7 Top Songs About Eggs

Songs about eggs
Written by Corey Morgan

Best Songs about eggs

Although eggs might not be the most popular topic or theme among singers and songwriters, a lot of songs have titles that include the word “egg.” Since the beginning of music, composers have been coming up with song titles that involve eggs.

Some of these titles are still in use today. Eggs are not the subject of discussion in each of these songs. There are certain songs about eggs that make one think deeply about life. Some circumstances motivate singers and composers to bring an idea for a song to life.

These songs are typically odes to their favorite delicacies or to something else that they regard to be utterly delectable in their eyes. Some of the singer’s other songs, which include eggs somewhere in the title, came about organically.

1. Egg Man – Beastie Boys

Egg Man - Beastie Boys

Egging people is what this song is about, but judging people based on their race is a definite way to get an “egg on your face” and “look a fool.”

This extends the discussion and serves as a reminder to everyone that racism will not be allowed. In the beginning, social consciousness was not given sufficient attention and was underestimated.

The words of this song are fairly genuine, except for a few lines that are recycled from their hardcore days. After relocating to Los Angeles, the members of the group that would later become known as the Beastie Boys changed their name.

To get the ball rolling on Paul’s Boutique, they invested a significant amount of time in hurling eggs at passersby from moving vehicles and, more specifically, from the rooftop of their rooms at the upscale Mondrian Hotel, which was located over the sunset promenade.

They were able to put a stop to their egg punishment regimen once they found and moved into a new apartment (where they found all of the groovy costumes from the 1970s that they had been wearing at the time) (or at least slowed down a little).

2. Ham ‘N’ Eggs by A Tribe Called Quest

Tribe makes a song that encourages a vegetarian lifestyle and healthy food as a way of life to further differentiate this album from its counterparts in the music industry.

From the first line, there is a reference to “Sam-I-Am,” a character from Dr. Seuss’s children’s novel Green Eggs and Ham. In this line, “Sam-I-Am” nags an unidentified personality to attempt Green Eggs and Ham, but the character refuses and says they do not like it. In the end, he gives it a shot and finds that he likes it.

3. Pizza For Eggs by Underworld

Underworld - Pizza for Eggs

Pizza For Eggs opens with a spooky atmosphere consisting of chugging drums and synths with effects, with Hyde singing over a significant amount of distortion and reverb.

The words are his regular impressionistic nonsense, yet they mesh exceptionally nicely with the pleasant dub beat of the track and the slowly tinkling organ.

It gradually builds up, with more traditional drum work, stronger synths, and a little bit of Smith’s heavily affected guitar thrown in there as well. Nice. And then, all of a sudden, sometime around the seven-minute mark of Pizza for Eggs, this song transitions into an old-school dub beat.

There is an enjoyable head loping beat that appears to have been taken from a King Tubby record and sounds like it could have come from its source. In this particular instance, I enjoy the bass riff. On top of this, Underworld layers some funk keyboards and voice effects that are repeated.

4. The Eggs of Satan by Tool

This song does have a purpose, however, neither worshiping Satan nor becoming a Nazi has anything to do with the message it conveys. As someone fluent in German, I can assure you that its translation does a good job of conveying the meaning of the original words.

It looks like a recipe for some kind of hash-based pastry. It is a joke, so you have been warned. A good number of these songs feature witty passages that are sure to put a smile on your face. This is something that MJK mentions in almost every single interview I have ever watched him give.

5. 6 little eggs by When I was a lion.

6 Little Eggs - When I Was a Lion Remix

I think it is just a simple, gloomy song about just how your life or the lives of your friends can change very quickly, and it is meant to be played in clubs. Easy to understand and quite broad in scope. A little depressing, but truthful. Good beat too.

This song has a similar feel to “Ring Around the Rosy” in terms of its concept. It is not very long, but it is amusing, and it has some significance.

Eggs is a typical phrase for young people, or more specifically young adults, depending on the context.

They “boom dubi dom” after engaging in sexual activity. This seems more like a whimsical conclusion which means something along the lines of “oops things changed.”

My interpretation is that it most likely represents a significant life-changing event that is sexually related. Additional stress is added by the phrases “lookout” and “be safe.” This is somewhat similar to the way the phrase “They all tumble down” is utilized in the song “Ring Around the Rosy.” This is a song about how everything, or the “eggs,” ends up breaking.

6. Eggs on the Third Floor by Action Bronson & The Alchemist.

7. Eggs On The Third Floor - Actoin Bronson & The Alchemist

The initial segment of the song features a beat that has a sinister and mysterious feel to it. And then it just transitions into a full-on cipher in some sort of break room or anything like that. It then transitions into a tune more appropriate for a party after showing a scene taking place in a lunchroom.

They are all titles related to getting high. I believe that is why Alchemist gave it the name “Eggs”—because it stated something to the effect of, “I am butt-naked in the kitchen frying eggs like Ving Rhames in Baby Boy.” And the name “Third Floor” derives from the fact that when I was in high school, the third floor was where everything went off the rails.

7. Crack in the Egg by Gwar

GWAR - Crack In The Egg [Official Music Video]

This song recounts the gruesome beginnings of the dinosaur monster known as Gor-Gor, who is greedy for human blood. According to the mythology surrounding GWAR, the Scumdogs came across an egg. Slymenstra had plans to take care of it, but the other GWARiorrs thwarted her and instead gave it crack to kill it.