Top 6 Songs About Caravan

Songs About Caravan
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Top-notch Songs About Caravan

Who on earth won’t love to sleep with swag in a small mobile home in the form of a vehicle? This is where caravanning comes in, the experience is something not even celebrities could resist.

Songs about caravan cannot be underemphasized or ignored, considering their usefulness in times past. Caravans are a leisure or luxury vehicles which take the form of mobile homes used back then, as cars are in the modern world now.

Adventurers and fun-seekers can’t say less of this illustrious mobile adventurous home used for lots of reasons back then, including; used for honeymoons, tours etc.

The invention of varieties of polished caravans skyrocketed in the 50s as World explorers who have gone far and near couldn’t resist the charming effect of the road and places.

Are you looking for songs about caravan? Then this is the right article for you as it holds my top choices of songs about caravans and also songs with a caravan in their title. Explore with me!

1. Planet caravan – Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan

Even though this recording was released in their album Paranoid in 1970, this particular song they say feeds the soul. This is one of the songs about caravan I find interesting.

This song features an acoustic soft rock sound, talking about sailing in the endless space of the universe with your loved ones and detailing the beauty found up there in space.

This song is quintessential to gipsies who love to explore the planet and see the beauty thereof. According to my research of this song by Black Sabbath, “Planet Caravan” is the first song ever used to stir astronauts after their last shuttle mission in mid-year 2011.

2. Spanish Caravan – The Doors

This is another song in my list that incorporates the word “Caravan” in its title. This particular masterpiece was directly talking about the adventures and exploration to be enjoyed travelling with the caravan.

The song’s narrator was very enthusiastic about exploration as he couldn’t wait to experience all the good pleasures of it. This masterpiece also reflects on songs about Caravan.

The song Spanish Caravan by The doors was released in 1968 in their album titled “Waiting for the sun”.

Despite that this song faced critics that some part was lifted from a song named “Granadinas” but even with all of that, this beautifully arranged song, as some people may say is worth being sounded in the shower.

Emphasises were drawn when this song about the caravan was performed live, that it expressed even desperation and severe lust for adventure.

3. Caravan – Van Morrison

Caravan (2013 Remaster)

This soul-lifting Rock song of Van Morrison is a song about travel, and open roads and also reflects on exploration. This song choice is also among the selected songs about Caravan.

This particular song was released in February 1970 in their album titled “Moondance”. The song Caravan by Van has also been featured in the movie “The last waltz”.

As narrated, the song talked about gipsies, places, friends, travellers and their experiences as they travel on the caravan painted red and white, staying up late talking, singing and listening to loud radio and also getting together with one another.

This song also reflects on luxury and satisfaction, which even the non-rock fans and rock fans find soothing as the rock sensation will electrify you, sending shivers down your spine. This is one of the songs anyone won’t want to miss out on.

4. Caravan Of Love – The Housemartins


This song is directed to people who in one way or the other is facing a lot of challenges including rejection, negligence, denial of right etc, that everyone deserves everything in love.

This particular song that also has the word “caravan” incorporated in the title, expresses motivation and inspiration that can stir up dying souls to come off what they are depressed about.

This is a soul-lifting song and one of the songs I handpicked, is a song about a caravan reflecting about speaking up for what you want, that we all should join and be part of the caravan of love

The song “Caravan of love” was The Housemartin’s biggest hit, and it touched lives and inspired many, skyrocketing to the no 1 song R&B single chart track on Billboard and also the no 51 on Pop Billboard chart record.

The song was released in 1985 and reached no 1 on Billboard R&B single, what a climb. The song advises the listener to “stand up” if one’s darkness lingers and conquer all things with love.

5. Caravan – By Blur

Blur - Caravan (Official Audio)

Most times people think things come so easy, everything is out there for them. This is all because they have not experienced losing something, not being loved to the extent you feel like losing.

This is an R&B and soul song, released in 2003 by The blur. This is one of the songs about caravan that reflects on a lot of things.

Lyrically stating, caravan being lost. Caravan here denotes everything you hold dear in your life journey, committing yourself to some things which end up not materializing, losing and failing in things about life and you feel the weight of it.

This masterpiece is an emotional song, some people fear being alone, failing, and losing things dear to them but it always comes back to them.

Caravan here also reflects on “family” as I interpreted from the lyric, thinking you are strong and everything is easy, but when you get away or separated from the caravan, you will feel the weight of the consequences.

6. Caravan Song – Mike Batt

Mike Batt - Caravan Song

Among all aforementioned, this is an interesting song about the caravan of Pop-classic. The orchestra playing can sweep you off your feet, especially for classical music lovers.

Mike Batt is a classical songwriter, conductor and composer who has influenced positively in the classical music world. This magnificent orchestra piece Was released in December 1979 in his album titled “Caravans”.

The caravan song by Mike reflects freedom, breaking free from everything holding him bound, exploring everything life brings including the burning light of love that life brings as the world is turning slowly.

According to the song’s narrator, despite he doesn’t know what’s in front of him, remains unperturbed and willing to set out on his journey to explore in the caravan.

The basic proposition of this song is that the person in question wants to be free. This song is one of the best hits of its time.