5 Great Songs With “Only” In The Title

songs with only in the title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with ‘only’ in the title

The word only means no one or nothing more besides. It is a simple but powerful word that can be used in various contexts. It could depict loneliness, importance, value, etc. A lot of artists put the word ‘only’ in their songs, especially their title. We’ve compiled a list of songs with ‘only’ in their title and their meaning. these songs talk about loneliness, empowerment, desperation, etc without further ado let’s look at this song.

1. Only One By Nf And Sasha Sloan

NF, Sasha Sloan - Only (Audio)

Ranking first on our list of songs with only in the title is only one by Nf and Sasha sloan. One could conclude from the chorus that this song is about love because the artists (NF & Sasha Sloan) say that they are “lonely” and “need company.” This is especially true given that the singers are male and female.

However, there is no mention of romance in the song’s lyrics. Indeed, even the need for companionship in the song’s wider setting is a metaphor. According to NF’s lyrics, the song’s title was inspired by him going through an internal struggle in which he wonders whether “I’m the only one.”

Also, anyone who is familiar with NF’s usual subject matter is already aware of the basis of his uneasiness. Hip-hop artist and “hater” of fame are two words that come to mind while discussing him. His “religion” is also important to him, and he wishes he could devote more time to it.

On the whole, this is music that asks the rapper to reflect on his trustworthiness. He decides that he is like many others who pursue ambitions that they are not even sure will bring them happiness. He also implies that he suffers from low self-esteem, in part because of the harsh treatment he receives from fans and that he has been diagnosed with mental health difficulties.

That is to say, NF once again portrays himself as the music superstar who is proud of his accomplishments but also haunted by them in some way. As a result, he feels like he’s “lost” to a considerable extent. When all is said and done he also feels that he is the only one going through this, which again brings us to the song’s title.

In conclusion, even though the song is mostly from the celebrity’s perspective, NF is well aware that the majority of people share his struggles with self-doubt and insecurity. The fact remains that these problems have left him feeling alone, and he believes no one else can relate to how he feels.

2. I’m Not The Only One By Sam Smith

Sam Smith - I'm Not The Only One (Official Music Video)

Next on our list of songs with only in the title is”I’m Not the Only One” by Sam. This songs talks about the agonyof a man who found out that his partner had been cheating on him for some time. Because the singer mentions that they pledged to each other, it appears that they are legally tied; nonetheless, he is saddened that his spouse could break their vows and cheat.

Despite his distress and desire to quit their relationship, the singer admits that he had his concerns before learning the truth. He saw that his spouse had become distant and unreachable throughout the period when he was suspicious.

The most perplexing aspect of the scenario to the writer is that his spouse either doesn’t know he is aware of his infidelity or is lying his way through it. However, the writer appears to have no doubts about the existence of a relationship between his spouse and someone else. And it’s from there that the song’s title is derived.

3. Only Girl (In The World) By Rihanna

Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World)

“Only Girl (In the World)” by Rihanna is clearly about the singer’s desire for a partner’s undivided attention. She wants him to make her feel like she’s the only female in the world. Alternatively, she doesn’t want him to have a romantic relationship with anybody but her. It’s the singer’s goal to be the only object of affection for her sweetheart.

What matters most in terms of the lyrics, though, is how she plans on capturing his full attention. And the best way to do this is to put it on him. Even if they are written artfully, the verses are undeniably sexual. In addition, Rihanna intends to both receive and give.

As a result, this song is more of a romantic love ballad than an explicit sex song. The singer fantasizes about being the only one the addressee cares about. Moreover, she is ready and eager to go the additional mile to please him sexually if it will help her achieve her dream.

4. Only The Young By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - Only The Young (Featured in Miss Americana / Lyric Video)

According to Taylor Swift, this song is a reflection of her feelings about the current political climate in the United States. And she’s dissatisfied with the state of affairs. She implies, for example, that individuals in power cheated their way there.

A connection between mass shootings in the United States and those in positions of authority is made in the song’s second verse, which is particularly critical. Ultimately, Taylor is urging the youth to take action, perhaps through the power of the ballot box, to reform the system.

Indeed, as the title suggests, she believes that “only the young” are capable of bringing about this desired change. That is to say, millennials see current political officials as representing the old guard, which is incompatible with the generation’s progressive outlook.

So, even though she never mentions Donald Trump by name in the song, he might be seen as a symbol of what drove Taylor to write this song. That is to say, she will not commit the same error twice in her mind.

What’s the matt with this blunder? With the next US presidential election just around the corner, she’s not expressing her political opinions in any way, shape, or form.

5. Your Eyez Only By J. Cole

J. Cole - 4 Your Eyes Only [Explicit]

Cole’s boyhood buddy James McMillan Jr., who died at the age of 22, is the subject of the song “4 Your Eyez Only.” One of the main themes of the album is how violence in the black community affects families and individuals, as well as the impact of the criminal justice system on families and individuals.

To help James McMillan’s young daughter make sense of her father’s life after his death, the album’s premise is to be viewed from the perspective of that child. With the help of J. Cole’s raps, the late friend grew up on the streets, and he compares the two.

The song “4 Your Eyez Only” is a love letter from James McMillan Jr. to his daughter Nina, written after his release from prison. Cole raps on his sorrow for a criminal life and the difficulties he has finding work as a convicted felon through the voice of McMillan.

Cole shows McMillan’s terrible youth and what his environment was like through lyrics. “Doing time in jail” has a “cyclical aspect,” as Cole puts it, and McMillan’s narrative is heartbreaking, but it is all too prevalent in the African-American community.

A young black felon’s voice is given a platform on the record. A human point of view gives us a new appreciation for McMillan’s character and the circumstances surrounding his descent into criminality. “To humanize the folks that have been villainized in the media ” was the album’s major purpose, according to Cole.