Top 9 Songs With The Word Submarine in The Title

songs with submarine in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with “submarine” in the title

Songs are the innate nature of human beings, we are emotional beings and some songs represent the emotions we feel in each moment of our lives. Songs have been proven to shape our behavior and deep thoughts, most times you know what a man is thinking or passing through by the songs he listens to.

The submarine has appeared in the title and lyrics of many songs from the 1960s, the submarine is a ship that is driven under the water, human beings out of creativIty have found a way to fit this into the title of the music, and have sung songs full of emotions with the word submarine in its title.

Below are lists of songs with submarine in the title.

1. Submarine by Black pGrape

Black Grape "Submarine"

This song was written by Black Grape on 7 august 1995, this song is an enriched psychological song written in codes and metaphors, the songwriter hoped to communicate a message to his audience.

Behind the lyrics of the song lies a hidden message about a boy that was so proud that he did not know he was drifting away from the paths of life. He smoked steroids and did so many bad things, before he could realize it, it was too late that he cried down to the submarine.

2. Yellow Submarine by the Beatles

The Beatles - Yellow Submarine

This song was released in 1966, the singer the Beatles told a story of a town where he was born, a story about a man who sailed to sea and told his life story. He told of life in the submarine, how he was able to live a life of ease in the submarine, it was a trip away from the troubles of life, life in the sea in the submarine was life away from difficulties.

They observed the blue sky and the beauty it holds. The song was trying to convey a deep message, that deep feeling in our heart, that we long for escape from our troubles and difficulties of life. It’s a song worth listening to.

3. Yellow submarine by Raffi

The song by Raffi was released in 2002. This song is very similar to the one released by the Beatles, it is about a man who went with the submarines, they set off to the sun, they found a sea of green and lives beneath, there they beheld the beauty of nature.

In that fantasy all his friends were all abode, they played music and their lives were full of fun and hope. Deep within us all is that longing to live in the fantasy, that submarine where all our fears are gone.

4. Emerging submarines by springbok nude girls

Springbok Nude Girls - Emerging Submarines (Official Video)

This is a wake-up song or should I say a song for freedom, this song was written in parables using the ants as an example, a song that called friends together, a song that calls for a referendum, the ants are weapons, they’re socialist with no friends, how low can we go?

How deep can we go? when shall we meet? The songwriter asks. Behind every song coded in parables are powerful meanings embedded. Freedom is what everyone longs for, it is the basis of our existence, sadly the price for it is costly and most writers write in parables due to the fear of the ruling party.

5. Submarine by Flaev Beats

Flaev Beatz - Submarine (Audio)

This song was sung by Flaev, it’s a song that replicates the inner hunger of everyone on earth when they fail, and that hunger to rise again. The songwriter sang his feelings and that of the world into that song.

It’s a comeback song of a man determined to show the world what it feels like to win after a loss, it’s a song of a new beginning. Deep down in our lives, we’ve always wished at some point we would be given a clean sheet to start again, to right the wrongs of yesterday, and to tell our enemies that it’s possible to fall and bounce back in a tremendous way.

6. Submarine boy rules by Sakooni

Submarine Man - Submarine Boy Rules ft. Sakooni! (Official Audio)

This is a fun-driven song by Sakooni, it’s a song that describes humor and fun, with no deep meaning, no parables, no deep-seated emotions, it was written and sung for fun and for lifting the spirits of the downcasted.

7. Submarine by Laurel Hill

This song was sung by laurel Hill, it’s a very powerful deep emotional song, about a man dying of depression who longs to be in a submarine where he can live in the sea, where he can find peace.

He longs to go to a place where he hoped not to be found by anyone. Songs are great ways to communicate our deep-seated feelings, depression sometimes comes to every one of us, and we long to be alone all to ourselves sometimes, where no one can find us. What better ways can we communicate these feelings except by an emotional heartfelt song by Laurel Hill.

8. Purple submarine by lingokids

PURPLE SUBMARINE 🟣🌊| Song for Kids | Lingokids

This song was sung by lingokids, it is a song about a man who was obsessed with life in the sea, and was eager to go with a purple submarine to explore what life is under the sea.

It’s a song that communicates the different desires of every man. We all at some point in our lives long for an adventure, we long to travel to a particular place, and feel the thrill of adventure, the writer communicates these exact emotions of every man.

9. “Submarine” Song by The Supernaturals

The Supernaturals-Submarine song

This song was released in the 1990s, it’s an emotional song where the singer sings of the one he misses, how he sent letters that weren’t replied to on his way to Alaska in a submarine, he wishes he was there with him, he wishes he could wave a magic wand and have him appear to him.

Songs are ways to express feelings, the deep emotions of people are expressed through song. At some point in our lives, we’ve missed someone so much that we wish they were there with us, during those moments only a song can reflect our emotions. This song was the best hit of the 1990s.