5 Great Songs With ‘Sun’ In The Title

Songs With Sun In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs With ‘Sun’ In The Title

When we think of songs with “sun” in the title, our minds tend to go to beach tunes and summer anthems. However, nothing is ever that simple with song titles.

With so many songs out there and so many words used, you can probably find “sun” hidden in just about any word you can think of. This doesn’t exclude songs with “sun” in the title from being excellent pieces of music. Let’s take a look at some of the best examples we could find.

1. “Sunshine” by Steve Lacy (ft. Fousheé)

Steve Lacy - Sunshine (Official Video) ft. Fousheé

Ranking first on our list of songs with sun in the title is “Sunshine,” by Steve Lacy, is somewhat intricate in comparison to other songs about getting over a heartbreak. The thesis statement is conveyed clearly: the two singers, who are now former partners, “still love” each other. Steve also makes it rather clear to Fousheé that he finds her more beautiful now than he did when they were together.

He can tell that she is generally improving. The vocalist, despite any lingering feelings, is willing to let the ex go at this point because it is in the best interest of everyone involved. But that’s not how things work in “Sunshine.”

Fousheé seemed to realize afterwards that ending things with Steve was the right choice for her growth as an individual. Although she still feels the same way. Her lyrics aren’t as straightforward as Lacy’s, but it seems like she’s equally open to the idea of a one-night stand.

And that’s where the misunderstanding comes in: it’s not entirely clear whether or not the couple wants to be back together for good. The latter is implied by the chorus, whereas the former is suggested by the verses.

However, perhaps the point of this is to show how complicated the feelings between exes can be. Either you or your ex can look at the relationship from a distance and conclude that it was better off without the other person, proving that the breakup was the right decision. Nothing, however, can erase the possibility of a past love between you and your ex.

2. Staring at the Sun by Post Malone

Post Malone - Staring At The Sun (Audio) ft. SZA

The first verse seems to be a conversation between Malone and a person from his past, in which he advises the other person to take their time getting to know him and accepting him for who he is, flaws and all. He likens himself to a fire that will destroy the one he cares about.

After this verse, there is a bridge that leads into the chorus, when he repeats his earlier warning to his loved one. Then, the clincher: “Keep staring at the sun,” which is his advice to the person he’s talking to.

Depending on your perspective, this hook can mean one of two things. To begin with, the one who adores Malone is so dazzled by his celebrity that they cannot see his flaws. Alternatively, she is deluded by her hopes that he will change, even though he never will.

The viewpoint of the girl who Malone continues burning seems to be reflected in SZA’s verse.

Malone went through a breakup in 2018, which fans of the singer may recall. During this time, Malone struggled to strike a healthy balance between his professional and personal life. As a result, his three-year relationship with his ex-girlfriend Ashlen Diaz ended.

One might readily draw comparisons to his own life and wonder if this is the subject of the song, even if there is no evidence of this.

Post Malone may have been alluding to his reluctance to devote himself totally to a romantic partner in Staring at the Sun, as well as the effect his obsession with music has on those closest to him.

3. “You’ll Never Be the Sun,” song by Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt

Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton "You'll Never Be the Sun"

A song with such intricate lyrics as “You’ll Never Be the Sun” deserves respect. This remark is in no way meant to indicate that the words themselves are difficult to understand. Instead, the singers are putting forth a precise idea, the nature of which is less obvious.

The opinion of at least one expert critic suggests that this is, in fact, a love song. This much is self-evident. Whether or not “You’ll Never Be the Sun” is meant to be romantic is less obvious.

What is being proposed in general is also obscure. Still, I’m willing to venture that this is less of a love song and more of an encouraging composition.

Or, we could claim that there are two competing theses. There’s the evident fact that the singer adores and respects the recipient. The second verse, though, is the most muddled part of the song, and it sounds more like the singer is trying to inspire the listener to have faith.

When taken at face value, the title metaphor appears to be the women warning the speaker to not go too far ahead of themselves. However, this piece of advice isn’t primarily about taming arrogance or pride. Rather, it’s as if the speaker is saying that even though the addressee is a luminary (at least in the views of the vocalist), they shouldn’t delude themselves into that they govern the cosmos. Put another way, rather than letting the difficulties of life overwhelm you, try to keep things in perspective.

And sure, all of the above might conceivably apply to someone like a former boyfriend, i.e. the one you are breaking up with but still care about. You could also be writing to someone who has given up hope of ever finding love.

Still, when one considers that no romantic jargon is utilized, and instead takes a broader, more abstract perspective, the song takes on the tone of an upbeat ode to optimistic contemplation.

4. “Sun and Moon” by Anees

Anees - Sun and Moon (Official Video)

Highly poetic song, “Sun and Moon” by Anees declares its love relationship to be the singer’s “sun and moon” and “everything between.” To put it another way, he tells her she’s his ideal partner.

So, we’re presented with a slew of evocative reflections that all lead to the vocalist being in love. He never says what it is about the recipient that has him so smitten.

He doesn’t come right out and call her “beautiful,” but he does express extreme trust in her faithfulness in the first verse. The gist of the thesis would be that Anees’ life has been improved in every way as a result of his friendship with this woman.

5. “Cold Day in the Sun” by Foo Fighters

Cold Day In The Sun

Obviously, “Cold Day in the Sun” is a metaphor, and it doesn’t make any literal sense. The singer seems to be suggesting that the recipient of the song is the polar opposite in terms of temperature.

The character depicts a loved one of Taylor’s who has convinced themselves that everything is perfect in their lives and that they deserve nothing but happiness and success. Instead, the singer might sense that the listener is struggling with deep-seated troubles.

This person seems to have the ability to see the flaws in others but not in themselves. In other words, they are blissfully unaware of the fact that they suffer from any of the aforementioned problems.

The vocalist’s tolerance for this conceit (if you will) has run thin. It would appear that he has opted to end communication with this individual. For it is only then, in Taylor’s opinion, that the recipient is likely to face the unwelcome truth that he or she isn’t as perfect as they would like to believe.