10 Great Songs About Pimps

songs about pimps
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs About Pimps

A pimp is a person who relies on the earnings of a prostitute to make their living. In most cases, these persons are women. Youths who have fled physical or sexual abuse at home and are financially, psychologically, and sexually vulnerable are prime targets for pimps who use the pretext of a romantic relationship to coerce them into prostitution.

There’s always that song on your playlist that centers on pimps. In these songs, the narrator could be advocating for or against them or at best sharing his past experiences with pimps.

Songs about pimps are just as common as you can think. Yeah! They’re that popular but in this article, we’ll have a broader look at them. That’s from a broader genre and most importantly the inspirations and meanings behind these songs.

10 Songs Abou Pimps:

1. “Pimp Slapp’d” by Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg - Pimp Slapp'd (Classic Suge Knight Diss) (Official Music Video)

Snoop Dogg employs the song “Pimp Slapp’d” to discredit Suge Knight while also drawing attention to the fact that his feud is not with the entire West Coast Community but rather only with Suge.

He starts off the song by bragging about his platinum albums, and then he makes references to the lyrics of DJ Quik’s single from 1991 titled “Tonite,” all the while emphasising that his score is not about the neighbourhood, the Bloods, or the Crips, but is instead primarily between him and Suge Knight.

His essential message is that Suge is jealous of him because of his achievements in the rap industry as well as in day-to-day life, which is the source of their feud. Not only is he envious of his own rapping skills, but he is also envious of Snoop’s wealth; the fact that he has more pretty girls, and his overall level of influence.

Snoop also implies that Suge was once afraid in the industry, but that he has overcome and triumphed over his intimidations as time has gone on. He also reveals how the rapper was responsible for creating a lot of friction within the hip-hop industry by pitting rappers against each other.

He did this to increase the rapper’s own popularity. He even goes so far as to threaten to expose Suge for all of the shady actions he has taken and the jealousy he has shown.

2. Tool’s “Prison Sex”

TOOL - Prison Sex (Official Video)

The song “Prison Sex” by Tool is one of those songs in which a renowned metal band confronts a terrible yet real-life topic head-on, as they have always done from time to time.

Maynard James Keenan, the band’s lead singer, is credited for writing this song. According to him, this song is about the horrific cycle of domestic abuse.

People who are sexually abused when they are young have a much higher chance of becoming abusers themselves later in life compared to those who were never abused.

The singer takes on the persona of a victim in various parts throughout the song. From the lyrics, the person in question is a male and that he is engaging in sexual abuse of a child. In fact, the word “prison” in the title of is not intended to be taken in its literal sense; rather, it is designed to convey the concept that the victim is trapped in this predicament and cannot get out of it.

3. “Big Girls” By M.I.K.A

MIKA - Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) (Official Music Video)

People’s interpretations of “Bad Girls” appear to be all over the place, with some insisting that it is nothing more than a song about sexual encounters. On the other hand, some people think it is about how women have been oppressed throughout history and how their liberation does not make them bad girls.

The city of Ouarzazate in Morocco served as the location for the filming of the official music video for “Bad Girls”. It was created with the specific intention of lending support to the well-known “Women to Drive Movement.”

This movement was initiated and led by women in Saudi Arabia in the hope of securing driving privileges for all female residents of the nation. It is important to know that before June 2018, women who lived in Saudi Arabia were not allowed to operate motor cars under any circumstances.

4. “Roxanne” By The Police

The Police - Roxanne (Official Music Video)

This song tells the story of a lady of the night and her experiences through life. The narrator could be a male lover who is in love with her and/or wishes she would leave the profession behind, In 2003, as The Police were being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they gave a performance of this song.

It was the first time they had played together since they had parted ways in 1986 due to conflicts in their personal lives, with the exception of a drunken jam that took place at Sting’s wedding in 1992.

5. “House Of The Rising Sun” ` The Rising Sun

This song, in my opinion, is all about being addicted to sex.

In the first verse, the singer laments that the “house” known as a whorehouse was responsible for the downfall of many a less fortunate young man, including himself.

In the second and third verses, the singer describes his childhood home life and the escapades of his father, who was a gambler, while his mother worked hard to provide for the family and her unflinching effort to improve their living conditions. The fourth verse is a caution to everyone else in the world not to go down this road since it will lead to a miserable existence for them.

The fifth verse of the song is the one that gets the most attention overall. It portrays the singer as being conflicted, which is symbolised by the fact that he has one foot on the platform while the other is on the train. He recognizes that he is powerless over his addiction, and yet he is making an effort not to return to that place.

However, he is aware that he will eventually return there, at which point he will be “wearing the ball and chain,” which refers to the burden of the addiction.

The final verse is really a repetition of the previous verse, but it is just as important as others since it effectively relates to the reality that his life is spinning round and round in repeated loops, which are run solely by the helpless sexual addiction. It is a wonderful song, and it is one that holds a special place in my heart.