9 Great Songs About Being a King

songs about being a king
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs about being a king

The combination of a good guitar and powerful vocals has the power to inspire and motivate anyone. When those two things are combined in a song about a king, it’s hard not to feel swept up in the majesty of it all.

The music here will make you feel like a boss. These tunes have the right amount of pep and feeling to get you where you need to go, whether you’re rebelling against the system or just trying to find your place within it.

7 Songs About Being a King

1. Kings & Queens by Mat Kearney

Mat Kearney - Kings & Queens

There’s no better way to feel like you can conquer the world than to listen to the empowering tune Kings & Queens. It’s an anthem to standing tall in your own skin no matter what life throws at you.

Mat Kearney sings about the freedom to do whatever you want as a king or queen. Moreover, that’s the kind of emotion we should all strive to experience. It’s clear why this song has achieved legendary status.

2. It’s Good to be King – Tom Petty

Tom Petty - It's Good To Be King [Official Music Video]

Although many people harbor secret ambitions of becoming monarchs, few are prepared to shoulder the weighty burdens of power. The narrator of Tom Petty’s “It’s Good to Be King,” for instance, ponders how being king makes him feel important and in charge.

In addition, he is aware that his subjects look to him for leadership and safety, and that he must make tough choices that will have far-reaching consequences for many people.

3. John Elton’s song titled I just can’t Wait to be King

I Just Can't Wait to be King - Elton John (Lyrics)

Songwriters Elton John and Tim Rice composed this great song for The Lion King. Additionally, Jason Weaver, who provides the voice of little Simba, sings the song.

This song serves as a coming-of-age hymn, celebrating Simba’s determination to become king. Simba sings about his fantasized reign as king over the Pride Lands’ animal population.

He brags in a song that everyone will answer to him and his decisions. Although he harbors dreams of greatness, his father Mufasa soon brings him back to earth by reminding him that he must first acquire a great deal of knowledge before he can rule.

4. King of Pain – The Police

In their song “King of Pain,” The Police ponder what it means to rule. Images of anguish and loneliness, along with those of authority and grandeur, help express this theme.

This song’s dark, gloomy melody and poetic lyrics paint a picture of success and the pressures of being in the spotlight. Whether you aspire to govern one day or just want to learn what it’s like to have a lot of power, King of Pain will teach you something.

5. Royalty – Francesca Battistelli

Francesca Battistelli - Royalty (Official Lyric Video)

Royalty, a song by Francesca Battistelli, is an empowering hymn about the privilege of being a king. Beginning with “I am a child of the King,” the song goes on to detail the benefits and obligations of royal status. Battistelli stresses to her audience that they have dual citizenship as members of the royal family and the realm.

For this reason, they must devote their lives to serving and safeguarding their fellow people. The song continues by describing the dangers that kings endure, such as assassins and usurpers. Battistelli, however, ends on a hopeful note, stating that all wrongs will be made right when “the Kingdom comes.” The song “Royalty” inspires us to be our best selves and reminds us of our responsibilities to others around us.

6. King of Sorrow – Sade

Sade - King Of Sorrow - Official - 2001

Sade’s “King of Sorrow” explores the emotional toll that ruling may take. This stirring song examines the difficulties of holding a position of authority and the toll it may take on a person’s psyche.

King of Sorrow is a highly engaging composition that provides insight into the complexity of royal existence through its driving rhythms, expansive orchestration, and heartbreaking lyrics.

This song will move and inspire anyone who listens to it, whether they are regal history buffs or not.

7. King Of Glory – Kristian Stanfill

King Of Glory (Live from Passion 2020) ft. Kristian Stanfill

last on our list of songs about being a king is “King of Glory ” by Kristian stanfill in which he sings about feeling like a king. The song’s opening lyrics—”I am the king of glory, I am the lord of all”—set the tone for what’s to come. The duties of a monarch, such as safeguarding his people and guiding them to victory, are detailed in Stanfil’s account.

Also, he insists that he will keep going and fighting no matter how tough things get. Finally, Stanfil proclaims his rightful place as king and promises his subjects his unwavering support. Those who have ever fancied themselves a king or queen will find particular inspiration in this song.