Top 5 Songs About Alligators You Should Know

Songs About Alligators
Written by Corey Morgan

Songs About Alligators

Alligators are ancient and terrifying reptiles, the earliest fossil evidence of which dates back approximately 84 million years. These animals are famous for their varied diet and remarkable speed. Do you know that the temperature of the alligator’s habitat plays a role in determining which gender they will be?

As a metaphor for either terror or death, alligators have been used in the titles of various songs throughout music history.

When someone mentions alligators or compares something to alligators, it is a strong indicator that the circumstance is extremely precarious. Alligators, however, can be used for a variety of various meanings or in a variety of settings in a small number of additional instances.

This essay was prompted by the recent proliferation in the amount of songs that feature alligators as a subject, which is also the reason why it was written. The objective of this piece is to investigate songs about alligators and the lyrics that they contain.

1. “Interior Crocodile Alligator” By King Chip


King Chip portrays himself in such a way that he has an affinity for exotic dancers, but he does not actually tip them. As an example of this, King Chip says that he does not give exotic dancers tips.

In order to illustrate the idea that he enjoys drinking Tanqueray, for instance, he makes allusions to famous people such as Lebron James. Since this is a freestyle, there is not much of an attempt made to stay on one subject throughout the entire thing.

But if we had to boil it all down to one conclusion, it would be that King Chip is kicking back and relaxing.

In fact, the name of this song is a reference to the interior of his car (its seats), which he refers to as a “movie theatre” while describing the experience of riding in it.

2. “Alligators” By Of Monsters And Men


This song has a rather complex meaning. Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, the lead vocalist for Of Monsters and Men, makes the statement that she is “fever dreaming” in the song “Alligator.”

In a similar vein, the lyrics give the impression of being highly strong and vague. It would appear that specific lyrics in the song, such as the artist having a “feral mood” and “lying in a stream,” were the inspiration for the title of the song.

The aforementioned dreams are said to have been the inspiration for the song, which is centred on the singer’s apparent “loss of control” as a result of the dreams.

However, she has made up her mind to “shake it out,” and in the process, she plans to “take charge” of the way that her mind is functioning.

3. “Alligator” By Tegan And Sara


This masterpiece by Tegan and Sara is about being too emotional and dramatic in your relationship, as well as about “creating a scene.” She is sobbing fake tears, sometimes known as alligator tears, for the purposes of getting attention and making the other person feel guilty, even though she may not wish to act in such a way in the first place.

She says that the other person is being harmed by her words, and she refers to this as her “motor mouth” running over the other person. She is behaving in an obsessive manner by clinging to the other person in the closest possible manner.

She is concerned that this other person would “run around on” her (maybe she already has? ), and yet she claims that she cannot live without the other person.

She is actively working against having these reactions (as referenced in the sentence “no hissy fits”), but she feels as though she is powerless and that her emotions are taking over.

4. “Alligator Sky” By Owl City


My interpretation is that it is about triumphing over difficult situations. Because alligators are predators, he is not only referring to surviving adversity but also launching yourself headfirst into it like a rocket and realising your full potential; kind of like a rocket soaring into an Alligator Sky

I believe the message of this song is that one should always go for the stars and make the most of their life since one never knows when their time on earth will come to an end.

This point is driven home in the very first stanza, which is why it states. This suggests that the narrator’s close friend, lover, or family member passed away, and the narrator did not become aware of the meaning of life until after this event took place.

This song’s underlying message is that one should not take life for granted because one does not know when that life will come to an end.

In addition to that, it is about reaching for the stars and making the most of every opportunity in your life.

5. “Alligator Blood” By Bring Me The Horizon


In its most basic form, the song is merely about placing a wager on the outcome of a game of chance. It would appear that Russian roulette is the best option, however, it does not go well with Alligator Blood.

A player that wins a poker game based solely on their ability to bluff is referred to as having “Alligator Blood.” They bet everything they have and then try to outbluff the player or players they are up against.

When I first heard this song, I thought it was about two people who were behaving badly or acting recklessly together, similar to the game “Russian Roulette,” while pretending to the outside world as though they did not care about the consequences of their actions.

But they keep their “secrets” regarding the situation to themselves as much as possible. My interpretation is that the phrase “Alligator Blood” is meant to imply that the narrator is dispassionate, lacks courage, or both of these things combined.

Because of this, he or whoever is trying to keep their secret a secret is unable to do it very successfully. This song employs a rather complex metaphor but its delivery is perfect; absolutely recommended.