is a Christian element to McKennitt’s artistic background, this song might be understood as spiritual. However, it is one of the more artistic ones, where no direct reference is made to the Bible or what have you.

To put it succinctly, the sung addressee can be understood to be Jesus or a similar spiritual entity whom the singer is pleading with to improve her life in every way. She thinks this being has what it takes to help her get through the “mortal veil of fear,” “earthly cares,” and the like.

In other places, like the chorus where Loreena is essentially imploring the addressee to “remember her” in moments of doubt and despair, the vocalist is assuming the role of the said person herself.