4 Great Christian Songs About Judgement

Christian Songs About Judgement
Written by Corey Morgan

Christian Songs About Judgement

The Bible made it clear in the book of Revelations that there will be a day of judgement for every soul that has ever existed. It’s a day that every man would be held accountable for their actions here on earth. It is said that the dead will rise from their graves and the living will ascend also with them into Heaven to face their judgement.

Judgement is something no man can escape and as such, as Christians, we ought to be aware of our actions every now and then. In the same vein, several gospel musicians have covered some songs about judgement.

These songs act as a reminder that we are answerable for all of our actions here on earth. These songs act as a compass to guide our every step and inspire not only us but our families and friends to live righteously because of the judgement day. Below are some Christian songs about judgement and it’s my hope it renews your faith and steadfastness in Christ. Enjoy!

1. “O Lord, Thou Judge” by William Moore

This is an excellent song that discusses the day of judgement. The composer is pleading with God to come and execute his judgement on the world. It begins with a praise that vengeance was God’s and not the responsibility of any man.

Then, he continues with an appeal to God to come and judge the world. Throughout each verse, he discusses the wickedness that permeates the entire universe.

The narrator presents an in-depth analysis of the wickedness that pervades the world with particular emphasis on greed, injustice, and pride that have led to the corruption of the land. He then continues to talk about how the innocent have to endure suffering at the hands of the evil. The composer, at various points, poses a question to God, inquiring as to how much longer He would watch to see this continue.

This is a fine song and a good reminder that everyone will be judged according to their actions. Therefore, no matter what you’re going through, be rest assured that the ultimate judge (God), will judge your oppressors.

2.“Sing To The King” by Billy And Cindy Foote

Sing to the King, written by Billy and Cindy Foote, is a beautiful song that focuses on praise and worship after Christ has come and the devil and his fallen angels are judged and cast into the bottomless pit.

It exalts Jesus Christ as the governing authority over us and implores us to join them in worship as we sing praises to the King of kings and Lord of lords, while we watchfully await the return of Jesus Christ and bring glory to God as the Devil is cast into hell.

It exalts Christ as ruler, whose authority will usurp Satan’s grasp on the earth and bring about the foundation of His kingdom for all eternity. This song implores its listeners to praise and worship Christ as the returning King, to be patient and vigilant to look for His second coming.

Christ’s kingdom, in contrast to Satan’s, which will be cast into an endless pit of devastation, will be one that gives life and brings joy to the nations that serve and depend upon Him.

This song reminds us to be vigilant and steadfast in righteousness and as well, encourages us to praise God for He will bring justice to the devil.

3. “God Of Justice” by Tim Hughes

God of Justice (We Must Go) - Tim Hughes HD

This happens to be one of my favourite songs by Tim Hughes. This song is about the judgement that God will bring upon the evil people who fill the earth.

Tim prays to God for help, asking the Almighty to empower him, accompany him on his journey, and punish those who persecute him. Therefore, it is not only encouraging but also gives you hope that God is in control of the situation. As Christians, this should reassure us that we should leave the administration of justice to God, who is the ultimate judge.

Tim’s message is composed in the form of a plea, and he places focus on the sufferings that Christians have experienced at the hands of the world;  the sense of hopelessness and helplessness that they see on a daily basis.

Particular emphasis is placed in the song on the advent of God to save his children and to pass judgement on humanity. To hear and see this music is, in all honesty, an inspiring experience.

4. “Jesus Reigns” by Isaac Watts (Traditional hymn)

This hymn, Jesus Shall Reign, is a Christological reinterpretation of Psalm 72, in which Solomon prays that the heirs of David’s throne shall govern wisely, justly, and righteously, defending the weak and the needy while bringing prosperity to all nations.

Watts correctly identifies Jesus as the answer to Solomon’s request in this hymn. When people bow to His authority, He, the Righteous King sprung from David, will shower them with the blessings of His eternal dominion.

The first line of the hymn makes a bold proclamation on the kingship of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, over the entirety of the world. This verse conveys absolute faith that one day, the kingdom of Jesus will expand across the entire earth, just as the sun illuminates every part of the planet.

It looks forward to the joyful completion of the great commission given by Jesus himself. One of the central themes of this song is judgement. Jesus will rule with justice and love. One that will reward everyone for their deeds here on earth.