20 Great Songs With Rules In The Title

Songs With Rules In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

The importance of rules in our life is the subject of many wonderful songs out there, and many of them are excellent. Even if we don’t think about it, rules play a significant role in our daily lives, and these songs serve as reminders that they exist. Twenty of the best songs with rules in the title are included in this list.

20 Songs with rules in the title:

1. Heidi Butkus, “Follow the Rules”

I Can Follow the Rules Song | Music for Classroom Management

Ranking first on our list of songs with rules in the title “Follow the Rules” by Heidi Butkus. This is a pleasant music with an important message: it’s crucial to follow the rules! For young children, the song’s lyrics are basic and easy to understand, making it a good choice. Reminding even older children and adults to observe rules is beneficial.

There is a good reason why we have rules: to protect us from harm, as well as to teach us how to behave properly. When we engage with others or cross the street, we must always adhere to the rules. There is always someone to help us get back on track if we break the rules, just like the song says.

2. Dua Lipa’s New Rules

Dua Lipa - New Rules (Official Music Video)

Next on our list of songs with rules in the title is “New Rules” by Dua Lipa which is all about rules! First, she outlines some of the common “rules” that girls are told about men and dating.. She sings, for example, about not returning a boy’s phone after midnight or inviting him into your house if your parents aren’t there.

Lipa, on the other hand, begins to break these customary standards as the song goes on, instead of declaring that a boy isn’t worth your time if he doesn’t respect your rules. Instead of simply following society’s expectations, Lipa is encouraging ladies to set their own rules and boundaries in relationships.

3. Tears For Fears ` Everybody Wants To Rule The’ World

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Official Music Video)

As a result of their common view that many people seek power, band members Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal penned the lyrics to the song. According to lyrics, some people will go to tremendous lengths to achieve their aims, even if it means inflicting pain and suffering on others.

4. Bon Jovi’s “Love’s The Only Rule”

Bon Jovi - Love's The Only Rule [HQ]

Bon Jovi sings on the importance of love in our lives in his song “Love’s the Only Rule.” We should all strive to live our lives in accordance with the principle of unconditional love, according to him. Is love more powerful than any other emotion? Is it capable of overcoming all obstacles?

No matter what life throws at us, love is always the answer, as the song sings. Love is the one law we need to remember, whether we’re confronting difficulties or enjoying victories.

5. Doja Cat – Rules

Doja Cat - Rules (Official Video)

Doja Cat’s song “Rules,” was released in 2020. The song is about having a good time and not worrying about what other people think. Doja Cat sings about breaking the rules and having a wonderful time in her song. She exhorts listeners to let loose and have a good time, singing about how there are no limits when it comes to enjoying one’s self.

To get people moving, the song has an upbeat tune. Anyone looking to loosen up and have a good time would enjoy this tune. Consequently, “Rules” by Doja Cat is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a song that will allow you to forget about your problems and simply enjoy yourself. This is one of the best songs with rules in the title.

6. Janes Addiction: “Idiots Rule”

Rock band Jane’s Addiction’s hit single “Idiots Rule” was released in 2007. Ritual de lo Habitual, their second album, was released as the second single in 1990. The band perceives society’s norms and restrictions as stifling and restricting, and the song is an indictment of that.

Starting with the phrase, “Idiots run the world/and they always have,” Perry Farrell sings. At every turn, Farrell takes aim at those in positions of power, both in government and in business, whom he perceives as disconnected from the concerns of the average citizen.

7. Rufus Wainwright – Rules And Regulations

Rufus Wainwright - Rules and Regulations

Rusty Wainwright sings on the myriad rules that regulate our life in his song “Rules & Regulations.” We are governed by a slew of laws from the minute we are conceived.

Before we can go to school, we have to master the skills of crawling, walking, reading, and writing. The number and complexity of regulations increase exponentially as we become older. Laws in our country require us to adhere to traffic regulations and pay our taxes.

8. Iyla – Cash Rules

iyla - Cash Rules feat. Method Man (Official Music Video)

Iyla, a rapper from the United States, has a song titled Cash Rules. As the lead single off her debut EP, Beware of the Dog, the song was released on May 5, 2018. Cash Rules is a two-and-a-half-minute-long trap song by Flo Rida. The tune of the song is reminiscent of The Office, a renowned American sitcom.

U.S. record producer Illmind created the music for Cash Rules. As far as the Billboard Hot 100 was concerned, the single peaked at number 34. Ghostwriter Gee and co-producer Donnell Bennett collaborated with Iyla on the lyrics for Cash Rules.

9. G.T.R., “When The Heart Rules The Mind,”

When the Heart Rules the Mind

“When the Heart Rules the Mind” by G.T.R. is a song about the significance of listening to your heart. It is said that although the mind is filled with questions and anxieties, the heart knows what really matters. Even if it takes breaking the rules, the song implores listeners to follow their aspirations and pursue their passions.

The song’s message resonates with many individuals because it is unapologetically and empoweringly honest. One thing is for certain: the timeless message of “When the Heart Rules the Mind” will live on in the hearts and minds of listeners for many years to come. This is one of the best songs with rules inthe title you should definetly have.

10. The Beach Boys, “Surfers Rule!”

Surfers Rule (Remastered 2001)

To this day, the Beach Boys remain one of America’s most successful musical bands. They were one of the most well-known bands in the 1960s California surf scene after forming in 1961. Their most popular song, “Surfer Rule,” brilliantly depicts the carefree spirit of the surfers who were the inspiration for the song’s lyrics.

