19 Great Songs With Guns In The Title

Songs With Guns In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with guns in the title

Guns have a long and colorful history in the United States. Hunting, self-defence, and battles both domestic and international have all seen their employment with these weapons. Songs concerning weapons can be found in numerous forms, but only certain of them can be labeled “gun songs.”

From country to rap to heavy metal, these are 20 of the best songs with Guns in the title, whether you’re a fan of firearms or not is irrelevant; this list is likely to have something for everyone.

19 Songs With Guns In The Title:

1. Rodney Atkins – Cleaning This Gun

Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)

Ranking first on our list of songs wih guns in the title is Rodney Atkins “Cleaning This Gun,” which is literally about cleaning a gun. As the lead single from his album If You’re Going Through Hell, the song was released in 2006. Billboard Hot Country Songs ranked the song at number one, making it Atkins’ second number one single on that list.

The song is about a parent showing his son how to handle and use a rifle responsibly. The father teaches his son that weapons are not toys and should be treated with proper respect. His son has been taught by him to never point a gun at someone without being prepared to shoot that person in the face. The song has gotten favorable reviews from critics, who lauded Atkins’ composition and performance.

2. Janie’s Got a’  Gun – Aerosmith

Aerosmith - Janie's Got A Gun

Next on our list of songs with guns in the title is Janies got a gun. This is a song about a woman with a gun. Steven Tyler and Tom Hamilton wrote the song. With a rifle, a little girl takes revenge on her father, who abused and humiliated her throughout her life.. This song was inspired after reading a report in the media about a little girl who shot her father for sexual abuse.

3. Miranda Lambert – Time to get’ a gun

This is a country music song on the importance of having a gun. On the Billboard Country Airplay chart, the song peaked at number four in October 2013. An emotive ballad, “Time To Get A Gun” is a plea for gun control in the United States. Immediately following the sound of a gunshot, Lambert sings about the senseless deaths caused by gun violence as her voice trembles.

Listeners are encouraged to “put your firearms down” and to push for more stringent controls on gun ownership. One of Lambert’s most poignant songs, “Time To Get A Gun,” is a strong call to action for change.

4. Carrie Underwood – Cupid’s Got a Shotgun

Cupid's Got a Shotgun

During the song “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun,” Carrie Underwood expresses her fear of guns. When she sings about the good that weapons can do, like hunting and protecting one’s family, she gets right into the message of the song.

Her thoughts then shift to how guns can be used for nefarious purposes. She discusses the dangers of guns, including how they can be used to inflict harm or even kill. As part of her discussion, she also touches on how firearms can be used to frighten people and make them feel uncomfortable.

In the end, she asks cupid to lay down his shotgun since she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. As a dramatic warning of gun risks, the song is certain to make anyone rethink their decision to carry a weapon. This is a one of the best songs with guns in the title you should definetly listen to.

5. Gunpowder and Lead – Lambert

In 2008, Miranda Lambert released the song “Gunpowder & Lead.” When a woman in an abusive relationship tells her abuser that she’s had enough, he responds, “You’re kidding?” She threatens him, saying she will “shot [him] with gunpowder and lead” if he doesn’t stop bothering her.

The song’s strong message has earned it widespread acclaim, and it has now become a rallying cry for victims of domestic violence. The song’s optimistic message is matched by a catchy melody and a powerful vocal performance by Adam Lambert. One listen to Gunpowder & Lead and you’ll know exactly how it feels to be locked in an abusive relationship.

6. Cat Stevens, “I’m Gonna Get ‘ Me A Gun”

Cat Stevens - I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun

This became one of the most popular songs of the time. A little boy’s obsession with firearms and violence is the subject of this song. It’s clear from the lyrics that the young child longs to get a pistol and use it to perform acts of violent.

The song concludes with the boy’s promise to “shoot [his] teacher down” and “kill mother dead.” side from denouncing murder, the song emphasizes that minors should not have access to firearms.

7. Granddaddy’s Gun – Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis - "Granddaddy's Gun" (Official Video)

Aaron Lewis’ song “Granddaddy’s Gun” honors the weaponry that have been passed down through the family for centuries. The first line of the song, “This old planet is a darn lovely place,” establishes the mood for the rest of the song.

Guns have been used for everything from hunting and protection to cattle drives and frontier justice, Lewis explains in the following paragraphs. Aside from the cultural significance of firearms, he also reaffirms the fact that they will remain a part of his daily life.

8. Clash – Guns on The Roof

The Clash - Guns on the Roof (Remastered) [Official Audio]

“Guns on the Roof” is a punk rock song. The lead single from their third studio album, London Calling, was released in 1978. Lead singer Joe Strummer and bassist Paul Simonon wrote the song, which is an antidote to Britain’s severe gun control legislation. Certain types of firearms had been banned by the government following many high-profile terrorist acts, but the decision was widely criticized.

9. INXS – Guns In The Sky

INXS - Guns In The Sky (Official Music Video)

The second single from INXS’s 1987 album Kick, “Guns in the Sky” is an Australian rock song. Michael Hutchence and keyboardist Andrew Farris wrote and produced the song, which was recorded by Chris Thomas.

