5 Great Songs With Directions In The Title

Songs with directions in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with directions in the title

Have you ever given any thought to the number of songs that have been created with the word “direction” in the title? No of the musical style, the songs on this list all have the word “direction” somewhere in their titles. Even though they all share the same title, which includes the word “direction” in it, the majority of these tracks are songs that are all about different directions, yet practically all of them have different lyrical interpretations.

5 Songs with directions in the title:

1. Directions by Josh Rouse

Josh Rouse - Directions

Ranking first on our list of songs with directions in the title is Directions by Josh Rouse. The lyrics of this song by Josh provide a very straightforward message on the importance of maintaining focus and direction in one’s life. If you don’t like the way things are going, you should try something different. However, the straightforward message brings to light the issue of being unsure about one’s goals in life.

The first line discusses the dissatisfaction of living life from one night of intoxication or drug use to the next and the desire for a more consistent way of existence. In the second verse, the steady existence is discovered, but there is a wistful yearning for the simpler times of yesteryear. There are moments when the life you believe you want isn’t at all as you imagined it would be.

2. “Wrong Direction” by Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld - Wrong Direction

The recipient of the poem “Wrong Direction” is someone who the narrator most likely has love feelings for (Hailee Steinfeld). In essence, she paints a picture of them being in a relationship that is a roller coaster ride all the way through.

She can honestly say that there have been happy times shared with this particular individual. But what’s more important is that this individual has a propensity to make her feel bad emotionally, sometimes known as “burn her down.”

As a result, it appears like she is comparing falling in love with him to “falling in the wrong direction.” The entire situation may be interpreted as one in which Hailee is trapped in a relationship that she is fully aware, at the end of the day, is going to end in a manner that is not favorable to either party.

In point of fact, the warning flags have already begun to manifest themselves, as her spouse consistently treats her poorly. And one of his actions, specifically his sleeping around with other women, appears to be one of the things that bothers her the most about him.

In addition, many people are “convinced” that he is an honorable person, and he is caught up in himself and his importance. However, now that they have been affiliated with one other for such a long time, the singer has concluded that this is not the case. The narrator of “Wrong Direction” expresses remorse over the fact that he or she fell in love with a particular person, which can be seen as the song’s primary theme.

3. Dog Festival Directions by Pink Guy

Pink guy - dog festival directions

The Chinese dog festival, which according to the song is observed for ten days, from the 21st of June to the 30th of June, is described to the audience by the Pink Guy, as you can infer from the song’s lyrics. He goes even further and describes the event in great detail.

He exhorts anybody who desires to taste dog flesh to attend the annual event, where around 15,000 dogs are slaughtered and eaten. In Yulin, Guangxi, China, this feast is observed.

The narrator also provides directions to the festival for those who do not reside nearby. He advises them to fly to Guangzhou and then take a bus to the Guangzhou Provinces, which takes four and a half hours and costs about $20 US and drops them off at Maoming West.

Additionally, he directs the audience to a hotel where they can spend the night: the Yulin Lijing International Hotel, which has a sauna and a fitness center and is about $50 per night with free breakfast and no cancellation fee.

Last but not least, he warns unwary tourists about the widespread transportation fraud in the region by outlining the exact amount they should pay to the taxis and Uber cars that would transport them during their journey, adding that the whites might pay comparatively greater dues and taxes. He wishes everyone a joyful and elegant Dog Festival as he puts the song to rest.

4. Two Different Directions John Denver

John Denver - Two Different Directions (from The Wildlife Concert)

The song’s lyrics give the impression that the vocalist has experienced a particular emotional heartbreak and relationship failure related to unrequited love. The song’s lyrics discuss finding true love and the conditions that must exist before true love may flourish and be sustained.

The requirement for the two sides to proceed in the same direction is one aspect that the artist highlights. Denver asserts that even when the parties involved are visibly different from one another in terms of their views, personality, and way of life, there must be mutual understanding and compromise if true love is to blossom. They can live in harmony and fit into each other’s lives by changing how they live.

John continues by describing how, when people travel in opposite ways, a very powerful and deep affection can quickly fade away and transform into sudden fury and hatred. According to him, true life may have to wait if people travel on different paths or are dedicated to various directions and ways of living.

The main takeaway from this song is that to find true love, two people must first synchronize their lives, go in the same direction, and show tolerance for one another.

5. Same Direction by INXS

INXS - Same Direction (1985)

By extrapolating from the song’s words, I believe that this song serves more as inspiration for people who are trying to survive in these trying times. Everyone is urged by the vocalist to keep trying, have courage, and never give up. He continues by saying that there are just a select handful of us out there who are striving for success and heading on the same path.

He further states that we must keep moving forward since many people look up to us and are inspired by the lives we lead. He exhorts us to be focused on our pursuit of success and not allow anything to obstruct our life’s purpose.

He continued by noting that if you are serious about it, love might be harmful to you because it alters your life every day. He concluded by saying that love is dangerous to you if you are serious because it changes his life every day.