5 Great Songs With ‘Red’ In The Title

Songs With Red In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs With ‘Red’ In The Title

Life, vitality, war, courage, fury, dominance, and religious zeal are just a few of the many connotations that red conveys in various civilizations. There’s a common denominator here: passion is required.

Because of the power of color in traditional societies, red things were thought to provide good health only by their color. Garnets and rubies, among other red gemstones, were traditionally thought to offer healing and disease-preventing abilities. To ward off disease, youngsters in ancient Rome and China both donned red coral as a talisman and red attire as a rule.

5 Top Songs With ‘Red’ In The Title

Some artists have made use of color in the titles of their songs. Let’s briefly look at what the color symbolizes to them

1. Red By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - Red

“Red,” the song’s title, and the different colors used in its lyrics, are meant to portray a specific feeling. “Red” is also meant to evoke intense emotion, according to Taylor Swift. It’s as though the singer is on fire from the inside out.

It’s not just that the romance at the heart of this narrative appears to have faded away. On the other hand, the experience might be both rewarding and upsetting when it was active. In the wake of the split, she appears to be in a state of profound confusion. That being said, the vocalist has a hard time coping with the breakup.

Let’s assume that she feels both happy and sad that their relationship has come to an end. There are many reasons why things had to stop, but Taylor can also identify the qualities of their relationship that made loving the person they were talking about so rewarding.

It’s a pity, but the pendulum has already turned. So, the singer is now “blazing red” inside. What’s going on with her, and why? Because she is in love with a person, she can’t have at the moment.

“Red” is a typical breakup song from a woman’s point of view, minus the color-related theme. Like many other songs of this type, the song’s underlying theme revolves around the singer’s emotional turmoil.

2. Chris de Burgh’s Lady in Red

Chris De Burgh - Lady In Red (Official Video)

Lady in red is definetly in the top list of songs with red in the title, this song by Chris de Burgh did well in the charts, but it never became a huge smash. It’s one of the most unforgettable songs of the late 1980s, a tune that sticks in your head for a long time after hearing it.

This time, Chris seemed to have forgotten how gorgeous his wife is. But tonight, they’re at a party or some other event that emphasizes socializing and dancing.

Everyone in the house, it seems, is swarming around the intended recipient. When it comes to admiring her beauty, the vocalist isn’t the only one. He has solid evidence to back up his claims.

How fortunate he is to have such a gorgeous partner sums up the entire sentiment. Seeing her attractiveness, as well as the attention she’s receiving from all these other men, has made the singer fall in love with the recipient all over again. Human psychology can be amusing at times.

As a result, De Burgh prefers to refer to his sweetheart as “the lady in red” rather than using more intimate terminology because it feels like he’s meeting her for the first time.

In addition, those who aren’t familiar with the addressee may refer to her as “the lady in red.” As previously stated, the singer is also considering their point of view.

This story’s lesson is that being attracted to someone else’s attention increases our feelings of attraction to that person. Theoretically, this raises our level of gratitude for being paired with someone as attractive as our beloved

3. Red Room By Offset

Offset - Red Room (Official Video)

In “Red Room,” Offset’s first solo song, there is a lot of talk about wealth and how to flaunt it. After all, this is the standard for Migos. Offset, on the other hand, has a lyrical prowess that his teammates lack.

Money and gun violence aren’t the song’s primary themes. However, they do appear from time to time. On the contrary, we see the singer reminiscing about his history and expressing gratitude for overcoming adversity to become an accomplished rapper.

When he sings the chorus, for example, he notes that he was raised by a single mother who had to play the role of both a mother and a father. When he became a millionaire, of course, he reached out to her.

Offset also mentions that he was in a major vehicle accident a few months before creating the song and how that tragedy still haunts his mind. In the distant past, he was known as a vicious street thug. When things become too fast for him, he admits it. As a result, Offset prays to God for direction to stay on the right track.

The rapper also talks about how much he misses his late grandmother in his music. He also reflects on the tragic toll that deaths on the streets continue to exact on the loved ones left behind.

A societal commentary with lyrical material similar to J Cole’s but with the Migos style that made Offset and his partners so popular in the first place, this song serves as a bridge between the two genres.

4. Blood Runs Red By Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson - Blood Runs Red [Official Video]

According to Mason’s description of the song, the vocalist is a musician who has been overcome by his fame, and “Blood Runs Red” is a metaphor for this.

As an artist, Matt has a strong religious upbringing. Some of this song is directed to his heavenly “Father,” as the pre-chorus and bridge make clear.

As used, the title reads as an affirmation of the singer’s humanity. Even though it should be self-evident, the vocalist’s success has caused him to drift away from his spiritual roots, therefore he has to be reminded of them. As a result, he now “finds himself at the altar” in search of “the truth” after recognizing this.

As a result of his hubris, Matt realizes that he must re-establish his relationship with the Almighty to move forward.

5. Red Nose BY Sage The Gemini

Sage The Gemini - Red Nose (Official Video)

Concluding our list of songs with red in the title is Sage Gemini’s song “Red Nose”. Is that what “shake it like a red nose” is all about? Possibly. To understand this song’s deeper significance, let’s go into its lyrics. It’s stated in the song’s lyrics!

“I told her to shake it like a red-nose pit-bull

And I’m-a keep throwing money ’til your bank full”

Dogs have their origins in the wolf, therefore I’ll go back there for emphasis. It is common for wolves to shake their heads to inflict tissue damage on prey, resulting in shock and an increase in blood loss.

“Shaking it like a red nose” is Sage the Gemini’s way of saying, “Shaking your booty like a red-nose pit-bull while playing tug of war,” so to speak.