Mid-tempo rock tune with new wave and dance-rock characteristics, it has a distinctive synthesizer hook. There are “too many weapons in the sky” and “too many guns on the ground” in the lyrics of “Guns in the Sky,” Hutchence sings in the song.

10. Don’t Take Your Guns to ‘ Town ` Johnny Cash

Don't Take Your Guns to Town

Upon its initial release in 1958, the song quickly rose to the top of the country singles list, where it remained for two years. An unnamed young man gets killed while trying to bring his guns into town in this song. When the young man’s mother tries to warn him about the dangers of carrying a pistol, he ignores her.

The mother weeps over her son’s body as the song comes to a close.. It also emphasizes the significance of paying attention to our elders and learning from them. In the present day, the song is still relevant, and it resonates with people around the world.

11. Def Leppard, Billy’s Got A Gun

With a focus on gun control, it is one of the band’s more politically charged songs. Immediately after the gunshot, Collen’s guitar riff is heard. Billy, a young man, acquires a gun and begins to use it to get what he desires. Billy is urged to put down his weapon before it’s too late by the chorus.

12. Guns, Guns, Guns – The Guess Who

Guns, Guns, Guns (Remastered)

This is an upbeat song with a powerful guitar riff and lyrics that praise the benefits of weapons. “Guns, firearms, guns/We need more guns” is recited in the chorus.. The song’s lyrics portray a society in which guns are viewed as the remedy to all ills. Guns, Guns, Guns has appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout the years, in addition to being a popular single.

13. “Don’t Need ‘A Gun” ` Billy Idol

Billy Idol - Don't Need A Gun (Official Music Video)

Billy Idol –  “Don’t Need ‘ a Gun” is a devastating indictment of the perils of gun violence. “I don’t need a gun/To blow your mind” is the first line of the song’s opening chorus.

The rest of the song, which explores the many ways firearms are used to harm innocent people, is introduced with these opening lines. Throughout the song, Idol emphasizes that guns are not required to achieve one’s goals, and that they often cause more harm than good. “Don’t Need a Gun” is a strong song against gun violence because of its appealing tune and thought-provoking lyrics.

14. Love Gun – Kiss

Kiss’ 1977 album “Love Gun” featured the song “Love Gun,” which was written and performed by Kiss. Vini Poncia, the album’s producer, worked with Paul Stanley, the album’s lead singer, on this track.

The song is about a man who develops feelings for a woman despite the fact that she is already involved with another man. Even though it has sexually explicit lyrics, the song’s message is not about sex but about the power of love.

In a 1982 interview, Stanley stated: “It’s not so much a sexual issue as it is a psychological thing.” The world is your oyster when you’re madly in love.” On numerous occasions, Kiss has played “Love Gun” onstage, and it remains a fan favorite.

15. Justin Moore – Guns –

Justin Moore - Guns -lyrics in description-

The country anthem “Guns” by Justin Moore is a rousing ode to the Second Amendment. Moore depicts a perfect American society in which everyone has access to firearms and is proficient in their usage. “Let your weapons sing” is the catchy chorus of the lyrics, which support gun ownership and safety.

The song’s content may offend some gun control activists, but “Guns” is a lighthearted tribute to a classic American freedom. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lover of country music or not; this song is catchy and pleasant. So turn up the volume and take a bite out of the American dream. This is one of the best songs with guns in the title.

16. God Gave Me a’ Gun – Roger Clyne And The Peacemakers

To illustrate how weapons can be both a blessing and a curse, the song’s lyrics discuss how they can be used for good or evil. The song’s message is one of peace and cautions against the use of guns to sow discord and animosity.

To address gun violence head-on, “God Gave Me a Gun” is a vital song to have on your playlist Guns aren’t always the answer, and we need to work together to create peace, thus this is a poignant reminder of that.

17. Angelic Upstarts: Guns for Afghan Rebels

Angelic Upstarts - Guns For The Afghan Rebels

The English punk music group The Angelic Upstarts was founded in the late 1970s. One of the band’s most well-known songs, “Guns for the Afghan Rebels,” was noted for its political content.

Soviet-Afghan War (1979-1989): The song is about this conflict. There was an anti-Soviet movement in Afghanistan, and British government sent arms to the opposition.

This song blames British government for this. The media in the West is also criticized in the song for glamorizing the war and failing to show the human toll. “Guns for the Afghan Rebels” is still relevant today, despite being released more than 40 years ago, since it shows the futility of violence and war.

18. “Lawyers, Guns, and Money” – Warren Zevon

Lawyers, Guns and Money

This songs is a satirical look at the American dream gone awry in the song. As the narrator describes, a man who has lost his inheritance to gambling and women is now forced to beg for money from his fellow friends in order to pay his creditors.

19. The Clash – Tommy Gun

The Clash - Tommy Gun (Official Video)

Concluding our list of songs with guns in the title is “Tommy Gun” by The Clash, this song is a political critique of our society’s overabundance of firearms. To make money, a young man turns to crime, but ends up getting shot by the very commodity he was trying to sell.

A central theme of the song is how readily available firearms are, as well as how easily they may lead to violence and tragedy. It is implied that no one really needs a tommy gun during the chorus, when the singer asks, “Who needs one?” With the lyrics “They claim it makes us free / We say it makes us die,” the song slams the government’s approach to gun violence.