5 Songs About Fraud

Songs About Fraud
Written by Corey Morgan

Top Songs About Fraud

Everything that centres on fraud is deceptive and misleading. The world is full of fraudulent individuals and of course, they’re found in every sphere of life; in businesses, institutions, religious places and most prevalent in the current government.

Fraud is simply using tricks or lies to get something from someone which is mostly money. The internet today is filled with internet fraudsters who post misleading offers and make away with people’s fortunes.

Fraud can also take the form of lies in relationships; one partner might be opportunistic and would want to take advantage of that on the other partner. Also, it could take the form of deceit, blackmails, fake lives and even fake friends.

Fraud is as old as man and likewise, some songs do justice to frowning on fraud or describing the narrator’s experience with fraudulent individuals. Are you looking for songs about fraud? Then this is the right article for you as it holds my top choices of songs about fraud. Explore with me!

1. Nicki Minaj’s “Bed Of Lies”

Nicki Minaj- Bed Of Lies ft. Skylar Grey (Official Video)

The title of this song employs a rather simple metaphor which immediately captures the message of the song. The song “Bed of Lies” by Nicki Minaj tells the narrative of a boyfriend who lied to the singer on multiple occasions all during the course of their relationship.

After concluding that her lover had played a trick on her, she confronts him with the truth, pointing out his errors and letting him know that he is the one who will have to bear the implications.

It is widely presumed that the song is about Nicki Minaj’s former boyfriend, Safaree Samuels. Nicki has stated that she was with Safaree Samuels from the beginning of her career and that he attempted to use her for his own benefit once she became famous.

Nicki admits that even though she was putting in a lot of work and making a lot of effort to keep them together, he was actively seeking to destroy their relationship.

The narrator blames herself for not noticing this sooner. Because she thought she was indispensable to him, she didn’t give thought to the possibility of this happening.

But now that she’s realized his deceptive thoughts, she wouldn’t entertain any of his lies. This is fraud in its cruellest form; taking advantage of someone else because of fame and money.

2. “If You’re Not In It For Love” by Shania Twain

Shania Twain - (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here! (Official Music Video)

If you want a cheerful song about deceit, fraud or deception, you can always count on Shania Twain to deliver it. Sing along to Shania’s songs if you are just starting out in the dating world and are sick of deceitful people using the same strategy to try to get in your mind.

There are several songs written by Twain that deal with dishonesty and speak the truth to unfaithful and fraudulent lovers and this is one of them.

This song was written by Shania Twain and her husband Mutt Lange as a response to rumours that she was using him to promote her career. Rumours circulated that she was using him.

Some people have built their whole lives on deceit and they’re ready to go to any length with the slightest opportunity to get what they want from you. So, this song was released by Shania to debunk what the general thought was her main idea of marrying her husband; career, fame or money.

3. “Liars” by Sex Pistols

Liar (Remastered 2012)

The fourth track on “Nevermind The Bollocks” by Sex Pistols is titled “Liar.” This song is primarily about the band’s first manager and the person who was primarily responsible for putting the band together, Malcolm McLaren.  The lyrics of this song make several accusations against him, including that he is avaricious, inept, and, as the song’s title suggests, a liar.

However, according to John Lydon, the main vocalist of the band, the song is not only about McLaren but also about those outside the band who sought to manipulate them.

Fraud, deceit, greed and avarice go hand in hand and border within the same concept. As mentioned earlier, fraud exists even in the music industry.

Being the manager of the band at that time, Malcolm geared everything to his advantage whilst he wasn’t as competent enough as though who worked for it.

4. “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats (Official Video)

When you are angry enough to break the glass on your car because your partner cheated on you, being cheated on is never fun. However, there are those women who will do anything to exact their vengeance on a man who has cheated or lied to them. Fans adore Carrie because her voice has a gritty, authentic quality to her.

This song is about getting even with someone. In this song, Underwood describes how she went into a parking lot and used a baseball bat to smash the windows of her boyfriend’s unfaithful 4×4 truck. The knowledge that he will not betray her the next time he does gives her some measure of comfort.

When you’re hurt because you’ve been living in deceit with someone you truly loved, the pain hits differently and you might want to let out that toxic feeling by getting back at that person in any way. That’s basically what this song is all about.

5. “Dear Lie” by TLC

Lyrically, “Dear Lie” by TLC is one of the best songs about Fraud. This song has two different interpretations depending on the listener. Firstly, it’s about a person who has been lying to themselves to get themselves out of something, and then they realise that lying has only made the situation a great deal worse.

Humans as we are, there are times we run into situations like this and have to make a decision. Prolonging and building up more lies only makes it eventually worse. You should give it up and start anew rather than living on lies till the day it finally breaks out.

The second possibility however is that it has something to do with the narrator being in a relationship with someone (not necessarily a romantic relationship) that has manipulated them and told them lies to the point where it has taken over their mind and messed them up, and now they are at the point where they are aware that they are backed into a corner and have to prove that they have the strength to fight back.

Honestly, this is yet another reason why any contact with a fraudulent person ends up unhealthy. Because you, the innocent one, will be at the losing end unless you find courage amidst the despair and fight it off.