5 Great Christian Songs About Change

Christian Songs About Change
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Christian Songs About Change

When people are going through difficult times in their lives, they frequently decide to follow Jesus. The next question that comes up is either, “How can Jesus affect my life?” or “How can Christianity change your life?” The truth is the presence of the Highest is the best place to be in trying times. He will never turn aside what He breathes life into. He is always ready to help as long as we acknowledge Him as our God.

Since music has a connection to the soul, we have compiled some Christian songs about the change you might want to add to your playlists, in case you wander into those trying moments again.

5 Christian Songs About Change:

1. Casting Crowns’ Start Right Here

Casting Crowns - Start Right Here ((Single Version) [Official Lyric Video])

The song which follows the band’s massively successful singles “Nobody (with Matthew West)” and “Only Jesus,” is assisting listeners in recognizing where true change can begin.

As followers of Christ, we have the responsibility to reach out to a world that is broken and in need of help by serving as Christ’s hands and feet. The song “Start Right Here” serves to remind listeners that the only place where genuine change can take place is in a heart that has been transformed and is obediently following Jesus. It frequently appears as though we will have to give up our comfortable churches, our cutting-edge methods, and our showy programs.

The bridge in “Start Right Here” was directly inspired by 2 Chronicles 7:14.

This song, which has a bluegrass influence, is a rallying cry for believers all around the world to get out of their comfort zones and be the change that they want to see in the world.

Only Jesus can change the world, and when we allow him to change the world through us, He changes the world.

2. You Never Change By Austin Stone

This song, which was written by Marcus Dawes, Aaron Ivey, and Jesse Reeves, reveals how essential it is for us to keep Jesus at the center of our lives. How accurate it is to say that on several occasions, we have sought sanctuary in other places and rest for our souls, only to later realize, as Solomon did in Ecclesiastes, that these things are in vain.

As you listen, may God open your eyes to the reality that Jesus is everything you require, and may He provide you the ability to proclaim, “You are my life, and there is no other life besides Jesus Christ!”

Austin Stone Worship is a collective of worship leaders, musicians, songwriters, storytellers, and artists that are dedicated to serving and equipping the Church with content that is abundant in theology, mission, and expression.

They are committed to spreading the glorious gospel of Christ in their city and to the rest of the world while simultaneously challenging believers to live lives that are wholly devoted to Jesus as part of the ministry that is housed at The Austin Stone in Austin, Texas.

They place high importance on teaching worship leaders and artists, providing them with a solid theological foundation in addition to strengthening their practical skills.

3. All New Things By Hillsong Worship

All Things New - Hillsong Worship

My favorite image is the one painted by the angel in Revelation 21: New Heaven and Earth – a holy city. The preparation of the bride is seen in this image (The Church).

We are told in a declaration of God’s presence with a man that “He will wipe every tear away from their eyes, and that death shall no longer be. Also, there won’t be sorrow, crying, or suffering anymore, for the old things are now a thing of the past.”

In addition, God says, “Write this since these words are trustworthy and true.”

We, as a community of Christians, must never lose sight of the fact that God is, and always has been, remaking everything.

Even in the midst of the most difficult of circumstances, we are a part of an everlasting plan of redemption. God is at work, no matter where we are or where we’ve been.

As the verse goes on to say, “It’s done! To me, there is no beginning and no end.

God hasn’t changed at all, not even in the tiniest particle of time. His faithfulness is unwavering, and he will never let us down. We can have confidence in this belief.

For the Church and each individual, this song serves as a declaration of faith.

4. Leap of faith By Christopher

Christopher - Leap Of Faith (Official Music Video)

People are encouraged to keep taking chances and making changes in their life by this song. It’s a song about all the decisions you have to make in your life and the weighty responsibilities that come with age.

It was Christopher’s goal that people would listen to “Leap of Faith” in those moments when life slams you. When you realize that you and others around you aren’t immortal, for example. The dawning realization that the decisions you make will have far-reaching effects on your life.

To me, the song’s overall subject is based on the occasions when I’ve felt like a small person in a wild world. Being overwhelmed by so much happening around you, and wondering how you can make a difference as an individual.

As a result, the song is also about the leap of faith you take as a young adult when faced with a slew of difficult choices. Life is full of contradictions.

The freedom you get comes with a price: all the responsibilities you’ll have to shoulder will steal that freedom away from you.

5. Change My Heart Oh God by Eddie Espinosa

Change My Heart Oh God by Eddie Espinosa

This is a beautiful slow praise song that is featured in many worship performances due to its popularity.

It explains how Jesus is present in everything that exists. It is one of those songs that makes you feel as though you could sing it as loudly and powerfully as you possibly could from the peak of a mountain. It is a demonstration of how everything is carried out at the mention of the great name of Jesus.