5 Great Worship Songs About Community

Worship Songs About Community
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Worship Songs About Community

The foundation of Christianity is love. We all need each other to thrive, to succeed and to excel. Many gospel artists have taken up the responsibility to once again remind Christians about their great responsibility; to love all equally without discriminating any.

In this post, we’ll have a quick review of inspiring songs that encourage our faith to love and spread the love of God to the world. Sit back and enjoy!

5 Worship Songs About Community:

1. “Good Grace” By Hillsong United

Good Grace (Live) - Hillsong UNITED

Hillsong has created an uplifting tune of worship with this one. It places an emphasis on fellowship and harmony among Christians and people of other faiths as well.

The narrator of the song encourages kids of all nations, young and old, to fight against giving up in the lyrics of the song, to lift one’s head and keep in mind that there is yet hope.

Although this piece of music employs rather simple lyrics, it conveys a whole lot of emotions. It reminds Christians of the undying love of God for them and in a rather encouraging way, telling listeners not to fear, that although evil fill the air, that they should lift their eyes and hearts up where their salvation lies.

Hillsong is definitely one of my all-time favourite bands. Their music uplifts the spirit, and this song in particular is one that you should not miss this is one of the best worship songs about community you should listen to.

2. “Make Us One” By Naomi Raine

Make Us One | Ft. Naomi Raine

This piece of music, as the title of the song implies, is a prayer to God to “make us one,” which means to bring us together as one. The words are easy to understand, thus it should not be too difficult to figure out what this song is actually trying to convey.

The narrator of this inspiring hymn pleads with God to transform us into his image. Her ability to convey complex ideas with relatable analogies deserves praise. Her lines contain prayers in which she asks God to bond and unify us all with his unending and boundless love. During the chorus, she bursts out with the request plea to fill our minds and hearts.

In the second verse, she takes a rather different approach. At this time, she acts as an intercessor for Christians and prays to God to rekindle the fire within them. to reignite the fire of love that is already present within them.

This makes a reference to the end of something. She prays for a total revival on our behalf, having realized that the world has been thrown into chaos, hostility, and so much evil that it has even crept into the church. Truly, this is a well deserving music from Naomi

The final verse is purely intercessory in its tone. She prays for God to forgive us of our sins and to revive our spirits and souls. She asks God to wash away our sins with the blood of Jesus, which she believes is the only way to redeem us. This song is amazing to the highest degree, and unquestionably recommended.

3. “Never Once” By Matt Redman

Matt Redman - Never Once (Live)

This is yet another worship song about community although it takes a different approach. It stresses on the goodness of God over us. It’s a good reminder of God’s faithfulness and great deeds and that all that we are and all that we’ve achieved hasn’t been our doing (But it’s been God all along).

Matt didn’t spare any less of his genius to deliver this masterpiece. With every verse, he looks into every sphere of his life and thanks God for his grace, protection and love.

He starts off by comparing mountains to the struggles of the world and that though they are stormy, he’s prevailed and overcome the trials and tribulations. He goes on to compare all the countless battles he’s had and have come out victorious. All those were reasons to thank God for his faithfulness and love.

The title of the song “Never Once” alludes to the fact that God has never left his children. It speaks of God’s unending love to his people and that he has always been a step ahead of us, fighting our secret battles, saving us from the principalities that abound in this world. This is indeed a magnificent piece!

4. “Heal Our Land” By Karl Jobs

As the name suggests, the narrator makes a plea to God to heal our land. By our Land, it suggests our lives, souls, spirits and the world at large. Evil has swept through the land and at worst, in the churches.

So, thanks to Karl for the inspiration to come up with this song and to use it as a medium not only to intercede for the world in this situation, but to make many aware that we need to turn against evil deeds.

Karl prays that God infuse our life and the church of Christ with his Holy Spirit so that we can be delivered from the sins and evils that corrupt us. Without listening to this song, the lyrics alone are enough to convey the most intense of emotion. But why settle for less? Go check it out !

5. “Your Will Be Done” By CityAlight

Your Will Be Done - CityAlight (Lyric Video)

There are moments when we realise that we are at a complete loss for words. It could be that a loved one confides in us that they have a life-threatening illness, or it could be that we hear about a terrible wrongdoing or crime.

Maybe it is just a massive amount of tension or stress in your life right now. When did you last find yourself unable to put your thoughts into words? I certainly can.

When we pray, we frequently find that we are at a loss for words. However, rather than giving up on prayer at that very moment, we can instead consider prayers that people have offered in the past. Prayers that were spoken by our forefathers and mothers, as well as prayers that were given to us by our Savior and served as an example for us.

The song “Your Will be Done,” was written when the song’s composers found themselves uncertain about what to do or what to pray for, definetly one of the best worship songs about community.