7 Songs With The Word “Alice” In The Title

Songs with the word Alice in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with the word alice in the title

There are a lot of songs out there that have the names of the people in the title, but for this list, we are only listing the songs that are about women named Alice.

Do you have a song by Alice that you like best? Or how about songs with the word “Alice” in the title? If you don’t, then this post is going to be exactly what you need. We have put together a shortlist of some chilling Songs with the word “Alice” in the title. I can almost guarantee that you will not want to pass up listening to these soundtracks.

1. Alice Practice by Crystal Castles.

Crystal Castles - Alice Practice

This song does not have any particular meaning to it. During a soundcheck that took place before the testing period, the sound engineer covertly captured Alice Glass, and he later played it for them as an additional track.

2. All the Girls Love Alice by Elton John

Elton John - All the Young Girls Love Alice (Yellow Brick Road 12 of 21)

The way that Elton’s voice ascends and descends the melodic scale as he sings “tender young Alice they say” is among the most interesting and enjoyable aspects of this song’s arrangement.

It would appear that Alice is not gay, but that she is incapable of having a relationship with a boy because she is so young (she is only 16 years old, for heaven’s sake!). As a result, she engages in gay relationships for purely business reasons. which does not provide her with the love and security that she desires (and does not receive from her mother).

All of the girls love her, but not in the way that she needs to be loved; instead, they exert a lot of pressure on her to keep living a lesbian lifestyle, even though doing so is a contradiction of who she truly is. or considers herself to be.

Even though the song is about London, I am going to believe that they are talking about the London Underground when they refer to the “subway.” On the underground, it is not unheard of for someone to commit suicide by jumping off a platform.

This much is readily apparent. But I can not help but wonder if Alice’s existence, which is suffocated by a sexuality that is not her own, is similar to Elton John’s life before he came out: a life seen through a distorted looking glass or mirror.

Like Alice, he had ties with women even though this did not come naturally to him; fortunately for him, for us, and music, he was finally able to be himself in the end.

3, Alice Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga - Alice (Music Video)

The stage production of Alice pays tribute to the popular novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which was turned into an animated movie in 1951.

The plot of the story involves a little girl named Alice who has a nightmare about falling asleep and waking up in a conceived fanciful world filled to the brim with fictional, anthropomorphic characters who each represent a challenge in life that must be conquered.

Gaga explores the comparison throughout the song between her difficulty in finding peace and tranquility in her own life and Alice’s strive to maintain her emotional acuity despite the difficulties of growing up. Both Alice and Gaga are dealing with the ups and downs of growing up.

It was speculated at first that the song was about Gaga’s preadolescence dog Alice, who died suddenly in 2013. However, Gaga later retracted that this was the case after disclosing several lyrics about the music in a briefing with Zane Lowe.

4. Alice Merton by No Roots Meanin

Alice Merton - No Roots

Alice Merton has stated that the song is about how she moved around for virtually all of her life and did not have a location that she could call “home”; this is the meaning of the lyric “I have got no roots” in the song.

The phrase “my home was never on the ground” comes from the character’s gradual realization that “home” is not a physical location, but rather the company of the people she cares about the most. As a child of the military,

These lyrics strike a chord with me on a personal level because my family and those in the military are constantly on the move, not only within the cities in the  United States but also around the different parts of the world.

We have “memories” of all the places we have been, the people we have met, and every experience we have had in each of those locations, regardless of whether those experiences were positive or negative.

When it is finally time to leave, we “wander like gypsies in the night,” as the saying goes. Due to the frequency with which this takes place, it is the same old scenario; we have “been down this road a thousand times.”

5. Avril Lavigne by Alice.

Avril Lavigne - Alice (Official Video)

This song is about a young woman named Alice who is venturing out into the world and experiencing new things for the first time.

The dread that Alice feels while she is in Wonderland is described by the narrator. She makes an effort to move away from that spot, but she gets involved in activities that will not bring about the desired transformation in her.

She has a strong desire to live and has decided that she will not cry or behave in this manner.

6. Ben Folds Five: Alice Childress

Alice Childress- Ben Folds Five

It sounds as though this song is about a woman who has given up after being disillusioned with humanity (perhaps as a result of having an arranged marriage?). The narrator is attempting to console her by asking her to merely fool herself into believing that there are some kind individuals in the world.

In a later section of the song, the narrator describes how he was robbed outside of his home. According to the victim, the thief took “all I had and everything I have,” which I interpret to suggest that the thief stole both his things and his faith in other people.

7. Living Next Door To Alice by Smokie

Smokie - Living Next Door to Alice (Official Video) (VOD)

“Living Next Door to Alice” was first recorded by New World in 1972. It was written by the normal crew of Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn, who also wrote hit singles for Suzie Quatro, Sweet, and (the one they do not talk about) Gary Glitter.

The singer of this song is inconsolable because Alice, who has been his next-door neighbor for the past 24 years, is leaving.

Even though he never told her how he felt, it was obvious that he was preoccupied with thoughts of her. In the final verse, his other neighbor, Sally, explains that she is been waiting 24 years for him, and she is still here, but he chooses to ignore her and persists to yearn for Alice. Sally says that she has waiting for him and she is still here.