Top 10 Songs that start with the letter Z

Songs that start with the letter Z
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs that start with the letter Z

Are you able to think of a song whose title starts with the letter Z?

Your playlist probably only has a few songs that can kick it off. This article’s objective is to broaden your understanding of music while simultaneously adding to the songs already on your playlist.

As long as you have a connection with the music’s instrumentals and lyrics, it does not matter what genre the song belongs to. To get you started, I have included some songs that start with the letter Z. You should listen to them to determine whether or not you enjoy them.

1. “Zombie” by The Cranberries

The Cranberries - Zombie (Official Music Video)

First on our list of songs that start with the letter Z is this song by the Cranberries. The Cranberries had already established a strong fan base before the writing of the song.

The song “Zombie” was penned at a time when there were numerous bombings taking place in the UK. When the news emerged in 1993 that two children had been killed in the blast, the Irish band was in the middle of a tour at the time.

Dolores O’Riodarn, a member of the band, is the only person who created the song in her spare time in between shows. In due time, the hard rock song evolved into one of the most well-known examples of protest music.

2. “Zannalee” by Prince

Everyone has that one song in their memory that brings back fond memories of an ex-lover or current crush. This song was written by Prince about his love interest Zannalee, and just like any of his other songs, it is quite relatable.

This song will appeal to you if you are a fan of blues-rock in general. The studio recording of “Zannalee” did not appear until March of 1995, even though the song was written in 1993.

 3. “Zoo Station” by U2

U2 is an Irish rock band that formed in the 1970s. When the band came to Berlin to record their album “Achtung Baby,” the song “Zoo Station” was inspired by Bono’s thoughts on the city.

The lyrics of U2’s earlier songs were far more grounded in reality than those of this song, which is based on a fantastical tale and marks a bit of a shift for the band.

4. “Zen Brain” by Nada Surf

The album “High/Low” by Nada Surf was released in 1996, and it contains the song “Zen Brain.” The concept “calm and peace” comes from Buddhist philosophy and is known as “zen.” The song discusses the fact that generally speaking, everyone has experienced traumatic events during their youth.

A powerful mind that is unburdened by any psychological concerns is referred to as having a “Zen brain.” The message of the song is that for us to evolve, we need to let go of the traumatic experiences we had as children.

5. “Zero And Blind Terry” by Bruce Springsteen

Zero And Blind Terry (Studio Outtake - 1973)

As one of the songs that start with the league, Bruce’s song “Zero And Blind Terry” is notable for the honesty of its lyrics, which is one of the artist’s many strengths. If you like love songs, you could find yourself wondering what had happened to Zero and Terry after listening to this one.

The general theme of the song is that of a young woman falling in love with a male protagonist. The relationship is disapproved of by the father, who gives the order for the son to be murdered by the authorities.

6. Zanzibar by Billy Joel

Billy Joel - Zanzibar (Audio)

The iconic street in Manhattan that was home to several jazz clubs in the 1940s and 1950s was the inspiration for the title of Billy Joel’s sixth studio album, titled 52nd Street.

This song allowed Joel to demonstrate his versatility by allowing him to create a jazz atmosphere that was influenced by the performers he listened to when he was growing up.

The subject matter of this song provided him with a wide-open opportunity for exploration, and the result was a rock-solid pop melody that was artfully embellished with parts of both hot and cool jazz.

A particular high point of the song is its bridge, which features a dreamy interlude that explodes into an unexpected trumpet solo performed by Freddie Hubbard. Keyboards and vibes are also featured in this section.

A pulsating bass rhythm that moves in an ascending and descending pattern provides the passage with a sense of urgency that is almost impossible to resist.

7. Zack and Codeine by Post Malone

Have you ever watched the show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” that airs on Disney Channel? In the song “Zack and Codeine,” Post Malone refers to the show by discussing the partying lifestyle he leads.

For example, he describes how he hosts parties in hotels, which is analogous to the fact that the characters on the show live in opulent hotels.

8. Zephyrus by Bloc Party

Bloc Party - zephyrus

Zephyrus is one of the songs that start with the letter Z which I would not forget in a hurry. The name of this song alludes to Zephyrus, the Greek god of the west wind and the herald of springtime. This was one among the many parallels to Greek mythology that appeared in Intimacy.

On September 14, 2008, vocalist Kele Okereke disclosed to The Scotsman that this song was written for him “as an expression of regret to someone… When you are in a relationship but can never be there for one another because you are constantly on the road for work, it may be challenging.”

9. “Ziggy Stardust” by David Bowie

Ziggy Stardust (2012 Remaster)

As continued activism for mental health continues in today’s society, a growing number of musicians are now opening up about their experiences. David Bowie has stated that the song “Ziggy Stardust” was created to help him cope with his mental health at the time it was recorded.

For David to accurately represent the narrative through his song, he had to put himself in the shoes of Ziggy. After some time had passed, he admitted in an interview that he was gay.

Ziggy was an alien rockstar who identified as bisexual and traveled to Earth to deliver a message to the homehomeut of the imminent threat of imminent danger. People found hope in the character, but in the end, he was overcome by celebrity, and he lost his life as a result of it.

10. “Zebras and Airplanes” by Alicia Keys

Zebras And Airplanes - Alicia Keys (Official Video) [Lyrics] HD

Alicia Keys’ album “Zebras and Airplanes,” which was released in 2014, is a concept album that explores themes that portray the reality of dreams. Alicia Keys sings in the song that the sky is blue and that the water is touching the beach.

Through her ability to take us to the past, she was reacquainting us with the truth behind our dreams. The song “Zebras and Airplanes” is about trying to remember how we feel when we sleep.