12 Great Songs About Years

songs about years
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs About Years

This time of year is an excellent opportunity to reflect on how the past year has gone. Was it a long or short period of time? Did it seem to fly by quickly or did each day seem to drag on?

Here, we’ll look at how a year can seem both lengthy and short depending on the events that transpire within it. The finest 20 songs about years will also be examined to see how they convey different aspects of time.

12 Songs About Years:

1. Lukas Graham, 7 years

Lukas Graham - 7 Years [Official Music Video]

Ranking first on our list of songs about years is Lukas Graham’s song 7 Years, he sings on the passing of time and growing up. The song discusses the importance of making wise decisions in life and how they might affect the future.

Listeners of all ages can relate to the songs because they are both personal and relatable. The fast speed and catchy chorus make this a fun tune to listen to. 7 Years serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of savoring every moment.

2. “It Was a Very Good Year” ` Frank sinatra

Frank Sinatra - It Was A Very Good Year (with lyrics on screen)

On January 1, 1965, Frank Sinatra released the single It Was a Very Good Year. The subject of the song is a man who is thinking back on his life and remembering the happy times.

The song’s lyrics describe how the man has had a year filled with both good and terrible experiences, but that overall it has been a successful one. Sinatra sings eloquently and smoothly throughout the tune. Many performers have covered the song, including Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan. The song “It Was a Very Good Year” is a timeless classic that perfectly expresses a sense of contemplation and reminiscence.

3. “In the Year 2525” Zager & Evans

Zager & Evans - In the Year 2525

The 1969 single In the Year 2525 was written and performed by American musicians Zager and Evans. The song quickly became a worldwide sensation, peaking at number one in various countries.

The song’s predictions about the future, including the emergence of artificial intelligence, space exploration, and genetic engineering, are remarkable. While some of these predictions came true, some did not.

The song’s catchy melody and intriguing lyrics, on the other hand, have kept it popular. Despite the fact that the future may be full of uncertainty, there are many possibilities to look forward to in the year 2525.

4. “My Next Thirty Years” ` Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw - My Next Thirty Years

This country music artist reflects on the decisions he has made in his life and the goals he still hopes to achieve. The song’s apparent subject matter is looking back on one’s life at age 30, yet it can also apply to anyone at any stage of life.

With the song’s lyrics, we’re reminded to live life to the fullest, free of regrets and thankful for the people and experiences that have shaped who we are.

The song serves as a reminder that we should constantly try to fulfill our potential and that it is never too late to make changes in our life. We all still have years left to change the world, whether we are 30, 50, or 70.

5. “Can’t Turn Back the Years” ` Phil Collins

Phil Collins - Can't Turn Back The Years (Official Music Video)

The lyrics lament the passing of time and the inability to turn back time. The song’s lyrics lament the fact that we can never go back to a time when things were simpler, but we can always wish we could.

In the song, we are reminded that we should appreciate the moments we have, because they will one day be reminiscences. Anyone who has ever felt like they have lost out on something or someone will be moved by Can’t Turn Back the Years.

6. Midnight Oil – Forgotten Years

Midnight Oil - Forgotten Years

the first single from their album Blue Sky Mining, Forgotten Years is a song by Australian rock band Midnight Oil. The song, which deals with the problem of Aboriginal land rights in Australia, was composed by pianist James Newhouse and singer Peter Garrett.

A commercial success, Forgotten Years debuted at number one on the Australian Singles List and at number five on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart in the US.

Several Midnight Oil compilation albums have included the song, which received the ARIA Award for Best Rock Performance in 1991. The song earned number four on Triple J’s list of the 100 Greatest Hits of All Time in 2003.

7. Al Stewart, “Year of the Cat”

Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat

Time passes and our view on life shifts as we get older in Al Stewart’s song “Year of the Cat.” When looking back on his life, the song is told from the perspective of a man who is contemplating the past and recalling all the events that have occurred. As we become older, our view on time changes as well, as evidenced in this song’s title track, “Year of the Cat.”

8. Five for Fighting: 100 Years

Five for Fighting - 100 Years: Music Video

‘100 Years,’ a song by Five for Fighting, is about making the most of each day and appreciating the little things in life. The song discusses how quickly time passes and how we frequently take our years for granted.

The song “100 Years” serves as a gentle reminder to savor the simple things in life. What really matters most in life are the people we spend time with and the experiences we have. In today’s fast-paced and materialistic world, this lesson is especially important.

We tend to lose sight of the joys of life’s little pleasures because we are so preoccupied with getting ahead and accumulating wealth. “100 Years” serves as a timely reminder to savor the moment before it’s gone forever.

9. Christina Perri, A Thousand Years

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years [Official Music Video]

‘A Thousand Years’ is a song by Christina Perri and composer David Hodges, an American singer and songwriter. It’s a piano and guitar-driven song called “A Thousand Years.” They tell the narrative of a thousand-year love that has never faded. The song’s melody and Perri’s voice were lauded by critics, who gave it high ratings.

10. Through the Years `Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers - Through The Years | Aesthetic Lyrics

“Through the Years” reached No. 1 on the Billboard Country Singles chart, marking Rogers’ ninth No. 1 and his sixth consecutive No. 1. On the Billboard Hot 100, the song peaked at No. 16, becoming Rogers’ sole solo Top 40 hit.

Many country singers, including Ronnie Milsap, George Strait, and Don Williams, have covered the song. Kenny Rogers’ “Through the Years” is one of his most well-known songs and is regularly played on country radio stations across the country.

11. The Iron Maidens – Wasted Years

The Iron Maidens - Wasted Years

“Wasted Years” by The Iron Maidens is a song about regret and missed possibilities. The song’s lyrics examine a life without direction or goal as well as the ways in which time might pass us by without our knowledge.

The song also touches on the fact that we frequently don’t appreciate what we have until it’s too gone. Heavy metal band Iron Maiden was created in 1981 in Los Angeles, California.

The band consists of six female musicians dressed as female characters from Iron Maiden. As one of the best tribute bands around, they’ve performed all over the world. Their most popular song, “Wasted Years,” has been covered by a number of musicians.

12. Simply Red – Holding Back the Years

Simply Red - Holding Back The Years (Official 4K Remaster)

Concluding our list of songs about years is “Holding Back the Years,” by which was released in 1985. Picture Book, the band’s fourth studio album, featured the song as the lead single.

The song is about the singer’s regrets over not spending more time with his ex-girlfriend after their relationship ended prematurely. The words are profoundly emotive, with Hucknall spilling his heart out over a sorrowful piano tune. The song was a hit all over the world, and it helped establish Simply Red as one of the best pop groups of the 1980s.