6 Top Songs With First In The Title

6 Top Songs With First In The Title
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs with First in the title

Every one of us has had our first encounter with something, whether it be in a relationship, at school, in our lives, or with anything else.

The majority of the time, we exhibit particular responses as a direct result of our naivety, which is a trait that is rather typical of people. When you did something for the very first time, what was the most embarrassing thing that could have happened?

Below are some songs with the first in the title. They are wonderful music that you ought to incorporate into your playlist. The majority of them are quite moving and calming to the spirit, but in the end, they are all worthwhile.

1. First Day of My Life by Bright eyes

Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life [Official Music Video]

One of my very favorite songs of all time to have the word “first” anywhere in the title.

I have an appreciation for the fact that music may and should be interpreted in a variety of ways, and I am aware that love can be challenging for its creators.

This sensation of having one’s long-awaited meeting finally take place. Seeing. Not only in a physical sense. Feeling somebody. Someone is taking in your breath.

The act of quietly uttering the name of another person is similar to praying. In the end, everything reaches a lovely clarity, the colors grow more vibrant, and the songs of the birds become more endearing.

This in no way constitutes a retrospective look. This song features a young man who is head over heels in love. This very moment. And deeply.

He has been through some things in his life, but right now, at this very present time, he is in love and feels as though he has been reborn. He is unsure of where this will lead. It was the same as the first day of his life.

2. First by Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids - First

The 2018 single by Cold War Kids explores the internal conflict of whether to go on to a new partner or to remain faithful to your first. It’s a story I’ve heard before and know well.

The protagonist of this song can’t decide whether to go on with life and find someone new or hold out hope that their original love would finally commit to them.

They’re going back and forth on who they adore. When a person is truly committed to their first love, they may reject all other romantic interests.

The first love loses interest when the person has moved on, but eventually returns to light the candle of hope that everything will be okay. Because of this internal struggle, the person starts to develop paranoia because they don’t know whether they’ll ever be wanted or good enough again. It’s a trust-based, bad-timing cat-and-mouse game.

Shoshone’s lyrics and music video both depict the struggles of being in love, including the fear of being hurt and the difficulty of moving on from a past relationship. Because of the stakes involved in the game of love, one’s paranoia can run high if they aren’t playing it correctly.

3. For The First Time by The Script

The Script - For The First Time (Official Video) (HD Version)

Pop tune from 2010’s “Science & Faith” album. Absolutely fantastic; it’s a great reminder that, even when things seem hopeless, there is a brighter future ahead. This is one of the best songs with the first in the title.

Given the current state of the world and the fact that everyone faces difficulties on a daily basis, it’s not surprising that many people can identify with the sentiments expressed in this song.

It’s a ballad about a couple who used to be in love but have since lost touch and forgotten how much they meant to one another.

In these uncertain times, even the phrase “Tryna make it work but man these times are hard” reveals how far off course they have wandered.

However, the fact that they feel as though they are “meeting for the first time” demonstrates that they are capable of falling in love all over again; all they need to do is keep in mind why they fell in love in the first place. The band, the lyrics, and the music are all stunning.

4. The First Cut Is The Deepest by Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens - The First Cut Is The Deepest

Cat Stephen had always been a great musician. A perfect song with “first” in the title. Based on my interpretation of the lyrics, this song seems to be about the author’s attempt to convey his feelings for his first love to his current sweetheart.

His heart was broken when his first real love dumped him. She broke his heart after he had given it all to her. This is why he is unable to experience love in the same way, yet he is still willing to try.

Although he claims to have moved on from his first true love, he still feels strong feelings for her.

When it comes to good fortune, she’s cursed, as the saying goes. She was probably doomed by her attractiveness to have many suitors until she finally said “uno.”

5. One Of These Things First by Nick Drake

One Of These Things First

This song by Buck Drake, originally released in 1971, seems to me to be nothing more than nick thinking over his options. I realize it is a ridiculously simplistic response, but it remains true.

The second verse, on the other hand, is about a woman who rejected him. He hints that she may not have wanted him to be her lover because of his claim that they may have been lovers.

Great musicians like Nick Drake sadly tend to have short careers. All great artists experience anguish, and some people can’t bear the pain and give up. Even still, this is a great song.

6. First Date by Blink-182

blink-182 - First Date (Official Video)

If you like songs with the word “first” in the title, you’ll love this one from a solid band. This song, which was released in 2001, perfectly captures the emotions that one has in the lead-up to their first date: anticipation, excitement, and nervousness (but a good kind).

Just ended my first “date” (relationship) after getting divorced, and today I’m going on my first date with someone fresh, despite the fact that we’ve already known one other for a while and gotten along really well.

I got the new shirt; I got the new girlie underwear (just in case);…margaritas do have that effect on some of us, and I’ve had butterflies in my stomach.

I have been listening to this track on YouTube, and I can’t get over how well it complements the atmosphere. People do, in fact, experience this form of anxiety when they are going on their first date.