5 Top Songs About Momentum

Songs about momentum
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs about momentum

It’s simple to give up when faced with too much difficulty. At our lowest points, music has the potential to be our greatest solace. Music that encourages you to keep going when you feel like giving up is a great way to boost your morale.

An essential part of being a music fan is being able to recognize yourself and your own experiences in the music that you enjoy. People who are feeling down have long turned to the styles of lyrical auteurs to help enhance their self-confidence, whether it be due to struggles with identity, falling on hard times, or just the Monday blues.

Here is our list of songs about momentum:

1. “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” song by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) [Official Video]

Ranking first on our list of songs  about momentum is Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”. This song is preoccupied with personal growth and moving on from heartbreak. This is where Kelly shows her ex that the time apart has not made her feel weaker or more reliant on him.

And while she may be lonely now that he’s gone, she says she feels better and has more control over her life than she did before. He broke up with her because he expected her to be miserable on her own.

But she tells him he’s wrong to have such an opinion. Kelly, on the other hand, is confident in her resilience because of the lessons she has learned from the experience. She doesn’t long for him because she realized being with him was limiting her and she has other, more desirable, options.

In this song, the singer expresses gratitude to her exes for putting her through a painful breakup so that she could learn from the experience and avoid being hurt again.

This song was inspired by the adage “that which does not kill us makes us stronger,” which was originally attributed to the famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900).

2. “Roar” by Katy Perry

Next on our list of songs about momentum is Roar. Perry’s 2012 divorce left her in a dark place, so she decided to “explore her darker side” on her fourth album, “Prism.” The album, sadly (or fortunately), ended up being loaded with rousing songs. And “Roar” is the debut single to set the tone.

In the first verse, Perry opens by admitting her insecurities and admitting that she has allowed her partner to restrict her independence. She agreed with everything they said because she was too timid to disagree. She was able to take this display of weakness for only so long. She finally lost her patience as a result of this.

The narrator has finally mustered the willpower and confidence to stand up for herself after being suppressed for far too long. Like a boxer who’s been knocked down, Perry picks himself up and “shakes the dust” off. She will continue to fight for her rights with her newfound confidence and clarity of vision.

Now that he’s heard the Rocky III theme song, “Eye of the Tiger” (originally performed by Survivor) he’s full of determination, strength, and courage. The fact that she can now confidently declare that her voice will be “louder than a lion” demonstrates her newfound strength and self-reliance. She will not put up with anyone’s nonsense.

There are more boxing references in the following verses. Referencing Ali’s famous adage, “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” Perry shows his appreciation for the late boxing great. Ali defeated Sonny Liston, a much larger opponent, with his quick punches to win the heavyweight championship. Perry uses this to suggest that she, too, is capable of standing up to and defeating more powerful opponents.

I started from the bottom and ended up being my hero,” she continues with more impact. This may be a reference to the artist’s 2016 dismissal from Columbia Records. However, she continued to pursue music despite this setback. When compared to other female pop artists, she is arguably the most successful.

3. “Born This Way,” song by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Official Music Video)

This song, Lady Gaga’s signature anthem, is about more than just being confident in one’s skin; it’s also about letting that confidence radiate. Just by singing along with the chorus, you’ll feel your mood instantly lift.

So, let’s be honest. Christianity and homosexuality are at odds with one another on a fundamental level.

And since homosexuality became more accepted and even encouraged in Western society around the turn of the century, this fact has naturally given rise to ideological concerns. This is because Christianity, which is itself founded on this same law, is the most widely practised faith and the bedrock of Western culture.

And in the end, we are all loved by God, in her view. Her mother has been a strong influence on her, and she has held this view since she was a young child. It appears that this was not said in a homophobic context, but rather to remind the singer to accept and embrace who she is.

To put it another way, God “made her perfect.” She has, quite simply, maintained this viewpoint into adulthood. By singing “Born This Way,” she shows her support for the gay community, with whom she identifies or empathizes.

4. “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John

Elton John - I'm Still Standing

Elton John uses the song “I’m Still Standing” to reflect on his ability to move on after a failed romantic relationship. In this letter, he informs his former partner that he has moved on and is happier without them.

The singer initially paints his ex-lover in a negative light, calling them “pretentious” and “cold-hearted,” and suggesting that their true colours will eventually show. Then, he tells his ex that he’s already won because he’s moved on from their fling, erased their history together from his mind, and experienced a simpler kind of love with someone else.

Additionally, Elton demonstrates to his ex that his life has greatly improved since they broke up. The phrase “I’m still standing” is used to illustrate how he has recovered from the pain that caused him to fall. He considers himself a survivor because he has managed to put his life back together after his breakup.

The singer laments the pain he endured as a result of his lover’s manipulative behaviour, bringing up the numerous times she had either left him or threatened to do so. Now that they’re gone, however, he feels liberated and even more resilient than before.

5. “Never Say Never” by Justin Bieber (ft. Jaden Smith)

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never ft. Jaden

Last on our list of songs about momentum is “Never Say Never”by Justin bieber. This songs is widely credited with solidifying his reputation as a more upbeat, motivational artist than a purely romantic one. Thus, the singer has decided to take a stand in which he will never give up and accept defeat, as suggested by the title.

If you take the chorus as a whole, it sounds like someone is out to get the Biebs by making it so he can’t pursue his dreams. According to the verses, however, he has no plans to give up. That person is most definitely inspiring him to work even harder, as can be seen.

The singer’s belief in his ability to succeed stems, in no small part, from his history of overcoming difficulties he never would have thought he was capable of before.