Surfing, sunbathing, and sand are all celebrated in the lyrics, while the irresistible chorus is tough to resist. A number of artists have attempted to replicate the Beach Boys’ version of the song, but none have come close. To this day, every time I hear the song “Surfer Rule,” I have a big grin on my face and immediately want to head to the shore.

11. Rules – GOLDSPACE

GOLDSPACE - Rules (Official Audio)

Following the rules is stressed in GOLDSPACE’s song “Rules,” a pleasant track. Songwriter doesn’t want to breach rules but eventually caves in and does so in spite of himself. As a result of this experience, the singer urges other people to break the rules as well. It also recognises that there are repercussions for disobeying the rules and that following them is sometimes vital to avoid getting into trouble.

12. Black Sabbath, “The Mob Rules,”

Black Sabbath’s “The Mob Rules” is a song about following the rules. The song’s lyrics portray the mob as the supreme power in the world, in control of everything and everyone. People are scared of the mob, and they would do anything to maintain their position of power, according to the lyrics.

For those who are afraid of the mob and don’t want them to govern their life, this song offers a cautionary tale: The song also serves as a rallying cry for the public to resist the mob and reclaim their own lives. When people listen to the song “The Mob Rules,” they’ll realize how dangerous it may be to allow their lives be ruled by the mob.

13. No Rules, Sam D

Sam D’s song “No Rules” is all about the significance of following the rules. According to the song’s lyrics, following rules is critical to ensuring the well-being of those around you.

Without rules, society would swiftly devolve into chaos, and there would be no way to maintain order. There are times when rules might be frustrating because they seem arbitrary and constrained.

The advantages of following rules, on the other hand, far outweigh the disadvantages. We can live in harmony with one another because of the structure and predictability that rules bring.

14. Fleetwood Mac, “Destiny Rules”

This was released as a single in September 2020 and is the first tune on the band’s album Rumours. Stevie Nicks wrote the song, which is about pursuing your dreams. Nicks belts out a straightforward, catchy melody on “Destiny Rules,” which has a pounding bassline and rhythm.

The song’s lyrics, which exhort listeners to “let fate govern,” are direct and to the point. Hope and tenacity are instilled in the song’s general theme, encouraging people to stay true to themselves and pursue their goals. A positive anthem, “Destiny Rules” encourages listeners to pursue their aspirations.

15. George Harrison – Unconsciousness Rules –

Unconsciousness Rules (Remastered 2004)

George Harrison sings in the song “Unconsciousness Rules” about the ways in which rules can restrict and limit our life. He makes the case that by blindly following rules without question, we miss out on valuable experiences and possibilities.

For Harrison, it’s important for people to reflect on the rules they live by in order to see whether there is another way to live. In doing so, he sends an important message about the value of uniqueness and self-awareness to the world.

16. Obey The Night’s Rules – Heavyshift

Heavy Shift - Obey The Rules Of The Night

It’s no surprise that Heavyshift’s Obey The Rules Of The Night is about rules. The opening phrase of the song, “No running in the hallways,” establishes the mood for the rest of the song. In order to ensure a decent night’s sleep, Heavyshift provides a lengthy list of guidelines.

Some of the rules are things like “no cutting in line” and “no teasing the cat.” It’s crucial to remember other rules, such as “always look both ways before crossing the street.” Additionally, Heavyshift provides a rationale for why the rules are necessary. Teasing the cat, he explains, might result in scratches, and cutting in line can result in fights.

17. Lissy Trullie, “Rules We Obey”

Lissy Trullie’s song “Rules” is a piece of indie rock music from the United States. The track was made available as a single on May 18, 2010, via 4AD. The pressure on women to live up to societal ideals is the subject of the song “Rules.” ‘Being a woman and all the absurd rules that go along with it,’ sings Trullie.

Music critics complimented “Rules” for its catchy chorus and underlying message. Billboard’s Hot Rock Songs list ranked the song at number 33.

18. Red Simpson – The Rules of the Road

Red Simpson’s “Rules of the Road” is a song about, well, the rules of the road. Even though it seems like a basic subject, the song does an excellent job of emphasizing the necessity of abiding by the law when operating a motor vehicle.

Along with the obvious advantages of driving safely and avoiding accidents, the song also stresses the importance of following the rules to prevent being pulled over and ticketed. If you’re a seasoned driver or just starting out, remember Red Simpson’s advise and observe the rules of the road.

19. Chris Rea, “One Golden Rule.”

Chris Rea - One Golden Rule

One of Chris Rea’s most well-known songs, “One Golden Rule,” talks about how important it is to abide by the rules. When it comes to our own safety and happiness, following the rules is a better option than defying them.

Additionally, the song emphasizes how following the Golden Rule may make the world a better place by promoting respect for others and the value of treating others with dignity. “One Golden Rule” is a song with a catchy melody and a positive message that will linger in your head and remind you how important it is to follow rules!

20. Charli XCX – Break The Rules

Charli XCX - Break The Rules [Official Video]

Concluding our list of songs with rules in the title is “Break the Rules” by Charli XCX. This is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt restricted by the rules. The song’s lyrics exhort listeners to “break the rules” and let loose in order to have fun.

Staying up late, partying, and being wild are all encouraged in the song, despite the fact that these activities can get you in trouble.” It’s worth violating the rules, even if it means getting in trouble, because it allows individuals to live life to the fullest, the song claims.