6 Great Songs With Heavy In The Title

Songs With Heavy In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with heavy in the title

I can only think of a handful of songs that I’ve heard that had the term heavy in the title. The vast majority of them are rap songs, which I appreciate very much; but, I have realized that a couple of these songs, even if they aren’t rap songs, contain the term heavy in the title. This impressive compilation includes tracks by artists such as Linkin Park and Larry GaGa.

6 Songs with heavy in the title:

1. “Heavy” by Linkin Park (ft. Kiiara)

Heavy [Official Music Video] - Linkin Park (feat. Kiiara)

Ranking first on our list of songs with heavy in the title is “Heavy” by Linkin Park. This song is about the band members feeling as though their issues are taking over. Therefore, the word “heavy” is not technically a noun but rather an adjective that describes the emotional strain that the vocalists are under.

But what matters is how it appears that they cannot adequately deal with the issues that have been raised. To put it another way, they do not attribute their despair to the events occurring in their environment as much as they attribute it to the fact that they are “dragging” these problems along with them.

Because of this, they can see that “letting go” of the aforementioned matters is the way to “liberation” from the affliction they are experiencing. However, having this awareness and being able to put the necessary actions into action are two very separate things to consider and deal with. And that, in a nutshell, is what the song “Heavy” is all about.

The singers are under a lot of pressure and have a strong desire to free themselves from the things that are causing them tension. However, because their depression is a fundamental component of their characters, if you will, it is much easier to say this than it is to put it into practice.

2. “Heavy Metal” by Bring Me The Horizon (ft. Rahzel)

Bring Me The Horizon - Heavy Metal

Bring Me the Horizon uses the song “Heavy Metal” to respond to fans and other listeners who have been critical of their music. These criticisms originated as a result of the band’s progression away from their traditional hardcore and heavy metal anthems and toward songs that are, without a doubt, more commercially successful. In other words, the band has managed to alienate a portion of their fan base as a result of changing their approach over time.

Oli describes the kind of individuals that are most likely to express their thought-about about Bring Me the Horizon’s performance. “Kids” on social media who believe the band is no longer “heavy metal” and similarly immature music execs who let such feelings affect their thinking are examples of these people. To put it another way, it does not appear like anyone is feeling the band any longer.

The group reacts in a manner that is a little bit sardonic. During the pre-chorus, they show their empathy for the listeners who are being critical and accept that their opinions are taken into consideration. On the other hand, they appear to throw light on the fact that viewers anticipate creative creativity while at the same time want more of a sort of media that is not innovative.

In the end, Sykes accepts and even revels in the fact that his band has, in fact, moved into a distinct musical genre. He says this is something he’s always wanted to do.

On the other hand, they finish the song with a thrashing outro. It would appear that this is being done in an attempt to poke fun at the previous critiques. On the other hand, it may also serve to remind people that the band could still effectively perform heavy metal if they so wished, provided that they put in the effort.

3. “He Ain’t Heavy” He’s My Brother” by The Hollies

The Hollies - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

The idiom that the song’s title is derived from also serves as the song’s title, so the lyrics of “He Ain’t Heavy, …” by The Hollies are exactly what you would expect them to be based on the phrase.

The fundamental idea is predicated on the fact that the singer’s brother is in some kind of predicament, one in which the singer’s support is, of course, required to solve the problem. Furthermore, the implication is that this is a very serious thing indeed. The singer, however, does not consider his brother to be a “burden” in any way. Instead, he gives the impression that looking after his own is not just his responsibility but also, to some extent, something that brings him joy.

In all honesty, the song’s name comes from a biblical passage or religious phrase. And along these same lines, there is also a spiritual component to the piece, particularly the second half of the tune. In this case, the singer is concerned about more than just the well-being of his brother. He wonders why people don’t have “love for one another.”

The overarching message is that one day we will all move beyond the mortal world and stand before a holy Higher Power to give an account of our lives. And keeping all of this in mind, the singer offers the piece of advice that it is preferable to “share” as opposed to not doing so.

You may say that ” He’s My Brother” is at least predicated on moral ideas, even though it does not make any overt references to any specific religions throughout its entirety. And such demand that if you come across someone who is in need, particularly a person who is as close as a brother or a sister, then you should make every attempt to ease the suffering that they are experiencing.

Conducting oneself in such a manner is portrayed as a fundamental responsibility that, in the long run, results in self-edification, which then transcends onto the spiritual realm.

4. Heavy in Your Arms by Florence + the Machine

"Heavy In Your Arms" - Florence And The Machine [OFFICIAL]

The story of this song is about a love that isn’t reciprocated. Either the feelings weren’t reciprocated or the other person wasn’t ready for the level of commitment required in that relationship, or a combination of the two could be to blame. Whatever the reason, the prospective love partner was unable to meet her halfway up.

It appears that there may have been some dishonesty involved ( “Which among them is the traitor, and who among them is the murderer? The one who slinks through hallways undetected and without making a sound “).

She acknowledges that she is a burden, that she is too much for him, and that she appears to blame herself for her fall from grace. Whether or not she deserved it, he in some way let her down, but she is unable to let go (“wrapped around your ankles”), and she keeps clinging on because she loves him. Whether or not she deserves it, he let her down.m.

5. Heavy by Collective Soul

Collective Soul - Heavy With Lyrics

This song can be interpreted in several different ways, but in general, it seems to be about the burden that the singer carries because of another person in his life, whether that person is a close friend of his or the person he is romantically involved with.

He needs him or her to understand that he’s had enough of the nonsense because he’s exhausted by it. I believe that all of us have, at one point or another, experienced this sentiment, particularly in a romantic partnership that eventually gets ruled by nonsense.

You are in a difficult position since you have committed to helping this other person financially, yet the capacity of a human being has its limits. Despite all the vows that each of you has made to the other, there will come a day when you will need to confess certain things. I guess that he is simply confessing his helplessness and admitting that he can’t handle it any longer.

6. Heavy Metal Lover by Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa - Heavy Metal Lover (Video)

This song is about one of the men that have dated Lady Gaga in the past. They were so deeply in love with one another, and he had a significant passion for heavy metal music.

Soon after they started dating, when Gaga was attempting to advance her profession, he made it clear to her that she had no chance of succeeding and, in essence, that she was a lost cause. They split up rather quickly, and just look at where she is now. It was not correct of him to say that.

However, she is essentially singing this song to him. Although the verses in this song are ludicrous, the part that goes “I could be your girl.. rule the world” is referring to him.