7 Top Songs With The Word Orange In The Title

7 Top Songs With The Word Orange In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs with the word orange in the title

The name “Orange” is associated with many things, not the least of which is the deliciously brilliant hue presented by this globally adored fruit.

Artists and songwriters that employ the color orange in their work convey a sense of freedom and independence. Here is a list of things I’ve come up with in the hopes that at least one of them may help you see orange in a new light.

The artists here have made it their business to make sure you appreciate Orange in all its splendor, from its practical applications to the wide spectrum of emotions it may arouse. Because of its healing power, music is often used to celebrate the mysteries of life.

7 Top Songs With The Word Orange In The Title:

1. ‘Orange Street’ by Prince Buster

Prince Buster Shaking Up Orange Street

The color orange has come to symbolize several emotions and attitudes, including vivacity, optimism, and even carefree abandon. Prince Buster sings his original song “Orange Street,” which was inspired by Jamaica. He goes on to argue that orange is vibrant, unique, and bright, just like how many people see Jamaica.

He makes no secret of the fact that he comes from a culture that places a premium on spontaneity and taking chances. The Jamaican way of life is embodied by the color orange: adventurous, impulsive, and unafraid to take risks. He has tried to put this energy into his music and words so that others may enjoy them while contemplating the meaninglessness of life without enthusiasm.

Orange Street also has significant musical associations because it was a frequent hangout for many prominent figures in the music industry. The addictive melody throughout the entire song is a key element of what makes it stand out.

2. L’Orange’ by Gilbert Becaud

L'Orange (Remasterisé en 2004)

As opposed to the other songs with orange in the title we’ve discussed so far, this one is unique. This song deals with the unusual subject of the theft of an orange.

This leads me to believe that oranges are a symbol of happiness and that the meaning of life is to finally be at peace with oneself. Some people are born with it and naturally gravitate toward its benefits, while others must learn to recover from its sudden loss or resort to stealing.

To these individuals, the song is dedicated to people who steal the oranges (happiness) of others. Everyone, Gilbert says, has the right to pursue happiness, but they should avoid short solutions and instead earn their contentment through hard work and persistence.

3. Orange Colored Sky’ by Nat King Coe

Orange Colored Sky

With his strong voice and profound lyrics, Nat King Coe has shifted our focus to the orange of peace. In this song with orange in the title, he thinks the sight of the orange sky is awe-inspiring and will have an emotional impact on everybody who sees it.

Amazing artwork that brightens the sky like this deserves our attention. A magnificent symphony of peace and plenty, these colors complement the gray clouds in the sky.

When he talks, the orange sky comes to life like a painting from a master artist’s brush. Like the wind, his words blew that color all over the sky, making for a spectacular view.

There’s no way to hear this song without picturing oneself humming along and dancing around in the sunshine while trying to recall the words.

4. ‘Orange Evolution’ by Earth, Wind, and Fire

Earth, Wind & Fire - Evolution Orange (Audio)

Without a question, the most mysterious and profoundly relevant song with orange in the title ever written is by Earth, Wind, and Fire.

That orange is a multifaceted color whose meanings are practically inseparable is something this definition makes quite obvious, though.

Can you tell me what the next stage of development will be? In other words, will it change into something completely new, or will it stay the same monotonous hue that everyone is sick of seeing?

The unanswered question of what shape the creature will assume next is the song’s most intriguing element. All the infinite ways orange can be used and how it can free one’s imagination are embodied in this music.

It is common knowledge that oranges are present in the vast majority of the world’s greatest works of art. A work of art is more valuable and appealing when it is surrounded by an aura of mystery and can be interpreted in countless different ways.

One can almost guarantee that oranges have caught one’s eye and aroused one’s interest at some point in one’s life. This is one of the best songs with orange in the title

5. ‘Orange Peel’ by Reuben Wilson

Reuben Wilson - Orange Peel

By focusing on and appreciating the orange’s peel, which is usually discarded after it has been eaten, Reuben Wilson’s song “Orange Peel” deviates from the conventional themes that are discussed in songs.

She alludes to the misconception that the leftovers are useless and explains why they are the most beneficial and nutrient-rich part of the dinner.

Even though most people recognize the value of the peel, this furious track is aimed to demonstrate just how much of a factor it is. The flavor and tang are really strong.

Since most individuals want an easy path to their goals and are put off by the effort required to achieve them, this is the result.

Most people are comfortable with their current circumstances, and this is the main reason why the majority of people never reach the heights of achievement attained by the tiny minority of people who have risen above material concerns to truly enjoy life.

While most people have the mentality expressed in the song’s title—that one can just peel an orange and discard the membrane—exceptional people take the time to chew on the peel and appreciate its flavorful, nutritious, and flavorful inner layers.

6. ‘Hello! Orange Sunshine by Judy and Mary

Hello! Orange Sunshine

Two young Japanese women, Judy and Mary, have found enormous success in the music industry. By releasing “Hello! Orange Sunshine,” they drew attention to the fact that oranges are associated with joy in Japanese culture.

It is common knowledge that all Japanese citizens must abide by a predetermined body of law and tradition. Also, oranges are associated with joy, and the juice from an orange is said to improve mood.

This song is Judy and Mary’s calling card, and it elaborates on the symbolism of orange around the world. Interesting too is the widespread acceptance of oranges in almost any setting. Every bite of orange pulp is an exciting new adventure.

Oranges have a distinct flavor and a lasting energizing effect on the palate, which is why they are enjoyed by a large number of people all over the world.

7. ‘Orange’ by Passepied

Passepied has spiced up the sunny flavor of oranges. The song “Orange” by Passepied explores the idea that a night out on the town can take on any number of different forms, and is therefore full of mystery and adventure even for a lone person. The freedom of not being in a relationship is celebrated in this song.

This form of happiness is not associated with sharing a meal with loved ones, but rather with participating in novel activities.

They sing about a person who, without preparation or forethought, embarks on a big journey in the course of a single night. After giving it some thought, I think it’s fair to say that everyone could use a little excitement now and then.

Passepied has brilliantly distilled this message and invites you to get out and see the world on your own if you’re afraid of being dependent on people. Let your hair down, enjoy yourself, and whatever happens next can be figured out afterward.