8 Top Songs With Superman In The Title

8 Top Songs With Superman In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Best songs with superman in the title

When you hear the name “Superman,” what images or ideas come to mind? That’s a hero who takes on evil supervillains, right?

When it comes to music, this is not always the case. Artists have used “superman” in song titles for a long time, and while some of them do refer to the DC Comics hero, the vast majority don’t.

Very few songs with “Superman” in the title are actually about love and relationships, whereas the vast majority discuss social issues and how they effect people’s actions.

They are well worth listening to and purchasing. Relax and unwind with our extensive collection of songs named after Superman.

8 Songs with superman in the title: 

1. Superman (It’s Not Easy) by Five for Fighting

Five for Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy)

This song is about what it’s like to be a man in modern-day America. Men are socialized to be powerful, reliable, and steadfast, and to display little to no emotion in their daily lives.

It is a message to the people of the United States that males are in difficulty because they are supposed to live up to a foolish ideal of what it means to be a man and are compelled to control their feelings.

When we were younger, we were frequently cautioned that “grown boys” don’t cry or complain like that. The inclusion of Superman in the song is merely a straightforward method of conveying the concept that we constantly feel the need to save the world, despite the sacrifices that this requires of us, and yet we never seem to grumble about the sacrifices we make.

The video concludes with him lying down on the floor with his wife and child, indicating that he has made up his mind about what he wants in the long run and that he is content with his choice.

2. Superman by Eminem

Eminem - Superman (Clean Version) ft. Dina Rae

The overall mood of this song is one of extreme annoyance. I don’t understand why people find this song hilarious because, in my opinion, it has a very serious tone.

My interpretation of this song is that Eminem or the narrator has basically lost all respect and faith in women as a result of having relationships with a large number of phony and dishonest women.

The unfortunate reality is that he will probably never discover genuine love because there are so many imposter women who are only interested in dating famous people.

3. Waiting For Superman by Daughtry

Daughtry - Waiting for Superman

This song, as far as I can tell, is meant to convey the message that everyone in the world has their very own “superman” or soul mate, and that even if you don’t have your “superman” yet, he will find you and bring you away to a place where you can live happily ever after.

My interpretation is that this song is about a young woman who is desperate to discover real love. She is looking for her superhero with all of her might.

However, because she is so desperate to locate him, she is very trusting and will believe anyone who tells her they like her if they say they do. She justifies their mistakes by telling herself how wonderful they are, which is why she says things like “he’s just a little bit late” and talks about how he’s doing all of these wonderful things..

4. Superman by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - Superman (Lyrics + Full Song)

My guess is that it’s about a girl who has a crush on a guy who is always on the go and works very hard. He is living his life to the fullest and achieving success in the endeavors he has committed himself to.

It is true what she says when she quotes someone as saying, “He’s got his moms eyes and his fathers ambition.” He possesses the desire and will to succeed.

Even though he is extremely busy and she does not see him as often as she would like, she is certain that he is making the most of his life and that she will be there waiting for him when he has completed what he needs to complete or when he has finished “saving the world” from her point of view.

I think that is pretty charming given that a lot of young females in today’s society go toward people who are lazy and receive anything they want without having to put in a lot of effort.

This girl is finding herself falling in love when someone is a little out of her grasp because of his day-to-day frantic living style, which is different to her, and she believes him to be her “Superman.”

5. Superman By Lazlo Bane

This is one of the best songs with superman in the title, an excellent tune. This song explains that no matter how long or hard you search for it, there is no reward at the end of the rainbow for your efforts.

Everyone hopes that one day they’ll also ‘draw an ace’ or whatever else will end the game with you triumphant, but you can’t rely on fate or reality or whatever else to instantly make life simple for you.

Since there is no “race to win it all,” the first and only point that matters is being there for the people who matter to you when the going gets tough, or just enjoying being together as you move through life..

6. Sunset Superman by Dio

Dio-Sunset Superman

This song with superman in the title talks aboutbtge fear we face at night. When we go to bed at night, we may feel secure, but something can happen to make us feel afraid.

When we wake up, we may not be able to put our finger on what caused the anxiety, so we brush it off as a dream.

7. Superman by R.E.M

This tune was first recorded by a little-known band from the 1960s named The Clique. For the first moment, Michael Stipe let bassist/sideman Mike Mills take the lead vocals on a track because Stipe wasn’t as excited about recording it as the rest of the band members.

This song, which is often misunderstood, is actually about a disturbed stalker who will “travel anywhere, do anything” to track down and seduce the object of his obsession, despite its generally positive reputation as a radio hit from the 1980s.

He’s convinced himself that he’s the only one who can truly satisfy her, and that by relentlessly seeking her out, he’s actually helping her. In his mind, he is the good guy, a kind of Superman who will do everything, go anywhere, and save the day for this poor girl.

8. Even Superman Shot himself by Powerman 5000

Powerman 5000 - Even Superman Shot Himself

Some men have it far worse than others, and this song is about the stress men have to deal with on a daily basis. There comes a point where it becomes too much, and they go over the edge.

Everyone from preteens to elderly males can experience this. They completely lose their minds. Their behavior degenerates into cutting. To put it another way, he or she is a drinker.